The Frustration of Racism On Board

Just two days ago, I began the exhausting 25-hour journey from home in Mumbai to New York City as my summer came to an...

Why Buttigieg Is Wrong for America

Of the more than 20 individuals running for president, Pete Buttigieg has stood out among voters a top choice for the 2020 Democratic nomination....

What NYU Gets Wrong About Confronting Racism

Last week, graduate student Shahem Mclaurin posted a tweet — which has since gone viral — about racial discrimination he experienced in one of...

When Your NYU Community Doesn’t Respect You

NYU is the first community I have truly chosen to be a part of. I love this community, and the people in it. I...

Asian Americans Are Asian Enough

Last Monday, WSN published an op-ed by NYU student Ryan Moon titled “Struggling to Define Asian-American in 2019.” I experienced a sense of indignation...

Asian Artists Should Be Free to Tell Their Stories

Asian musical theater artists have compelling stories to tell, and the demographic of theater-goers shouldn’t stop them.

Why I Keep Talking to White People About Racism

And minorities should be able to respond to racism their own way, without any judgment.

An Asian Performing Artist Erased From History

Despite the persistent stereotypes that Asian performers face, Sessue Hayakawa, a Japanese American actor, was a Hollywood leading man in the era of silent films.

Minority Representation in the Theater Industry Still Isn’t Enough

Recent efforts in the theatre industry to push minorities towards center stage have been progressive but are not enough.

Don’t Be a TERF

Rest in power to Vicki Lee Jones, Maurice Stallard, Irving Younger, Melvin Wax, Rose Mallinger, Sylvan Simon, Bernice Simon, Jerry Rabinowitz, Joyce Fienberg, Richard...

Diverse in Race, Diverse in Thought

Colleges aren’t sacrificing intellectual diversity by focusing on racial diversity. They are helping to create it.

Some Justice, No Peace

On P(optics) this week, Mickey contemplates how police officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted of second degree murder for the death of Laquan McDonald. Unlike previous instances of police brutality, Van Dyke is being held accountable, but an emptiness overwhelms Mickey. What will happen from here?