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(Clockwise from the top left) Movie posters for 
 “The Hate U Give,” “A Star is Born,” “First Man,” and 
 “The Favourite.”

Oscar Bait Worth Taking

Here are the Oscar-worthy movies you should keep an eye on this fall.
September 12, 2018
Here are the Oscar-worthy movies you should keep an eye on this fall.
Olshefski’s unique film “Quest” devotes its entirety to exploring the life of Christopher and Christinea Raineys role in their Philadelphia community, as well as their desire to provide a sense of wellbeing for their children.

On a ‘Quest’ for 9 Years

December 4, 2017
Jonathan Olshefski's "Quest" follows the life of the Rainey family, their recording studio in the basement of their home and their struggles with racism in their community.
WSN sat down with NYU alum Matthew Puccini. His new short film, “The Mess He Made,” premiered at the SXSW film festival.

Alum Matthew Puccini Talks SXSW Short Film

October 23, 2017
WSN sat down with NYU alum Matthew Puccini to discuss his short film, "The Mess He Made," the story of a man waiting for the results of an HIV test.

Jane, a new documentary about Jane Goodalls 1957 expedition to Tanzania to find more information about chimpanzees and human ancestry opens in theatres on Friday Oct. 20.

‘Jane’ Paints a Beautiful Portrait Conservationist Goodall

October 20, 2017
'Jane,' Directed by Brett Morgen, artistically represents the life of Jane Goodall.
“Wonderstruck” is based on the childrens book of the same name written by Brian Selznick, and tells the story of young boy from the midwest and a young girl in New York. A series of events unfold as they both seek a mysterious connection.

‘Wonderstruck’ Induces Wonder

October 18, 2017
Todd Haynes' newest film "Wonderstruck" tells the story of a young boy who lost both his mother and his hearing.
Ai Weiwei’s film Human Flow raises awareness of the growing refugee situation across 20 different countries. Human Flow hits theaters October 13th.

‘Human Flow’ is Heartbreaking and Mesmerizing

October 11, 2017
Ai Weiwei's documentary "Human Flow" represents the stories of millions of refugees in a revolutionary way: by showing them as people.
Emma Watson stars in STX Entertainments “The Circle,” a film about a woman who begins to work for the Circle, a conglomerate company that takes information on its users and employees.

Tribeca 2017: Despite All-Star Cast, ‘The Circle’ Is Disastrous

May 1, 2017
Despite being based off the all too relevant best seller by Dave Eggers and having a cast of Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega, "The Circle," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, is too lifeless to tell a moving story.
Ahh the Tribeca Film Festival, Lena Dunham discussed women in film and and TV industry alongside her Girls show runner, Jenni Konner.

Tribeca 2017: Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner and America Ferrera Talk Women in Film and TV

April 27, 2017

The six-season run of “Girls” ended April 16. The series was extremely important for the entertainment industry, giving voices to women that are rarely shown on the big or...

Blame, the self-written, self-directed, self-produced, self edited and self-starred film by Quinn Shephard debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival April 22.

Tribeca 2017: 22-Year-Old Writer, Actor and Director Quinn Shephard Talks ‘Blame’

April 27, 2017
The budding 22-year-old filmmaker Quinn Shephard made her directorial debut at 15, and this year at Tribeca Film Festival, she's taken a shot at writing, directing and starring in "Blame," a new take on the Arthur Miller classic "The Crucible."
“The Handmaid’s Tale,” directed by Bruce Miller and based off Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, will debut on Hulu beginning April 26. The first episode screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this Friday.

Tribeca 2017: ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Promises Frightening TV

April 24, 2017
With timing eerily parallel to current struggles to protect the rights of women and the LGBT community, Margaret Atwood's dystopic "The Handmaid's Tale" has officially had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.
“Tomorrow,” a film directed by Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent, highlights the warnings of climate change and how people can fix it. “Tomorrow” opens at the Village East Cinema at 181-189 Second Ave. Friday, April 21.

‘Tomorrow’ Creates Hope in a Gloomy World

April 20, 2017
The new eco-documentary "Tomorrow" gives bright glimpses of hope for environmentally conscious communities amidst a world of dark facts about climate change.
“My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea” is the perfect film for those who enjoy face-paced, quirky comedy. The animated film perfectly depicts the chaotic nature of high school.

Psychedelic ‘High School Sinking into the Sea’ is Odd But Memorable

April 12, 2017
In an off-kilter and action-packed new animated film, everyone's best — and worst — dreams come true as an entire high school sinks into the sea.
Should Books Be Adapted Into Films?

Should Books Be Adapted Into Films?

April 6, 2017
Cinematic adaptations of books have become more prevalent over the last decade than seemingly ever before — so what exactly does that translation between mediums mean, and is this trend a good thing?
Netflixs upcoming original film, The Most Hated Woman in America, is a biopic of Madalyn Murray OHair, the head of The American Atheists Organization. The film will be available on March 24.

Melissa Leo is One to Love in ‘Most Hated Woman in America’

March 22, 2017
The new Netflix documentary "The Most Hated Woman in America" gives the powerful story of Madayln Murray O'Hair — a woman both admired and hated for her advocacy for separation of church and state before her life was cut short in a brutal murder.
Onur Turkel’s new film “Catfight” stars Sandra Oh and Anne Heche, two ex-friends who reunite after 20 year after splitting. The movie opens in New York and on all digital platforms on March 3.

A ‘Catfight’ Provides for Social Commentary

March 3, 2017
For once, the catfight isn't about the women fighting — and putting each other in comas — it's about something much bigger. If three trees named Bernie, Donald and Hillary don't tip you off as to what, maybe you shouldn't watch "Catfight."
Barak Goodman’s new documentary, “Oklahoma City”, recounts the Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of a federal building in 1995.

‘Oklahoma City’ Proves Depressingly Relevant

February 6, 2017
The new documentary on Timothy McVeigh's infamous bombing of Oklahoma City in 1995 reeks of the white supremacy that many citizens see in today's political climate.
The documentary They Call Us Monsters focuses on three juvenile delinquents and the negative stigma they have with society.

“They Call Us Monsters” Brings Humanity to Juveniles

January 24, 2017
"They Call Us Monsters" sheds a light on the issues with the juvenile justice system through the lives of three delinquents.
Seasons, a film directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzud, illustrates the beauty of nature through graceful, isolated footage of animals in the wild and limited human actors.

‘Seasons’ Argues for Environmental Protection

November 17, 2016
Can humanity survive itself for much longer?
Directed by Jeff Nichols, Loving portrays the story of an interracial couple during the case of Racial Integrity Act of 1924.

‘Loving’ Proves Comforting in Its Justice

November 4, 2016
The new film "Loving" captures with astounding emotion and power the importance of the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia which ruled in 1964 that any law prohibiting interracial marriage was unconstitutional.
Dastaar is a short film created by CAS alum Javian Le, focusing on the themes of Islamophobia in the US, especially shortly after the events of 9/11.

Alum Short Film Tackles Islamophobia

October 24, 2016
In his powerful new short film "Dastaar," NYU alumni Javian Ashton Le examines the pervasive bias towards Muslims and practitioners of Islam in today's heated political climate.
Sexism in the Film Industry: Blockbusters vs. Indies

Sexism in the Film Industry: Blockbusters vs. Indies

September 29, 2016
Women still aren't equal.