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Photo of Natalia Palacino

Natalia Palacino Camargo, Books & Theater Editor

Natalia Palacino Camargo is a senior double-majoring in studio art and philosophy. She was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, and is very passionate about art making, writing and art publications. When she is not visiting museums, she can be found co-running "Art and Type Magazine" with her friend Susan, cooking, watching a movie or show, painting, exploring obscure NYC staples or reading. You can find her at @nataliapalacama and @palacnoart on Instagram.

All content by Natalia Palacino Camargo
An illustration of books, albums, and a single D.V.D. case, placed on an all-red backdrop with a pattern of small, white, hand-drawn hearts.

Staff Recs: Schmaltzy art that’s worth it

WSN’s arts editors spotlight schmaltzy arts-related content to cling to this Valentine’s Day.
Stephanie Wong, Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Natalia Palacino Carmago, Clara Scholl, and Sandy Battulga Feb 14, 2023

What do we mean when we speak of schmaltz? Perhaps a little etymological digging might help answer our question. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (which you should use...

A photo of the interior of a library with two printed posters on stands in front of a glass door with a table in between them. The poster on the left features a black and white photograph of a face partially submerged in water with the text “Wake” at the bottom, and the poster on the right features a red background with a list of the featured artists.

Bobst gets new student photography exhibit exploring intimacy and autonomy

“WAKE” redefines the body through the outstanding work of NYU photography students. The exhibit runs from Dec. 2-22 at NYU Special Collections in Bobst Library.
Natalia Palacino Carmago, Books & Theater Editor Dec 14, 2022

Angst is usually the first feeling that comes to mind when walking into Bobst Library at this time of year, but a hidden photography exhibition on the second floor of the library...

Two oil paintings on canvas depicting Asian American portraits are hung against a white wall.

Review: Oscar yi Hou’s ‘East of sun, west of moon’ celebrates artistic autonomy

Oscar yi Hou’s debut exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum confronts generalized notions of the global East and West in a celebration of queerness and Asian American communities.
Natalia Palacino Carmago, Books & Theater Editor Dec 6, 2022

The complexities and intersections of social identities are something that artists often try to explore in their visual work. The viewer's perception of artwork has much to do...

Two oil paintings on canvas depicting Asian American portraits are hung against a white wall.

Photo: Opinion: New York housing programs shouldn’t exclude immigrants

Dec 6, 2022

Oscar yi Hou’s exhibition is on view at the Brooklyn Museum. (Natalia Palacino for WSN)

Four abstract paintings hang on on white hall in a gallery space with gray floors and white ceilings. On the left, there is a pink and black composition with various rounded shapes. Second to the left is a black-and-white composition with blocks of colors. Second to the right is a composition with red and white blocks. To the right is a composition with streaks of white lines.

Anicka Yi’s “ÄLñ§ñ” disrupts traditional forms of art making

Anicka Yi proves abstract art doesn’t have to be boring.
Natalia Palacino Carmago, Books & Theater Editor Nov 8, 2022

Anicka Yi’s “ÄLñ§ñ” at Gladstone Gallery marks the artist's first exhibition in both the gallery and in New York in almost a decade. Yi’s genius in reconstructing how...

(Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Staff Recs: Spooky Season

WSN’s Arts Desk highlights some Halloween favorites.

In the spirit of ghouls, WSN’s Arts Desk has decided to put together a list of spooky recommendations worth diving into this Halloween weekend. From Nick Cave to the latest nerve-wracking...

A view of the Praxis Gallery showing a mustard yellow wall with two artworks hanging on it. To the left, a kitchen with snacks and beverages on the countertop. To the right, an art piece depicting an open fridge. To the right of the yellow wall, there is a white wall with a painting of a grey bicycle.

Melissa Misla’s ‘What a Part of the Apartment Meant’ explores the complexities of Latinidad

“What a Part of the Apartment Meant” is a knockout show from Praxis Gallery that will run from Sept. 15 to Nov. 12.
Natalia Palacino, Books & Theater Editor Oct 19, 2022

Unlike other galleries in the Chelsea Arts District, Praxis Gallery exclusively features the works of Latinx artists. Miguel Kehayoglu, the gallery's founder and a textile entrepreneur,...

The logo of New York Universitys Asian/Pacific/American Studies in white in the middle of leaves and flowers.

Photo: Opinion: NYU should drop its facade of Pacific Island inclusion

Sep 15, 2022

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU has failed to provide enough courses focusing on Pacific Island Studies. (Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

The logo of New York Universitys Asian/Pacific/American Studies in white in the middle of leaves and flowers.

Photo: Asian/Pacific/American Studies major lacks adequate representation, students and faculty say

Oct 13, 2022

The course offerings under Asian/Pacific/American Studies major lacks breadth and depth as students and faculties reflect. (Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

An illustration of a brown leather suitcase, a yellow U-shaped pillow and an opened purple-and-red wallet against a background with a gradient of yellow, pink and red.

Photo: The NYU study abroad student guide to traveling Europe on a budget

Oct 13, 2022

There are wise ways to save money while enjoying your study abroad experience. (Illustration by Natalia Palacino Camargo)

A collage of three photos contains black texts on white background or white text on black background displayed in atrium of the Museum of Modern Art.

Review: ‘Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.’ is all too relevant in a post-Roe era

Barbara Kruger’s newest exhibit is the most commercial, anti-capitalist exhibition about power dynamics and bodily autonomy.
Natalia Palacino, Books & Theater Editor Sep 19, 2022

Barbara Kruger’s “Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.” demonstrates her profound influence beyond the art world as a conceptual powerhouse. Within the art exhibit, the...

Red-headed singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD dressed in a black blazer stands against a dark purple background.

Photo: Review: YUNGBLUD’s self-titled album balances introspection and action

Sep 16, 2022

YUNGBLUD is an English singer-songwriter who recently released an eponymous cross-genre album on themes of self-expression. (Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

Against a light purple background lie pink headphones, a yellow backpack, a pair of black boots, two books and a picture.

Staff Recs: Back to school

The Arts Desk spotlights some of their favorite artworks dealing with the highs and lows of college life.

School is back, the semester is anew. Perhaps you’re still not in the mood for four-hour lectures, bulky worksheets or reading theory. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered...

A shot of silhouetted figures in front of a blue wall. The silhouettes are raising their arms up.

Photo: Review: “Quiet as It’s Kept,” the 2022 Whitney Biennial, redefines the American experience

Apr 25, 2022

“Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It’s Kept” is the newest exhibition in the Whitney Museum’s biennial series. It is open until Sept. 5. (Photo by Natalia Palacino)

An illustration of a purple heart-shaped bong, two Oreo cookies and a pair of Beats earbuds against a bright green background.

Photo: Staff Recs: Crunchin’ the munchies

Apr 20, 2022

Here are some movies to watch and some music to listen to while you enjoy the 4/20 holiday. (Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

A Tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light-pink background.A tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light pink background.

Photo: How NYU students spend their weekends

Apr 18, 2022

(Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

The green robes and crown of the Statue of Liberty adorn the body of a Black woman holding a naked Black child. In the background, a sea of blue water with pink foam is full of naked Black bodies with distressed expressions on their faces, some of whom are raising their arms.

Review: ‘Faith Ringgold: American People,’ is a triumphant rendition of Black America

The New Museum’s current Faith Ringgold retrospective offers an insightful perspective on the fight for Black and women’s liberation over the past six decades.
Natalia Palacino, Contributing Writer Apr 4, 2022

Faith Ringgold is a trailblazer in the modern American art scene. She has redefined the narrative for Black female artists; her pieces are featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s...

An illustration of a cream knit bodycon dress against a teal background.

Photo: Trend forecast for your warm-weather wardrobe

Apr 1, 2022

Winter knits and crochet pieces are going to stick around longer than usual this year so don’t pack them away just yet! (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)