Navigating the Coronavirus as Student Journalists

Much like the rest of the country and the world, WSN has been severely impacted by the outbreak of the global pandemic. As an essential service, our work still continues.

Cole Stallone, Editor-in-Chief

Dear readers,

At times, it feels like words aren’t enough to describe what’s happening. On one hand, it’s almost as if life has been put on pause in the midst of the crisis, but at the same time, life still goes on. Returning from break and trying to establish a new normal has been more difficult than anyone could have foreseen. Despite this, WSN is continuing to report. As an essential service, it is our responsibility to provide information to our community now more than ever. And we’ve been following the coronavirus since the beginning of the semester. 

In late January, our news desk first reported on the anxiety and frustration felt by the NYU Shanghai community as the virus spread throughout China. By the end of February, as the situation began to improve in China, we covered the changing feelings and push for solidarity at NYU Shanghai. However, early March saw the beginning of the global escalation of the virus and by the time we left for spring break, the university had shut down all European sites and transitioned to online classes — proving to be a challenge for some. Over the break, nearly all global and study-away sites closed — with the exception of NYU Abu Dhabi — shortly followed by the New York campus.

As a result of this decision, and with practically no one left on campus, WSN has decided to cease issuing a weekly print publication. That does not mean our work has stopped. We will continue to produce our weekly print issues and upload them online, where you can see some of our past publications as well. In addition, we will continue to report and run stories throughout the week, as we have during and throughout the break — coronavirus-related or otherwise.

Just this past week, we covered everything from the postponement of this year’s commencement to how NYUAD students are reacting to the coronavirus as well as how their administration is handling it. Aside from our reporting, we’re continuing with our normal coverage, talking about everything from quarantine bangs and food recipes to streaming performances and music reviews. Our magazine, Under the Arch, continues to put out original, creative content, pushing the boundaries of what stories our newsroom can tell. As the world adjusts to our new normal and tries to maintain some sense of routine, we’ll be here to talk about it. 

In addition to our reporting, WSN’s Editorial Board continues to discuss crucial issues regarding our university, and our opinion desk continues to serve as a way to hear all the different voices that make up our community. In times like these, having a space to be heard is more important than ever. If you are a member of the NYU community, especially the student body, please consider reaching out to [email protected]. Everyone has opinions or experiences they feel should be shared; at WSN, we work to make that happen.

Beyond talking about the key issues going on in our everyday lives, WSN wants to help. Last week we published an article that provided a list of resources that will hopefully be of use for anyone in need as the pandemic goes on. We will continue to update that article as we find more resources that might be of use, and we encourage anyone who might have anything useful to reach out to [email protected]

In my last letter, I wrote about the privilege and necessity of the work that WSN does and that sentiment feels true now more so than ever. In addition, the dedication and talent of WSN’s staff has become clear throughout this experience, and the real privilege is having the ability to continue working with them. Beyond that, the same gratitude I felt at the beginning of the semester has been amplified by the work we’ve done thus far — and the ability to continue that work every day.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 30, 2020 e-print edition. Email Cole Stallone at [email protected]