New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A red, brown and white painting hanging on a cream colored wall inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a cream colored railing around the base of the wall, and “Cecily Brown, Death and the Maid” is written in capitalized gray letters above the painting.

Review: ‘Death and the Maid’ breathes color into mundane inevitabilities

Cecily Brown’s solo exhibition can be viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until Dec. 3.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer April 26, 2023

It is hard to miss the Cecily Brown exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; its advertising banner creates a stark contrast of color on the colossal and ornate building on...

(Image via THEO)

Diamond in the rough: THEO continues mining for brand identity

Is it supposed to be subversive minimalism or tacky ZARA party glam?
Victoria Maung, Abroad Arts & Culture Editor February 16, 2022

THEO’s digital presentation of its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, “_Crystalline_,” was confusing. THEO, lead by designer Theo Dekan, is a Kyiv-based fashion brand that erases...

Nya-Simone Spann is a freshman at Stern who has her own jewelry business. Her brand is focused on creating pieces fit for a diverse range of customers.(Photo by Katherine Hollis)

First-Year’s Jewelry Business Encourages Inclusion

A Stern student uses her business mind and creativity to embolden women of color and promote diversity.
Nya Etienne, Staff Writer February 18, 2020

Stern first-year Nya-Simone Spann is the founder and CEO of the fashion-forward accessories brand Simone’s Pieces. Her warm personality and firm belief in her business is testimony...

A woman wears a stylish water-proof  PVC coat.  (Staff Photo by Jorene He)

How Students Stay Stylish in the Rain

April showers bring stylistic dilemmas.
Bella Gil, Staff Writer May 2, 2019

Navigating the sidewalks of New York City in the rain is unpleasant enough, but after your favorite white sneakers get drenched in dirty runoff water and your thrifted silk blouse...

The Tisch School of the Arts hosts many majors that require in person instruction. Students at Tisch and other schools have begun to worry about the possibility of a virtual fall semester. (Photo by Alina Patrick)

Tisch Students Call for Resources for Students of Color

A petition calling for more resources for Tisch students of color has garnered over 300 signatures.
Sarah Jackson, News Editor October 15, 2018
Students are calling for scholarships for the school's students of color and diversity trainings for its faculty.
Sol Patches, a freshman in Tisch, plays the lead in Michael Paulucci’s new film “Pronouns,” utilizing slam poetry as a means to tell the story of a black transgender teen.

Tisch Freshman Leads ‘Pronouns’

Herman Lee, Staff Writer November 7, 2016
NYU Tisch freshman Sol Patches took the time to speak with WSN about his role in the new short film "Pronouns," which follows the life of a black transgender person and gives a dynamic portrait of the trans experience.
K2 Salon is a small but trendy hair salon in the East Village located at 227 E 10th St.

Don’t Go Broke Just to Get Your Hair Cut

Atea Stefani, Contributing Writer October 11, 2016
A chic and affordable haircut does not have to break the bank. Check out these local salons perfect for NYU students.
TEDxNYU hosted a Color Party to relieve some stress with art therapy.

TEDxNYU Gets Legit About Coloring

Tony Schwab, Staff Writer April 18, 2016
TEDxNYU hosted "Color Party" last week, to tout the stress relief benefits of coloring books for all ages.
NYU Law held a roundtable discussion on NYPD officer Peter Liang’s conviction.

Student Roundtable for Liang Convention

Rebecca Oh, Contributing Writer March 7, 2016
On Friday, NYU Law held a roundtable discussion regarding the implications of Peter Liang's case for communities of color, police accountability, and NYPD reform.
Model brings natural hair to Victoria Secret runway

Model brings natural hair to Victoria Secret runway

Lauren Craddock, Staff Writer December 7, 2015
Model of color Maria Borges wears her hair natural and curly this season, taking a step in the right direction for the fashion industry.
Mara Hoffman Spring/Summer 2015

Mara Hoffman Spring/Summer 2015

Gianna Collier-Pitts, Violet Vision editor September 6, 2014

Accompanied by drum beats and hypnotic melodies, Mara Hoffman calmed and intrigued spectators at Lincoln Center with a lighter color palette and softer silhouettes in her Spring/Summer...


Vibrant hair dyes can create sophisticated, chic styles

September 18, 2013
Find a way to take the bold colors and create well-balanced, bright styles.