New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Two people standing outside. The person on the left is holding a large canvas with an egg painted on it.

Review: ‘Problemista’ and the laughable absurdity of the immigrant experience

Salvadoran comedian Julio Torres’s promising directorial debut humanizes the immigrant identity in a wonderfully surreal and innovative tale.
Lulu Chatterjee, Contributing Writer March 5, 2024

It’s no secret that obtaining a visa in the United States is a bureaucratic nightmare. The entire process is often recounted as a strenuous uphill battle where all odds are against...

A man wearing a black, striped T-shirt across from a blonde woman and a man wearing a gray shirt and a watch in a diner booth.

The lasting genius of ‘The Sopranos’ on its 25th anniversary

Even 25 years on, “waste management” has never been so entertaining.
Joseph Paladino, Staff Writer February 6, 2024

In January of 1999, America was introduced to a staple of Sunday night television for the next eight years as New Jersey mob boss — sorry, “waste management consultant” —...

In a still from “Succession,” in an auditorium, an image of Logan Roy is projected on a screen behind Kendall Roy, who is looking up at the screen.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E6: Granny prison camps

The most overtly comedic episode of the season yet illustrates the hollow schemes at the center of Waystar Royco.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer May 2, 2023

Big tech hasn’t exactly garnered a significant amount of goodwill in the public consciousness as of late. One can vividly recall Mark Zuckerberg’s promises of a virtual future...

Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong and Alexander Skarsgård stand on grass and rocks in front of snow-capped mountains.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E5: Viking country

Waystar Royco goes to Norway for a deal, with middling results.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer April 25, 2023

The Roy siblings have spent the entirety of “Succession” either parroting their father, doing his dirty work for bits of praise or claiming to be a radical departure from him,...

A woman with short blonde hair wearing a gray blazer and black pants, a man with short black hair wearing a black collared shirt and black pants, and a man with short black hair wearing a navy button-up and black pants all sit on a couch looking at a coffee table that has a stack of documents on it.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E4: Underlined or crossed out?

Logan Roy may be dead, but he casts a long shadow over the future of his company — and the psyches of his children.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer April 18, 2023

One of the “Succession” locales that most accurately conveys the monstrous wealth and conservative values of the Roy family is, of course, Logan Roy’s Manhattan home. With...

An illustration of a Black woman in a green shirt and a white woman in a yellow shirt listening to music through wired headphones. The cord of the headphones spells out “Listen to This.”

Listen To This: The Jonas Brothers drop ‘Waffle House’

Listen to this week’s most notable singles from The Paper Kites, Arthur Russell and more.

From the talk-singing of Cheekface to the subdued vocals of Albert Hammond Jr., this past week saw a slew of exciting new singles to usher in the exquisite warm weather. Whether...

Justine Lupe and Alan Ruck wearing formal attire, holding each other’s hands up in the air.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E3: Ding dong, the witch is dead

The rug is pulled out from under us in a shocking, yet inevitable episode.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer April 11, 2023

“Succession” fulfilled a promise it made to viewers in its series premiere with last night’s red herring of an episode, “Connor’s Wedding,” in which Logan Roy (SPOILER...

Three characters, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) and Jess Jordan (Juliana Canfield) gather together in a living room.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E2: Not serious people

The rebel Roys, Connor and their dad come together on the eve of Waystar’s sale and a pivotal wedding.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer April 4, 2023

As someone who admittedly wants to see Kendall, Shiv and Roman come out of “Succession” relatively unscathed, it is absolutely infuriating, if par for the course, to see them...

A man in a jacket peeks out between pieces of newspaper covering a window. A teenage girl stands behind the man and watches him as he looks out.

‘The Last of Us’ brings its source game to life in the best way possible 

This January, fans of the iconic zombie survival video game “The Last of Us” get to revisit the story of Ellie and Joel on HBO Max almost 10 years after the original game released.
Pritheva Zakaria, Contributing Writer February 6, 2023

“The Last of Us” is a name avid gamers know all too well. Recently, the popular video game was adapted into a TV show on HBO Max with a star-studded cast featuring the likes...

A person sits at a table, holding a newspaper in a blue-and-gold adorned room.

8 restaurants that are ‘Gossip Girl’ approved

If it’s good enough for Blair Waldorf, it’s good enough for you. 
Ishani Paul, Contributing Writer October 12, 2022

Anyone who knows me knows that half of my personality is inspired by Blair Waldorf, one of the main characters of “Gossip Girl.” Following a group of teenagers, the TV show...

An icon of the Emmy Award is on the left with a black-and-white New York University logo on the right.

2 NYU Emmy winners discuss their work, awards and alma mater

Two winners of the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards spoke with WSN to share their reactions to winning and how their time at NYU influenced their professional careers.
Bryn Borzillo, Senior Staff Writer September 23, 2022

Ten NYU alumni were honored this year at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony — four of whom won Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Joshua “Domino” Schwartz and Susan Soon He...

Seven people, most of them women, stand side by side with their arms around each other. Some are wearing shirts with the Fusion Film Festival logo.

NYU’s Fusion Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary

NYU’s Fusion Film Festival marks 20 years of featuring the artistic achievements of women and nonbinary artists working in television, film and new media industries.
Pranava Kumar, Contributing Writer April 11, 2022

Fusion Film Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary this week, and it was remarkable. The annual festival, run by Film & TV professor Susan Sandler and other Tisch students...