New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Against a white white are plates of various desserts and a wooden peel with croissants and pieces of bread on it.

Pavé revitalizes the craft of European breadmaking

Pavé’s freshly made bread and quaint interior sets it apart from other cafes and bakeries in New York City.
Jasmine Venet, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

With November well underway, autumn leaves have blanketed the city streets and temperatures have dropped to a winter chill. As New Yorkers adjust to drearier days, they also seem...

Damascus Bread and Pastry Shop, located on 195 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, is a Syrian bakery known for its flatbreads, pastries, dips, and spreads.  This bakery has been serving its community since its opening in 1928. (Staff Photo by Gabby Lozano)

Reconnecting with my Iraqi roots at Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop

Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop in Brooklyn is a community favorite among many people of both Middle Eastern and non-Middle Eastern descent.
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor May 3, 2021

I stumbled upon Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop last January upon my return to New York for the spring semester. My mom and I had just spent hours aimlessly walking through the...

Chocolate walnut buns piled on each other in a case.

A Quick Bite: Fay Da Bakery

Scott Hogan, Dining Editor August 26, 2018
WSN reviews a new bakery on West 4th Street.
People are first welcomed to Little Italy by the sign arching over the street. There is a variety of Italian food available in the neighborhood.

Explore With Me: (Not So) Little Italy

Liv Chai, Staff Writer November 27, 2017
Come explore Little Italy with us.
Cupcake Market, at 74 E 7th St., serves various cookies shaped like famous pop figures. Its definitely worth a visit if youve ever been curious about what Kim Kardashians crying face tastes like.

Eat Your Way Around Each Dorm: Cookies

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 15, 2017
Cookies can cheer up any bad mood, and luckily there are many places to get delicious treats around campus. In the inaugural edition of Eat Your Way Around Each Dorm, delve into this delicious dessert.
Five doughnuts from Dunkin’ rest in an orange box on a light brown wooden table. Out of the four doughnuts, two are glazed with white icing and sprinkles, one is glazed with pink frosting and sprinkles, one is glazed with brown frosting and sprinkles, and the last one is plain glazed. A book can be seen in the distant background towards the right corner of the image.

Wal-Mart: You Can’t Have Your Cake or Eat It

Taylor Nicole Rogers, Dining Editor October 12, 2016
If you were a professional baker and a client asked you to frost a message on a cake that contradicted your core beliefs, would you do it? In recent weeks, Walmart has been critiqued because of a controversial decision made by its employees.
“Dough” follows the life of Nat as his bakery and drug dealing cross paths.

‘Dough:’ Baked in Two Ways

Bradley Alsop, Staff Writer April 25, 2016
"Dough" tells the story of a baker whose failing business is reinvigorated when his new hire starts putting marijuana in the dough.
International holiday desserts to try in the city

International holiday desserts to try in the city

Kendall Levison, Dining Editor December 8, 2015
Celebrate the holidays with these international treats.
Come enjoy delicious macaroons at the Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery at 380 Lafayette Street.

Five bakeries that provide tastes of fall

Taylor Nicole Rodgers, Staff Writer November 9, 2015
Check out some of the best pastries this fall at local bakeries.

Cronut bakery briefly infested by mice

April 15, 2014
SoHo’s Dominique Ansel Bakery, famous for the Cronut, was shut down last week because of an infestation of mice.
Shawn Paik/WSN

Up-and-Comer | Adele Beasley

March 27, 2014
Heavenly Bread Co. has become a popular micro-bakery from its humble beginnings.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

New West Village bakery serves best dough in the city

January 28, 2013
Bien Cuit bakery brings Parisian baked goods to the West Village.