Lipton to Become Temporarily Plant-Based

Lipton Dining hall is going vegan from April 23 to April 26 for Earth Week, which starts April 22. The AWC, a student group for animal rights, advocated the three day event at Lipton.

Lipton dining hall will temporarily turn its back on animal products from April 23 to April 25 after the Animal Welfare Collective fought for a vegan-only menu in conjunction with Earth Week.

The AWC, a student group that advocates for animal rights, met with dining hall administrators and Aramark — the dining food provider — to secure the event. The group has been advocating for Lipton to become vegan, with mixed reactions from students.

Stern senior and AWC president Anami Nguyen said that the group worked with the dining administration and the Humane Society of the United States to discuss plant-based dining at NYU. Nguyen said that the group spoke consistently with the Humane Society of the United States and that they received operational help from them.

Nguyen said that Lipton’s three-day program is intended to be a test run for students, administrators and dining staff to see how a wholly plant-based dining hall would work at NYU. She said that the initiative would bring more awareness to students about plant-based foods.


“First of all you come in and some people don’t have a lot of exposure to plant-based foods, they might come in thinking it might just be like grass,” Nguyen said. “I hope that it’s going to be a great experience in the short run for everyone, for NYU Dining, for Aramark, for the students, and I hope that is going to increase excitement, because it is something new, and something fresh, and something sustainable — after all, two of the three days will happen during Earth Week.”

Nguyen said that the AWC had conducted several comprehensive surveys to see what NYU students thought about plant-based dining, and found that NYU students were mostly accepting of it. Two AWC board members who live in Lipton asked residents what they would think of the initiative, and they received positive feedback.

CAS junior Amanda Regalado, the chair of the Student Services committee who is helping the AWC with its plant-based dining hall initiative, said that a plant based dining hall would be a good idea.

“If in fact a plant-based dining hall is created, I suspect its impact would be mainly positive,” Regalado said. “Based on case studies we’ve reviewed, there should be no price increases.  Aramark, the company that provides our dining services, already has plant-based menu items that can be initiated. The great thing about plant-based food is that vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike can eat it — plus, vegans and vegetarians will have a more appetizing menu and a greater variety of options.”

LS freshman and AWC member Aneri Mehta said that the three-day event was a collaboration between AWC, administrators and dining hall staff. Mehta also said that the event coincides with NYU’s efforts to become more sustainable.

“We don’t want to force anyone to eat in a certain way,” Mehta said. “It’s really your business, but having this dining hall, having this option, it really goes with NYU’s dedication to sustainability. Boston University already is going to have a fully plant-based dining hall next year and New York is such a great location to do this.”

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, April 20 print edition.

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  1. I think this is a great idea since everyone will be able to eat the food and it will solidify NYU as a leader in campus sustainability. I hope this is only the first step to a full-time plant-based dining hall.

  2. Quick Correction: It’s April 23-25.
    I am really looking forward to this Earth Week thanks to the VegOut campaign at Lipton – you’ll see me eat there all three days!
    I hope that NYU Dining will commit to launch a completely plantbased dining hall soon — Boston University is launching theirs Fall 2017 and NYU is behind.

  3. This is amazing! Way to go! All schools should follow this example and move in the vegan direction for the benefit of all life on earth and future generations!

  4. “We don’t want to force anyone to eat in a certain way,” Mehta said. “It’s really your business” this is what is known as cognitive dissonance because you are forcing someone to eat a certain way aren;t you .. I think people should bring a big corned beef on rye to this plan..If it were really MY business abut how I eat you would nat be forcing YOUR business on me

  5. I have no problem with people having their own food preferences. But why do a few students get to decide what a dining hall serves and doesn’t serve. This isn’t comparable to Weinstein that has a section for kosher meals– this is telling people that live at Lipton or loved Lipton/Hayden cookies, “Sorry, the choice isn’t yours anymore. You’ll have to walk to one of the other dining halls”.

    Providing vegan options is a beautiful thing. Us omnivores don’t force vegans to eat meat-based products, so please stop trying to force us to solely eat plant-based products, whether or not you see it as an “animal rights” issue.

  6. Honestly, this is just ridiculous. The vegan facebook groups now have so much perceived power. They live on a diet of ‘cowspiracy’ and ‘earthlings’ and are absolutely polluting young minds into thinking that animal agriculture is evil. Maybe it is just a result of the dissociation of young people today from rural life.

  7. This is so exciting . I have never been prouder of my alma mater. I think everyone should have choices and be educated to understand the full reality and consequenes of those choices. Veganism more than just a simple food choice that only impacts the individual. Our actions matter and what we eat impacts the entire ecosystem, believe it or not. Conspiracy is an amazing documentary in Netflix for detailed, eye opening info.

    There are so many plant based foods and lots of options and room for personal choice … Peace , love and vegetables, xo

  8. “We don’t want to force anyone to eat in a certain way,” Mehta said.

    Yeah, except I kind of felt forced today when I was left with 0 of the items that constitute my regular normal diet. It would be great if someone had put up the huge banner before people started swiping in this morning and wasted an entire meal plan to see basic items like milk, dairy, eggs, and meat missing.

    Additionally, I don’t see why this agenda had to push out the already existing menu, both vegan and non-vegan options can very much co-exist. Not the fairest initiative out there (speaking on behalf of me and the several displeased faces I saw at Lipton today).


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