Bookstore introduces new programs to simplify textbook payment process

The NYU Bookstore is introducing in-store textbook rentals and online price comparisons to simplify the book search process.

Freshman cruise successfully sells out

More than 1,000 freshmen boarded two cruise ships on Sunday evening, ending Welcome Week and kicking off the school year with glamour.

Seasoned NYU students share Welcome Week advice

These four NYU students give tips on how to navigate Welcome Week, from getting involved on campus to exploring the city.

Expansion plan shaken, not scrapped

After its initial introduction in 2010, NYU 2031 has been pushed through multiple fine-tooth combs and finally received a green light from the City Council in June.

Bloomberg says no to big, sugary beverages

With increasing cases of death and illness due to obesity and diabetes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to ban large sugary drinks will come to a final vote in September.

MTA proposes new fees for new cards

In a sustainable effort to minimize the litter and printing costs of the MTA, a Green Fee proposal could increase the price of new MetroCards next year.

Incoming students to video blog their way through freshman year

Incoming freshmen from various NYU schools are beginning to document their first year journeys through video blogging.

Bobst finishes off year with face lift

In its third phase of development after multiple years of scattered construction, Bobst Library is set to finish by the end of the year.

Vice President Joe Biden visits NYU

Biden discussed the Obama administration's foreign policy plans at the NYU law school.

Joseph Gordon Levitt visits NYU

Joseph Gordon Levitt came to NYU to discuss his website and production company