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A shot of silhouetted figures in front of a blue wall. The silhouettes are raising their arms up.

Photo: Review: “Quiet as It’s Kept,” the 2022 Whitney Biennial, redefines the American experience

April 25, 2022

“Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It’s Kept” is the newest exhibition in the Whitney Museum’s biennial series. It is open until Sept. 5. (Photo by Natalia Palacino)

An illustration of a purple heart-shaped bong, two Oreo cookies and a pair of Beats earbuds against a bright green background.

Photo: Staff Recs: Crunchin’ the munchies

April 20, 2022

Here are some movies to watch and some music to listen to while you enjoy the 4/20 holiday. (Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

A Tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light-pink background.A tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light pink background.

Photo: Last Friday night: How NYU students spend their weekend

April 18, 2022

(Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

The green robes and crown of the Statue of Liberty adorn the body of a Black woman holding a naked Black child. In the background, a sea of blue water with pink foam is full of naked Black bodies with distressed expressions on their faces, some of whom are raising their arms.

Review: ‘Faith Ringgold: American People,’ is a triumphant rendition of Black America

The New Museum’s current Faith Ringgold retrospective offers an insightful perspective on the fight for Black and women’s liberation over the past six decades.
April 4, 2022

Faith Ringgold is a trailblazer in the modern American art scene. She has redefined the narrative for Black female artists; her pieces are featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s...

An illustration of a cream knit bodycon dress against a teal background.

Photo: Trend forecast for your warm-weather wardrobe

April 1, 2022

Winter knits and crochet pieces are going to stick around longer than usual this year so don’t pack them away just yet! (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)