12 hours of dancing raise $333,703.34 for charity


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NYU’s Dance Marathon raised over $300 for the B+ foundation, which seeks to find a cure and treat childhood cancer.

Lexi Faunce, Deputy News Editor

NYU students showed off their fancy footwork on Nov. 22 as they danced their way to raise $333,703.34 to benefit the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation and to help win the battle against childhood cancer.

The NYU Greeks hosted the university’s third annual 12-hour dance marathon to commemorate those who have lost their lives to the disease and support those who are still fighting. Joe McDonough, founder of the B+ Foundation, spoke at the event along with others who had also lost family members to cancer.

Steinhardt sophomore Amanda Morris* said she would definitely recommend next year’s NYDM to fellow students because you have fun while supporting a great cause. Morris said the event was a success because she was able to combine her love of dance with a meaningful fundraising campaign.

“It felt rewarding to be giving back to the kids,” Morris said. “The portion of the day when the kids came and danced with us was honestly the best part. They were so cute and it really helps you feel a personal connection to the foundation.”

McDonough created the foundation in honor of his son Andrew, who passed away from cancer when he was 14. The B+ Foundation designates children who have lost their lives, or are still in the fight against cancer, as Heroes. During the event, B+ Heroes were brought on stage and awarded capes before participating in the day’s entertainment and dancing.

CAS senior and NYDM Executive Board member Tori Wohler said participating in the event was the most rewarding experience of her college career. Wohler added that the day of NYDM was rightly dedicated to her Heroes, normal kids who happen to be fighting cancer.

“This cause — childhood cancer and more specifically the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation — is very close to my heart,” Wohler said. “Sororities and fraternities at NYU have paired up with 17 children with cancer — we call them heroes — since we started in 2013. The fact that college kids can become a support system for local families and children fighting cancer makes me proud to be an NYU student.”

GLS sophomore Melissa Clark said NYDM is a celebration of miracles and for 12 hours a community rallies around one another in hopes of fighting a horrible disease. She attended the event because her Hero, Lexi, is fighting leukemia and has deeply impacted her life.

“At the end of the day NYDM is more than about the dancing or the money,” Clark said. “It is truly a time to reflect on the amazing kids who fight everyday of their lives. They are our heroes for a reason, and I am so blessed to be part of the NYDM community.”

*DISCLAIMER: Amanda Morris has previously written for WSN.
Additional reporting by Christine Wang. Email Lexi Faunce at [email protected].