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Elections to the National Academy of Sciences were recently announced. Among the new elects are four NYU faculty members, Professor Carrasco, Moore, Przeworski and LeCun. (Staff Illustration by Jake Capriotti)

Four NYU faculty elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Election to the NAS is seen as one of the highest honors in science.
Mei Lamison, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

Four NYU faculty were among the 120 new members elected to the National Academy of Sciences this year. Marisa Carrasco, Yann LeCun, Kathryn J. Moore and Adam Przeworski were all...

The GSOC strike is still ongoing. Students talk about their experiences on the picket line. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Undergraduate students support GSOC on the picket line

The GSOC strike picket line has a festive atmosphere, with strikers and supporters singing, dancing and eating. Picketing began on Monday, April 26, and will continue until the union wins a new contract.
Mei Lamison, Staff Writer Apr 30, 2021

The Graduate Student Organizing Committee began its first day of picketing on Monday, April 26, as part of the ongoing strike action. At 10 a.m., picketers carrying signs, flags...

Students claim they were unfairly treated after suspension from NYU housing. Those facing punitive actions are alleging a pattern of the university’s insensitivity and unnecessary severity.
(Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Students say punishments for violating COVID-19 guidelines are overly harsh

Liberal Studies first-year Aria Young claims she was unjustly treated after being evicted from NYU housing due to misconduct. Young and other students who face similar situations allege that the university handled their cases insensitively, in part on account of their race.
Mei Lamison, Staff Writer Apr 26, 2021

It was Dec. 23 and Liberal Studies first-year Aria Young had just finished her the last of her exams of the Fall 2020 semester. Unable to fly home to Shanghai due to the pandemic,...

The Center for Global Spiritual Life, Office of Global Inclusion, Wellness Center and Division of Student Affairs hosted a virtual vigil to honor the victims of the Atlanta shooting, as well as all other victims of anti-Asian hate crimes and racist violence, on Wednesday, March 17. This is an opportunity for the university community to come together after the disheartening Atlanta shooting. (Illustration by Minji Kim)

NYU holds vigil for Atlanta shooting victims and victims of anti-Asian violence

The university community comes together to mourn the victims of the Atlanta shootings.
Mei Lamison, Staff Writer Mar 18, 2021

Daoyou Feng, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Julie Park, Hyun-jeong Park, Paul Andre Michels and Xiaojie Tan were among eight people — six of whom were Asian women — shot dead by a 21-year-old...

Hate crimes against Asain Americans are increasing nationwide in cities across the United States as the pandemic reaches its one-year anniversary. Activists, academics and students at NYU are speaking up against the violence. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

University community responds to surge in anti-Asian racism

After anti-Asian backlash accompanied the rise of COVID-19 last spring, hostility towards Asian-Americans is on the rise once again as the pandemic reaches its one-year anniversary.
Mei Lamison, Staff Writer Mar 17, 2021

Disclaimer: This article was written and edited before the recent shootings in Atlanta. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic on March 11,...

A protester holds a sign reading Breonna Taylor Deserved Better. Protests continue for the second consecutive day, with around 200 people gathering in Union Square Park. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Protesters Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor for Second Consecutive Day After Ruling

An estimated crowd of 200 gathered at Union Square to protest the Kentucky grand jury’s Sept. 23 decision.
Matthew Fischetti, Rachel Cohen, and Mei Lamison Sep 25, 2020

Protestors gathered at Union Square on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 24 after a Kentucky grand jury decided Wednesday to bring no direct charges against Louisville Metro Police...