Don’t Go Broke Just to Get Your Hair Cut

K2 Salon is a small but trendy hair salon in the East Village located at 227 E 10th St.

As a frugal college student living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, you might be tempted to put that haircut on hold as costs for textbooks, transportation and food begin to mount. Getting your hair cut, however, is vital to preventing split ends, taming frizz and maintaining your hair’s shine. Here’s a list of affordable salons that won’t cut into your budget!

  1.   Aveda Institute New York; 233 Spring St.

The Aveda Institute New York is the place to go for a very inexpensive but good quality haircut. Your stylist at Aveda Institute will be a student of the school, but they are very well-trained and there is a supervisor present at all times. A cut here is only $18 (what a steal!) and prices for color start at $35.

  1.   Tease; 352 E 13th St.; 137 Rivington St.

With salons in the East Village and on the Lower East Side, Tease is a great place to go for a low maintenance, trendy cut. With its brick walls and black accent decor, Tease has a classic barbershop vibe. A haircut here will cost $35-$40 (a blow-dry will run an extra $10-$15) and all stylists use Tigi by Bed Head products.

  1.   Sei-Tomoko; 142 W 4th St.; 240 E 13th St.

Located in Greenwich Village and the East Village, Sei-Tomoko is known for great precision cuts as well as Japanese straightening treatments. The interior is minimalistic and the salon is very clean and peaceful with a hospitable staff. A haircut here runs from $40-$60.

  1.   Fox & Jane; 277 E 10th St.; 154 Orchard St.

Fox & Jane has locations in the East Village, the Lower East Side and the Upper West Side and is just an all-around great salon. They have amazing reviews from clients of all different hair types but are really known for their fantastic coloring skills. Fox & Jane is a bit more expensive; a consultation, shampoo and blowout will cost you $69-$99.

  1.   HeadChop; 86 Berry St., Brooklyn

HeadChop is the perfect place for NYU students with curls. This salon is an affordable alternative to the DevaChan Salon in SoHo, which specializes in dry cuts for curly hair. While it is a bit of subway ride, HeadChop’s vintage aesthetic, welcoming vibe and great services are well worth it. Haircuts here will run you about $60.

  1.   San Brocato Salon; 42 Wooster St.

For the NYU student who is looking for a thorough pampering, San Brocato Salon in SoHo is the place to go. This beautiful 3,500 square-foot salon specializes in easy to maintain, trendy haircuts. Their cutting edge haircuts include an aromatherapy neck massage with lavender oils. Now, what stressed-out student wouldn’t welcome that? However, a shampoo, cut and blow dry at San Brocato Salon will set you back about $80.

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