Trend forecast for your warm-weather wardrobe

Stressed about what to wear after you put away your winter clothes? Here’s what all the it-girls are wearing and where you can get their looks.

Autumn Kaufman, Contributing Writer

Spring is the season of bright colors, funky patterns and the emergence of new trends that allow you to stay stylish in the heat. Looking at what the social media trendsetters are already wearing this spring of 2022, here’s how to get your wardrobe ready for the warm weather.

Don’t put away your winter knits yet

An illustration of a cream knit bodycon dress against a teal background.
Winter knits and crochet pieces are going to stick around longer than usual this year so don’t pack them away just yet! (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

It may be tempting to put away all of your sweaters as soon as temperatures reach the 70s, but it looks as though knit and crochet pieces are sticking around longer than usual this year. Bella Hadid and other influencers have been seen rocking knit tops and dresses all over their Instagrams. You may have already seen someone picnicking on Washington Square Park’s lawn with a knit tee. Not only are the grandma-chic crochet tops making a comeback, but you’ll soon be seeing two-piece knit sets all over your explore page.

Color block and pop off

An illustration of a baby pink pair of pants against a baby blue background.
No pairing of colors is too bold this spring.(Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

The warm weather makes our spirits soar as the sky turns a bit brighter and the flowers bloom. It’s no wonder spring is known for colorful fashion. This spring’s most colorful trend comes in the form of solid-colored apparel in bright, contrasting colors. Emma Chamberlain already wore this eye-catching trend on her Instagram, sporting a bright blue cutout top paired with a bright yellow mini skirt. This trend is sure to be all over your feed in the next few weeks, with no pairing too bold. This spring, thrift a bright-colored pair of pants and see all the cool color blocking combinations you can make with them.

Purses, purses and more purses

An illustration of a grass-green top-handle mini purse against a bubblegum pink background.
As seen on “Euphoria” or in the hands of Dua Lipa, the mini purse is the perfect spring accessory. (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

Nothing screams spring like an adorable accessory, and this spring, tiny colorful purses are all the rage. These bags got plenty of attention earlier this year after their infamous appearance in the latest season of “Euphoria,” and it looks as though they’re shaping up to become a warm-weather trend. This trend is so much fun because, first of all, who doesn’t love mini versions of regular items? Now, make them brightly colored and we have the ultimate container for your lipgloss and phone while exploring the city with friends this spring. Last month, singer Dua Lipa promoted this upcoming trend with her sister Rina, posing with bright yellow and blue mini purses in a shot for Versace. While these designer bags are absolutely adorable, there are plenty of affordable versions of this trend to choose from as well.

Block the sun and upgrade your outfit

An illustration of cheetah-print sunglasses against a chartreuse background.
Sunglasses in different shapes and colors are the perfect way to make a fashion statement as the weather gets warmer. (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

Quirky sunglasses are back this year, but we’re upping the ante. Be prepared to see them in even more shapes, colors and sizes than last year. Throwing on a fun pair of sunglasses is the quickest way to take an outfit to the next level, and it’s always great to keep your eyes protected from the sun while staying stylish. Doja Cat is always making a statement with cool sunglasses, and this spring, she has already posed with a variety of statement glasses. If oversized or metallic sunglasses like Doja’s aren’t really your thing, try stepping out of your comfort zone with a shape you haven’t tried yet —  perhaps a retro cat eye?

Bringing back the ’70s

An illustration of ’70s-inspired flared pants against a yellow background. The pants are pink with a lime-green wave pattern.
While retro is always in fashion, funky and flared pants are the new go-to. Bring the grooviness back to your spring wardrobe with these ’70s-inspired clothes. (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

Retro trends seem to really be blowing up lately, and fun, patterned pants are next. Specifically flared pants, for that funky, down-to-earth ’70s feel. Many trendsetters have been spotted in these statement pants, such as model Gigi Hadid, who recently wore a brown and tan version of the trend on her Instagram. That girl who walked in 15 minutes late to lecture with the retro pants? She knows the Kimmel hallways are her runway. This upcoming trend injects some grooviness into your spring wardrobe, with possible pairings such as a colorful swimsuit top with your cool pair of matching patterned pants. Another nice thing about this flared-pant trend is that it’s definitely possible to thrift and find at vintage stores since it’s taken right from the past — a win for the environment and your wardrobe!


An illustration of a pink ballet wrap skirt against a burnt orange background.
The elegant balletcore aesthetic has gained popularity on the runway and through TikTok. Relive your childhood by wearing dance pieces. (Staff Illustration by Natalia Palacino)

One major trend alert for the upcoming season is the balletcore aesthetic — literally what a ballerina wears, including ballet flats, leotards, tutus, leg warmers and wrap skirts. This trend has been slowly gaining traction on TikTok and has recently started appearing on runways as well. For example, Miu Miu’s most recent ready-to-wear show featured ballet shoes as footwear. My inner child will be so happy to try out this elegant ballerina princess look.

• • •

This season’s fashion trends are shaping up to be pretty bright, with an eclectic mix of looks and inspirations to choose from. Don’t be afraid to step out of your fashion comfort zone and try some of these items out!

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