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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the first presidential debate, located at Hofstra University.

Trump and Clinton Win Big in New York, Edge Closer to Nomination

Apr 19, 2016
Clinton and Trump are the favorites in a race that has seen more competition for each party's ticket than the two would have anticipated.
The Fight for $15 continues with a rally through Times Square and an appearance from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

NYC Fight for $15 Global Day of Action

Apr 14, 2016
The fight for a Union and $15 minimum wage for all workers continues at another Global Day of Action in Times Square.
Tech@NYU will host events and speakers as a part of Startup Week from April 4-9.

Startup Week to Pair Students With Tech Entrepreneurs

Apr 4, 2016
[email protected] is hosting Startup Week from April 4 through April 9.

Pillow Fight Ruffles Feathers in WSP

Apr 4, 2016
A city-wide pillow fight took place under the Washington Square Park arch on Saturday, April 2.
NYU Law held a roundtable discussion on NYPD officer Peter Liang’s conviction.

Student Roundtable for Liang Convention

Mar 7, 2016
On Friday, NYU Law held a roundtable discussion regarding the implications of Peter Liang's case for communities of color, police accountability, and NYPD reform.