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All content by Ludovica Grieco
Naomi Klein, an activist for environmental sustainability spoke at NYU in hopes to spread the conversation regarding climate change activism.

Changing the Climate of Climate Change

October 3, 2016
Activist Naomi Klein discusses steps world leaders must take to combat climate change.
Divestment: More Controversial Than Youd Think

Divestment: More Controversial Than You’d Think

April 29, 2016
NYU Divest seeks to make NYU divest from fossil fuel companies, but some NYU students disagree with their cause.
Jedediah Bila held a town hall event with college republicans at NYU on April 21.

Fox News’ Jedediah Bila Talks 2016 Election with College Republicans

April 22, 2016
Fox News host and columnist Jedediah Bila discussed the election with NYU College Republicans.
During the annual Sila Connection conference, students from NYU and St. Johns University competed to solve a challenge in a local community.

Students’ Social Impact Organization Targets Local Communities

April 5, 2016
Students competed in this year's Sila Connection's conference to propose solutions to health and education concerns in New York City.
NYU Students Social Impact Project Empowers Women in Nepal

NYU Students’ Social Impact Project Empowers Women in Nepal

March 3, 2016
NYU's Professor Fayard lead a group of students to slums in Kathmandu, Nepal to implement a female leadership and empowerment pilot program.
NYU Stern has just received a $1 million donation from Citi Foundation.

Stern Receives $1 Million to Launch Center for Sustainable Business

February 25, 2016
NYU Stern received $1 million from Citi Foundation to implement more sustainable business practices.
The Zika virus is transmitted to people through mosquito bites.

NYU Langone Says Hosting Olympics in Brazil Is Irresponsible

February 11, 2016
NYU Langone professors advise postponing the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro due to the Zika virus outbreak.
NYU sustainability efforts improving

NYU sustainability efforts improving

December 7, 2015
NYU's Office of Sustainability has initiated a number of programs designed to reduce environmental mismanagement.
The exterior of the Silver School of Social Work. (WSN File Photo)

Starbucks CEO makes donation to Silver for veteran education

November 17, 2015
Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, donated $300,000 to a scholarship for veterans.
NYUs first Healthcare Innovation Makerthon Conference was held this weekend and was a collaboration between the NYU School of Medicine and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.

NYU to host first healthcare makerthon over weekend

November 12, 2015
NYU is kicking off it's first Healthcare Innovation Makerthon this weekend to find solutions to the biggest problems in healthcare today.
An NYU Divest petition encouraging people to withhold donations from the university has gathered more than 100 signatures.

Student group calls for halt in donations until NYU divests

November 4, 2015
NYU Divest launched a petition that encourages people to withhold donations from the university unless is divests.
On October 23rd, Stern’s Big Data Conference will explore how mobile technologies and connected smart devices affect advertising, promotions, marketing ROI, and omni-channel targeting effectiveness.

Stern hosts annual Big Data Conference

October 22, 2015
NYU's Stern School of Business is holding the Big Data Conference of 2015.
An NYU study has proved that due to a certain gene, male nematode worms are attracted to one another.

Researchers find male-on-male worm action is result of genetic variation

October 14, 2015
New study by NYU professors finds that a variation in a single gene in the Caenorhabditis elegans worm results in sexual male on male worm action.
Risa Cohn (left) speaks to audience about her experience with entrepreneurship and WoE.

NYU among top startup schools for women

September 30, 2015
NYU was ranked as a Top 10 university for female startup founders.
The SPS Center for Global Affairs is launching the Initiative for the Study of Emerging Threats.

NYU takes new approach toward non-traditional security issues

September 23, 2015
The SPS Center for Global Affairs is launching the Initiative for the Study of Emerging Threats (ISET), which will focus on nontraditional security issues.
Homo naledi is a new species of human relative.

NYU anthropologist discovers new human ancestor

September 15, 2015
A research team that included two NYU anthropologists has discovered a new species of human relative in Johannesburg, South Africa.