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NYU scientists have found record levels of warm water in Antarctica. (Image Via Pixabay)

NYU Scientists Discover Record Warm Water Under Glacier in Antarctica

A team of scientists from NYU discovered warm water in January under the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, signaling alarming global rises in sea level.
Lachlan Hyatt, Contributing Writer Feb 4, 2020

NYU scientists discovered record warm water beneath the most vulnerable and most significant glaciers in the world last month, pointing to impending climate threats and drastically...

Students gather in Washington Square Park to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. (Photo by Lachlan Hyatt)

Realize Israel Hosts Annual Rave in the Park, Protestors Stage Die-In

As students danced at Realize Israel’s annual Rave in the Park, activists from Students for Justice in Palestine laid on the ground and held signs with the names of depopulated Palestinian villages to protest Israel’s expansion into the region.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer May 9, 2019

As blue and white Israeli flags flooded Washington Square Park on Thursday in celebration of the 71st anniversary of Israel’s founding, dozens of student activists staged a die-in...

The March for Science (Photo by Lachlan Hyatt)

March for Science Emphasizes Diversity, Green New Deal

The annual March for Science had all-female keynote speakers and framed the Green New Deal as an opportunity to enact evidence-based policy.
Lachlan Hyatt , Staff Writer May 6, 2019

Wall Street was filled with chants from a nearly 1,000-person crowd gathered for the March for Science on Saturday. “Give us a Green New Deal, climate change is real!” the...

A shot of the tracks after service was restored to the L train. (Photo by Sage Lally)

How The L Train Shutdown Is Affecting Students

After the MTA announced that it would partially shut down the L train for renovations, students share how the construction has affected their commutes.
Lachlan Hyatt , Staff Writer May 2, 2019

The long-promised construction on the L train has finally arrived, and with it, many NYU students who live in Brooklyn have to change how they commute to Manhattan. Tisch sophomore...

Chef Jose Andres spoke at NYU as part of the Skirball Talks series on Monday. (via Wikimedia Commons)

After Serving Millions of Meals in Puerto Rico, Celebrated Chef and Humanitarian Visits NYU

José Andrés spoke about the importance of adaptability in disaster-stricken areas at Skirball on Monday.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer Apr 17, 2019

After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, chef José Andrés served about three million meals over three months to victims left without power, water or access to food. Andrés...

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine Receives Service Award From President Hamilton

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine Receives Service Award From President Hamilton

The activist group that has butted heads with the university in the past will receive an award from it this month.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer Apr 10, 2019

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine — which often conflicts with the university’s administration — was selected to receive the President’s Service Award, the group announced...

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was devastating for many. (via flickr.com)

NYU Loses Lawsuit to Insurer Over Flood Damage Caused By Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy caused damage to NYU School of Medicine and NYU Langone. After years of litigation, NYU plans to appeal a lawsuit requesting more money from the insurer for the damages.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer Apr 5, 2019

NYU plans to appeal a recent lawsuit between the university and its insurer, FM Global, regarding payments for the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. The Southern District Court...

Activist Linda Sarsour, known for co-chairing the 2017 Womens March, speaks about intersectionality in social justice movements for NYUs Skirball Talks series. (Alana Beyer)

Activist Linda Sarsour Talks Supporting More People of Color in 2020 Election

Activist and Women’s March co-chair Linda Sarsour spoke about politics and intersectional activism at Skirball.
Lachlan Hyatt , Staff Writer Mar 26, 2019

Linda Sarsour, a well-known Brooklyn-born, Palestinian-American Muslim activist, spoke at the Skirball Center for Performing Arts Monday night to discuss initiating social change...

Israeli i24NEWS anchor and CNN International freelancer Tal Heinrich spoke to TorchPAC about international media coverage of Israel.

Journalist to NYU TorchPAC: Israeli Audiences View Coverage of Israel as ‘Pure Bias’

At an event this Monday, Israeli journalist Tal Heinrich spoke to TorchPAC about the media’s editorial process on issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer Mar 14, 2019

Israeli i24NEWS anchor and CNN International freelancer Tal Heinrich spoke to TorchPAC about the biases she claims exist in international media coverage on Monday. Around 25 students...

(Photo by Alana Beyer)

Students Hold Silver Accountable in Wake of Racist Email

The Silver School of Social Work will be adding training for faculty and incoming students and hiring an external consultant to address issues of racism in the school.
Lachlan Hyatt and Victor Porcelli Mar 11, 2019

After a student’s tweet about a racist experience went viral on Twitter, a group of students has made a list of demands that includes making curriculum changes and establishing...

Panelists Kleaver Cruz and Jewel Cadet discuss intersectional politics and activism with moderator Ayasha Guerin. (Photo by Elaine Chen)

Black and Queer Activists Talk Action Toward Equality

Activists discussed how the intersections of race and sexuality have impacted their advocacy in New York City.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer Feb 28, 2019

The value of community-making by marginalized groups is essential to equality, according to a panel of experts and activists speaking at the Urban Intersections: Black, Queer Lives...

NYU College of Dentistry opened an Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities. (Staff Photo by Min Ji Kim)

College of Dentistry Opens Center for Disabled

From wheelchair users who may have difficulty sitting in a dental chair to autistic patients that may require a calmer environment, the new center hopes to improve patients’ experiences.
Lachlan Hyatt, Staff Writer Feb 25, 2019

People with disabilities that inhibit oral health treatment now have access to a new center — opened by the NYU College of Dentistry — that is uniquely tailored to their needs. The...