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Quiet Spaces, Napping Places

Feb 29, 2016


Tiffany Chen

The Silver Lounge is a great place to take a quiet nap.

We all miss nap-time from pre-school, but finding a way to fit a few z’s into that busy college schedule can be a pain. Here are the best ‘napademic’ resources that NYU has to offer for when you need to fit in a REM cycle but can’t make it home.

Silver Lounge,
100 Washington Square  East

Tucked away on the first floor of Silver is the Silverstein Lounge and Study Center, the quintessential snooze spot. It has everything — large windows for natural lighting, both couches and armchairs to suit all preferences and inferior Wi-Fi access to drive away loud typers. Some pre-nap comfort food at Space Market or post-nap coffee at Oren’s is easily accessible on the other side of Waverly Place.

Kimmel 2nd Floor

The long couches on the 2nd floor of Kimmel on the opposite side from Peet’s Coffee are cozy, in a noiseless area and wonderfully convenient. Utilize this area to minimize the distance between the end of that long lecture and your carefree unconsciousness. The main drawback is the crowds, so you should refrain from kicking back and sprawling out of respect for your fellow students. This may be a deterrent for some but honestly if you’ve reached this point in your life and you can’t knock out in an upright position, you need to shape up.

Stern Building 3rd Floor

Any old student can walk into the Stern Building without immediately donning a suit and becoming a finance major, but it takes a truly skilled and treacherous individual to make their way to the 3rd Floor study area. These spaces are usually only accessible to Stern students through swipe access, but if you’re lucky, the magical gate to your heavenly slumber will be wide open, allowing you access to their comfortable seats, perfect temperature and free charging ports.

ARC Basement

Grab a soothing beverage at Argo Tea and then head downstairs in the Academic Resource Center to find a secluded couch behind the stairs. The perks are its central location on campus and easy access to printers. However, to be honest, this one should be a last resort. The harsh purple and white color scheme is off-putting and definitely not ideal for lucid dreaming. There’s a fair amount of activity around you and it’s not a quiet space so you may experience a frequently interrupted, restless stupor.

19 West Fourth St.

If you walk into 19 W 4th, turn the corner and walk back to end of the hallway, you’ll come across the most pristine couch in all of Lower Manhattan. It doesn’t look like it, but trust me, it’s broken in all the right places. It sinks in perfectly for ideal back support –– not too firm and not too soft. It’s essentially the closest you can get to a Sleep Number bed included in tuition. Andrew Hamilton wishes he had this couch. The problem is only one person can fit.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday Feb. 29, print edition. Email Zach Martin [email protected]

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