New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An illustration of the Washington Square Arch. Behind the arch sits gray and brown alternating high-rises. On the top right are the words “The Daybook” in an arched shape.

What to do this week: Union Square block party and canine comedy

The Daybook is WSN’s weekly column listing in-person and online events at NYU and across New York City. This week: Nov. 7-13.
Lauren Ashe, Deputy News Editor November 6, 2022

An evening with American songwriter Sam Hollander 8 p.m. at 133 MacDougal St. Sam Hollander — a songwriter who has worked with Panic! At The Disco, One Direction, Weezer,...

A bowl of rice and Sinigang, a Filipino soup made of fish and vegetables, sit in a bowl on a counter with a mug in the background.

Cooking Your Way Home

A look at how memories and connections with food never leave us.
Sunny Sequeira, Under the Arch Editor October 20, 2022

An illustration of two women sitting next to each other. In front of them is a camera on a tripod. The woman sitting on the right wears a shirt with blue and purple flowers and holds a cup of wine. The woman sitting on the left wears a purple sweatshirt that reads “NYU” and is eating pasta.

Meet Skyler Bouchard, the NYU alum who took the culinary world by storm

NYC food expert and businesswoman Skyler Bouchard talks all things food and how to make it in the media industry.
Ora Sidlow, Contributing Writer April 21, 2022

If you're anything like me, your Instagram Explore page consists almost solely of food pictures, food videos and recipes, or as I like to call it, “the algorithm’s way of enabling...

A multipurpose dining and cooking space in a residence hall on NYU’s Washington, D.C., campus. On the left, there’s a white table with four white chairs tucked underneath. On the right, next to the door, is a mobile island with a microwave.

Cooking in the capital at NYU DC

NYU Washington, D.C., encourages students to become chefs in the face of high local dining prices.
Rahul Mahesh, Staff Writer April 14, 2022

WASHINGTON 一 The nation's capital, home to an NYU study away site, has an impressive range of restaurants for students to splurge on every now and then. Food in Washington, however,...

The latest installment in the Top Chef franchise sees amateur chefs competing for glory. NYU Law student Sharila Stewart was one of the show’s newest contestants. (Image courtesy of Sharila Stewart)

NYU Law student shares her ‘surreal experience’ on Bravo’s ‘Top Chef Amateurs’

Sharila Stewart, a third-year student at NYU Law School, talks about her experience competing in Bravo’s latest cooking competition, “Top Chef Amateurs.” 
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor September 10, 2021

What started as a hobby to escape the stress of graduate school led to the opportunity of a lifetime.  Last October, third-year NYU Law student Sharila Stewart competed in...

March is Women’s History Month, and each week, WSNs Culture desk staff writers are taking turns to highlight influential women figures in their lives. (Illustration by Charlie Dodge)

Women’s History Month: An Ode to the Women in Our Lives

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Culture Desk staff writers are taking turns every week to highlight the important women figures in their lives.
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor March 10, 2021

I know it’s cliche, but I would not be where I am today without the wisdom and guidance of my mother. She was the one who introduced me to both the beauty of food and legacy...

American restaurateur David Chang is the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group. While David Changs Netflix special Ugly Delicious addresses the social and cultural nuances of many cuisines, Chang and other elite male chefs fail to acknowledge the dark realities of the kitchen space and its ties to women. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Reflecting on the Duality of the Kitchen Space

High-end male chefs should reflect on the dark realities of the kitchen space when crafting their menus and constructing their restaurants.
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor March 9, 2021

You know that feeling when you finish a show, movie or book and you have so much to say but nowhere to say it? Yeah, that was me after I watched New York City restaurateur, David...

Reading, roller skating, listening to true crimes podcast or making the best spicy fried chicken sandwich. We’ve all been there this quarantine season. (Photos by Scott Hogan, Guru Ramanathan, Leo Sheingate, Sasha Cohen. Staff Illustration by Alex Tran)

Culture Desk Faves: Our Quarantine Hobbies

WSN’s Culture desk shares the ways they found to cope with quarantine.

Having spent a majority of 2020 in quarantine, everyone’s had enough time on their hands to become a master baker, handwrite their autobiographies and watch every show Netflix...

Sugar, flour and butter - all the things that most of us have in our pantry. Following the recipes below, you can skip the dangerous grocery store and make yourself something delicious by adding only a few more ingredients. (Staff Photo by Lauren Gruber)

Easy Three-Ingredient Recipes

Put those masks away — these tasty dishes can be made with ingredients you likely already have.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer April 22, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak transforming our ways of life. A trip to the grocery store is no longer a leisurely, somewhat-relaxing weekend activity. Instead, it is a high-stress,...

These treats are made with Tik Tok chef @everydaychiffons recipe for 5-ingredient chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. While its quality is still up for debate, the recipe is undeniably much easier to follow compared with those from Bon Appetit or Food Network. (Photo by Gaby Baldovino)

Hit or Miss: Five Ingredient Cookies from TikTok

Is TikTok the new Bon Appetit?
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer April 15, 2020

Since the dawn of quarantine, it seems that every single person on the internet who has never picked up a pan in their entire life is posting pictures of a loaf of banana bread...

Food Injustice, or Food Ignorance?

Food Injustice, or Food Ignorance?

Recently, there has been a push to promote gardening and cooking as methods to overcome food inequality in the United States. But these methods overlook systemic injustices.
Gabby Lozano, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

Former First Lady Michelle Obama cultivated a movement to increase access to the high-quality, nutrient-dense food necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of her more innovative...

Here are the ingredients needed for this tasty baguette dip. (Photo by Jackson Kao)

A Simple, Sophisticated Hors D’Oeuvre

Ditch the chips and salsa for a baguette and fancy dip.
Jackson Kao, Contributing Writer October 2, 2019

In the last precious days of this summer, I headed to my local beach on a sunny afternoon with my mom and sister. Though it was numbingly cold at first, we were soon swimming comfortably...