New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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Sugar, flour and butter - all the things that most of us have in our pantry. Following the recipes below, you can skip the dangerous grocery store and make yourself something delicious by adding only a few more ingredients. (Staff Photo by Lauren Gruber)

Easy Three-Ingredient Recipes

Put those masks away — these tasty dishes can be made with ingredients you likely already have.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer April 22, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak transforming our ways of life. A trip to the grocery store is no longer a leisurely, somewhat-relaxing weekend activity. Instead, it is a high-stress,...

These treats are made with Tik Tok chef @everydaychiffons recipe for 5-ingredient chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. While its quality is still up for debate, the recipe is undeniably much easier to follow compared with those from Bon Appetit or Food Network. (Photo by Gaby Baldovino)

Hit or Miss: Five Ingredient Cookies from TikTok

Is TikTok the new Bon Appetit?
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer April 15, 2020

Since the dawn of quarantine, it seems that every single person on the internet who has never picked up a pan in their entire life is posting pictures of a loaf of banana bread...

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel can be the best cure after a crazy night. While you can get it anywhere from dining halls to food trucks, it is best at Tompkins Square Bagels. (Staff photo by Alex Tran)

An NYU Student’s Guide to Hangover Cures

The best ways to end a good (or bad) night.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer March 11, 2020

We’ve all been there. After taking maybe one too many shots at the club, you somehow punch into your dorm, pass out in your bed and wake up the next morning in your club clothes...

CAS juniors Lise Swain and Han Nguyen posing for a picture with sophomore Kathrine Serebrianski. The trio became friends after an outing in Smorgasburg, and now are inseparable as roommates. (Photo by Kritima Lamicchane)

How Best Friends Meet at NYU

These students found their platonic soulmates at NYU.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

Finding your best friend — or just friends in general — in an ocean of over 50,000 students can be difficult. After being bombarded with images of couples during cuffing season,...

A student shows off their pair of Birkenstocks. Going to school in New York City means there are more strict fashion rules that must be followed. (Photo by Sammy Kumaran)

What Not to Wear in New York City

Please try not to dress like you’re from the suburbs.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

On a normal college campus, most students roll out of bed, barely brush their hair and then head to class. But at NYU, where the Greenwich Village locals as well as our own classmates...

TikTok is a rising social media platform among young people, who use the app to create, share, and view short videos. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Move Over Vine, It’s TikTok Time

Find out what NYU students are saying about the trending social media app.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer February 3, 2020

When the popular six-second video app, Vine, shut down in 2017, social media fanatics were enraged. How were they going to survive without an endless influx of totally useless,...

Brodo advertises itself as a frozen-fresh bone broth company that provides scheduled delivery. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

The Unofficial NYU Student Guide to Soup

The perfect post-flu shot treat.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer November 12, 2019

As temperatures continue to fall in the city, so do our immune systems. Unfortunately, grandma isn’t here to make your favorite chicken noodle soup. You know what I’m talking...

Review on Too Faceds Better Than Sex Mascara. (Via Twitter)

Better Than Sex Mascara Fails to Impress

It’s probably only better than bad sex.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer November 11, 2019

Mascara is one of the hardest beauty products to find fault with. Unlike foundation, blush and concealer, mascara tends to come in one shade, the blackest of blacks, so you don’t...

SPS graduate student Sena Pottackal gave a presentation at Carnegie Hall earlier this year. (Via NYU SPS)

Legally-Blind SPS Grad Student Continues to Dream Big

When Sena Pottackal became legally blind, she never thought she would speak at Carnegie Hall.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer November 6, 2019

SPS graduate student Sena Pottackal dreamt of going to NYU ever since her father described the university to her as “where the smartest people go to learn to become the best...

Whistle & Fizz, a coffee shop located on Greene Street, is branded as the next generation of coffee and teas, according to its website. (Photo by Talia Barton)

Whistle & Fizz: Combining Coffee and Carbonation

The cafe, new this year, incorporates bubbly elements such as nitrogen infusions.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer October 21, 2019

With a fast-moving revolving door of fads rotating through Greenwich Village rental spaces, we no longer have the power to assume permanence or take any fact of food for granted....

Cropped clothing doesnt have to be just for warmer days. See how student make the most of their clothing during transitional seasons in the video below. (Photo by Alex Tran)

The Ins and Outs of Transition Weather Outfits

You don’t have to put away all your summer clothes just yet.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer October 15, 2019

It’s that awkward time of year again when the weather goes from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees between your 8 a.m. and 11 a.m classes. How exactly can you avoid the...

Let’s Face It is a series where people share their beauty and skincare holy grail essentials. (via Pexels)

Savannah Mota’s Sun-Conscious Skincare Routine

Let’s Face It is a series where students share their beauty and skincare essentials.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

Arizona native and CAS first-year Savannah Mota is used to the scorching heat of the Southwest and having to ensure her skin-care is SPF-protected. Throughout her childhood, Savannah...

Le Pain Quotidien is a French-countryside-inspired bakery and restaurant with locations all over the world. (Photo by Manasa Gudvalli)

The Pain of Le Pain

Le Pain Quotidien has decent food and a cute ambience, but the service leaves much to be desired.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer October 1, 2019

I’ve been to my fair share of Le Pain Quotidien locations. From New York to Washington D.C. to Los Angeles to Paris, it seems that the popular, aesthetically pleasing cafe and...

The new and rebranded Upstein has a prominent NYU Eats banner outside of its entrance. (Staff Photo by Marva Shi)

NYU Dining Halls, Ranked

Third North really needs to get its sh-t together, but you already knew that.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer September 24, 2019

Following semesters full of student complaints about dining options, NYU launched a new campus dining provider this year — NYU Eats. Catered by Chartwells, NYU Eats boasts sustainable...

Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, in some students opinions, is an overrated place to avoid on campus. (Photo by Veronica Liow)

Overhyped Places to Avoid Around Campus

Don’t make the same mistakes we did.
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer September 16, 2019

Not to flex our campus or anything, but a lot of places around NYU and Greenwich Village get major hype. Some of these places deserve their stellar reputations, but many of them...