New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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‘Fewer than half’ of protesters arrested at Gould Plaza were students or faculty, Mills says

In a universitywide email sent earlier today, President Linda Mills also said that the “only path forward” at NYU will be to organize “a variety of listening sessions.”
Adrianna Nehme, News Editor May 1, 2024

President Linda Mills said less than half of the protesters arrested at the Gaza Solidarity Encampment in Gould Plaza “were current NYU students, faculty or staff” in a universitywide...

People are standing in front of the Washington Square Arch beneath a large Palestinian flag.

Opinion: The case for closing NYU’s Tel Aviv site

In addition to disregarding humanitarian concerns, NYU’s continued operations in Israel contradict the university’s commitment to academic freedom and equality for all students.
Mehr Kotval, Staff Writer April 22, 2024

WSN’s opinion section strives to publish op-eds, guest essays and letters to the editor that represent voices across the NYU community. If you’re interested in submitting an...

A group of protestors holding Palestinian flags, protest signs and umbrellas walking in a circle outside of a building with “SILVER CENTER FOR ARTS AND SCIENCE” written on it.

Dozens picket outside Silver Center to demand NYU ‘divest from Israel’

Students from various pro-Palestinian groups on campus picketed outside of the Silver Center to demand that NYU shut down its Tel Aviv site and end any investments in Israel.
Dharma Niles, Deputy News Editor March 6, 2024

Around 20 students stood outside the Silver Center in a picket on Tuesday, demanding that NYU disclose and end any investments tied to Israel and close its Tel Aviv program. Campus...

N.Y.U. spokesperson John Beckman stands opposite student protestors who are reading from pieces of paper.

Administrators stop pro-Palestinian demonstration at Bobst

Around 20 NYU students and faculty gathered in the lobby of Bobst Library to read pro-Palestinian poetry before two university administrators and a group of Campus Safety officers confronted them.
Adrianna Nehme, News Editor January 26, 2024

Two NYU administrators interrupted a group of around 20 students and faculty reading poetry in support of Palestinian resistance yesterday at Bobst Library, leading the group to...

An illustration of a letter titled Statement by N.Y.U. M.L.K. Scholars For a Liberated Palestine displayed on a laptop screen in front of a dark purple background. The first two paragraphs of the letter are enlarged on top of the screen.

MLK Scholars condemn NYU response to Israel-Hamas war, call for shut-down of Tel Aviv site

A group of students in the MLK Scholars program recently signed a letter to President Linda Mills and other administrators criticizing the university’s response to the Israel-Hamas war.
Mariapaula Gonzalez, Contributing Writer November 28, 2023

Dozens of students in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars honors program signed a Nov. 13 letter criticizing NYU’s response to the Israel-Hamas war and calling for the university...

A group of students, both sitting and standing around a large white banner which reads “N.Y.U. is Complicit.”

Pro-Palestinian students and faculty call JPMorgan, universities ‘complicit’ in Israel-Hamas war

Students and faculty at NYU, Columbia University and the City University of New York held a teach-in at JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s New York headquarters on Friday.
Aashna Miharia, Staff Writer November 21, 2023

Pro-Palestinian students and faculty at NYU, Columbia University and the City University of New York criticized the institutions for their relationships to corporations that allegedly...

Three banners, each reading “Free Palestine,” “Shut Down N.Y.U. Tel Aviv” and “Cease-fire and De-occupy,” hang from the staircases in the Bobst Library.

Pro-Palestinian faculty group hosts teach-in on campus

NYU’s Faculty for Justice in Palestine hosted a discussion on the Israel-Hamas war, Palestinian history and how the university has responded to the conflict.
Mariapaula Gonzalez, Contributing Writer November 13, 2023

Students and faculty discussed the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and expressed solidarity for Palestinian resistance and academic freedom at a teach-in at the Iris...

Tel Aviv seaside. There is a beach and people swimming in the sea. There are tall buildings in the background.

NYU Tel Aviv students continue classes remotely with potential return in spring

Following the start of the Israel-Hamas war, students at NYU’s program in Tel Aviv have been continuing classes online from either Manhattan, Abu Dhabi or their homes.
Elle Liu, Contributing Writer November 2, 2023

Students who were studying abroad at NYU Tel Aviv will complete the rest of the semester online due to safety concerns in the region over the Israel-Hamas war. The university said...

A crowd of people holding up signs while marching through Washington Square Park.

Students and faculty walk out, demand NYU cut ties with Israel

On-campus student and faculty groups participated in a pro-Palestinian walkout at Washington Square Park on Wednesday, calling for NYU to end its operations in Israel.
Krish Dev and Luke McCrory October 26, 2023

Hundreds of students and faculty gathered in Washington Square Park Wednesday afternoon as part of a nationwide pro-Palestinian walkout, calling for the United States to stop military...

Three banners, each reading “Free Palestine,” “Shut Down N.Y.U. Tel Aviv” and “Cease-fire and De-cccupy,” hang from the staircases in the Bobst Library.

Students and faculty hold sudden pro-Palestine demonstration in Bobst

The protesters, who are members of Students for Justice in Palestine and the recently-formed Faculty for Justice in Palestine, also called for NYU’s study abroad site in Tel Aviv to be shut down.
Carmo Moniz and Yezen Saadah October 20, 2023

On-campus tensions over the Israel-Hamas war came to a head this afternoon, when members of Students for Justice in Palestine and Faculty for Justice in Palestine hung signs...

Photo collage of two photos side by side. Left photo of Pro-Palestine protester waving a green, red, black, and white Palestinian flag. Right photo of Pro-Israel protesters standing with blue and white Israel flag.

NYU students respond to Israel-Palestine conflict at citywide protests

Students took part in demonstrations across New York City on Sunday in response to intense fighting between the Israeli military and Palestinian militants in Gaza.
Alex Tey and Sydney Barragan October 11, 2023

A view out of a window of a N.Y.U Tel Aviv residence hall showing smoke rising from the ground, among two buildings in construction and several cranes.

Mills responds to recent Hamas and Israeli attacks

Students at NYU’s Tel Aviv program sheltered amid recent airstrike and rocket attacks from the Israeli military and a militant group in the Gaza Strip, before embarking on a trip to Abu Dhabi.
Yezen Saadah, News Editor October 8, 2023

Students studying away at NYU Tel Aviv were told to remain in their dorms following a Hamas-led rocket attack in occupied Palestine yesterday, which was met with Israeli...