New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An N.Y.U. flag hanging on top of the entrance to Lipton Hall.

Red dye thrown across Mills’ front door

An unidentified individual vandalized the front entrance of President Linda Mills’ residence at Lipton Hall as tensions related to ongoing demonstrations on campus continue to rise.
Maisie Zipfel, Deputy News Editor May 2, 2024

An unidentified individual threw red dye across President Linda Mills’ front door and sidewalk at Lipton Hall on Tuesday afternoon. A video of the perpetrator began circulating...

A woman wearing a purple shirt and light blue jeans stands in front of a food stall, while a staff from N.Y.U. Eats stands behind it. Above the stall is a television screen displaying a menu of Halal food offered at Kimmel Marketplace.

The best options for halal diners to use up their meal swipes

Believe it or not, NYU actually has some pretty delicious options for us halal diners — all you have to do is find them.
Maryam Babar, Contributing Writer November 10, 2023

As a Muslim student at NYU, I know the struggle of finding halal dining options all too well, especially when your friend orders the most appetizing chicken sandwich with the...

A blue package that reads: Plan B One-Step.

New vending machines to provide emergency contraceptives on campus

Students can now access emergency contraceptives at vending machines for $15 at five locations on campus.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor September 5, 2023

Emergency contraceptives will now be easier to access for NYU students, thanks to five vending machines stocked with the medication installed prior to the start of the semester. The...

Housing Guide 2022

Housing Guide 2022

February 18, 2022

(Illustration by Jae Jin)

What I wish I’d known: Students on residence halls

Former and current NYU dorm residents share what they wish they had known about the residence halls before moving in.
February 18, 2022

Before picking my dorm, I wish I'd known…   …about Alumni kitchens “By ‘kitchens,’ they mean a crusty old stove and counter space the size of a laptop.” —Yas...

Students claim they were unfairly treated after suspension from NYU housing. Those facing punitive actions are alleging a pattern of the university’s insensitivity and unnecessary severity.
(Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Students say punishments for violating COVID-19 guidelines are overly harsh

Liberal Studies first-year Aria Young claims she was unjustly treated after being evicted from NYU housing due to misconduct. Young and other students who face similar situations allege that the university handled their cases insensitively, in part on account of their race.
Mei Lamison, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

It was Dec. 23 and Liberal Studies first-year Aria Young had just finished her the last of her exams of the Fall 2020 semester. Unable to fly home to Shanghai due to the pandemic,...

Tisch first-year Steven Zambon experiences his mandatory 14 day quarantine in his Lipton Hall. Students share and reflect on their experiences with the 14-day quarantine in NYU dorms. (Photo by Steven Zambon)

Students Reflect on Quarantining in NYU Housing

From doing everything to doing nothing, these students share how they’ve occupied their time in housing before the semester starts.
Bella Gil, Culture Editor August 31, 2020

Move-In Day for students living in NYU’s residence halls this year was probably the most different it’s looked in NYU’s history — to say the least. Students returning to...

We Don’t Hate How NYU Handled Lipton Hate Symbols

We Don’t Hate How NYU Handled Lipton Hate Symbols

WSN Editorial Board February 26, 2018

Following incidents of hateful vandalism in its second floor lounge, Lipton Residence Hall’s administration team swiftly addressed the issue with the degree of seriousness that...

NYU Must Cut Ties With Aramark

NYU Must Cut Ties With Aramark

Aramark's insensitive Black History Month menu, among other company shortcomings, proves that NYU must find a new food provider.
WSN Editorial Board February 23, 2018
NYU's food service provider, Aramark, served a racially insensitive Black History Month meal on Wednesday, and that's just the most recent of the company's violations. NYU needs to end it's contract with Aramark now.
Lipton Hall

Lipton Hall

Tyler Crews, Opinion Editor February 22, 2018

Address: 33 Washington Square W., New York, NY 10011 Cost per semester: $6,332-$8,471 Low cost: Available Rooms available: Singles, Doubles, Triples Nearby...

Lipton Dining hall is going vegan from April 23 to April 26 for Earth Week, which starts April 22. The AWC, a student group for animal rights, advocated the three day event at Lipton.

Lipton to Become Temporarily Plant-Based

Herman Lee, Staff Writer April 10, 2017
Lipton Dining Hall will serve vegan food for three days the week of April 23 as part of Earth Week.