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An exhibit with several miniature mushrooms with ladders carrying miniature human beings. This is in a display case with a green base.

Review: ‘Small is Beautiful’ exhibit shows the intricacy of miniature art

The much-publicized miniature art exhibit has found its way to New York City. It is currently on view in NoHo.
Afnan Abbassi, Staff Writer Mar 22, 2023

“Small is Beautiful, Miniature Art” initially started as a Europe-exclusive exhibit only on view in London and Paris. But now, with Instagram and Pinterest attracting a mainstream...

A singer wearing a white blazer in the middle of a parlor with black-and-white triangular tiles. There is a group of performers and a big band behind them.

Postmodern Jukebox: A musical time machine revives the jazz era

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox offers a riveting exploration into the history of the music world.
Afnan Abbassi, Staff Writer Feb 13, 2023

Postmodern Jukebox is a band that takes popular songs and alters their style to match different vintage genres. Founded by jazz pianist Scott Bradlee, the band intends to reinvent...

A large crowd of protestors at Washington Square Park holding up signs and Iranian flags. Some of the signs read “WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM,” “FREE IRAN,” and “IRAN 2022 REVOLUTION NO ISLAMIC! TO REPUBLIC!”

Opinion: Islam didn’t start the Iranian protests

While there has been widespread support for Iranian women’s rights, the media has misinterpreted the true intentions of these protests.
Afnan Abbassi, Contributing Writer Nov 21, 2022

Following the murder of Mahsa Amini, protests rapidly spread across the globe from Washington Square Park to London. The attention that Iranian women have received in the media...

Two boys play with a soccer ball. On the left is a boy wearing a blue jersey and jeans on a bicycle. He is looking at the other boy, who is wearing a gray T-shirt and pants while reaching for the ball with his head.

Middle East Archive uses photography to break dehumanizing depictions

Middle East Archive offers candid portraits of Middle Eastern life and culture. 
Afnan Abbassi, Contributing Writer Nov 9, 2022

Middle East Archive is an online record of photographs depicting everyday life in the Middle East. None of the images in the archive are staged; no one is forced to wear a turban...

Four large pieces of art on display in an exhibition venue lit up with red light. A large white art installation on display in an exhibition venue with purple walls and white ceiling.

Review: Artistic power in Kapwani Kiwanga’s ‘Off-Grid’ and Doreen Lynette Garner’s ‘REVOLTED’

The New Museum exhibits, “Off-Grid” and “REVOLTED,” employ unconventional approaches to exposing the abuse of higher authority.
Afnan Abbassi, Contributing Writer Oct 17, 2022

Two of the New Museum’s most recent exhibits, Kapwani Kiwanga’s “Off-Grid” and Doreen Lynette Garner’s “REVOLTED,” are beautifully intriguing, raw representations...

The entrance of N.Y.U’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, with glass windows, and plants on the street outside.

Opinion: NYU doesn’t need to offer a Lana Del Rey course

Lana Del Rey’s influence on music and culture doesn’t necessarily make her worthy of a course at NYU.
Afnan Abbassi, Contributing Writer Oct 14, 2022

NYU just announced a new course covering the life and work of Lana Del Rey, and I couldn’t be more confused. Lana Del Rey is a great artist; her music has been in my “On Repeat”...