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A glass of clear gin-based cocktail decorated with sage leaves and a metal straw against a white background shot from above.

Grab a muddler and mix up a Wise Man

Earthy, tangy and just a touch sweet, this sage-and-gin highball is perfect for spring.
Phoebe Goldman, Contributing Writer Mar 25, 2022

Spring has finally sprung, so I figured I'd introduce you to my favorite warm-weather cocktail, a gin-based twist on a mojito. I call it the Wise Man, since it’s flavored with...

A group of people crowd around the entrance of The Grey Dog. Above them is metal scaffolding with a baby blue banner that has the restaurant’s name printed on it.

The best places for bottomless brunch around NYU

Here are our recommendations for the best places to celebrate the weekend with endless drinks and French toast. Have fun getting home.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor Mar 4, 2022

Bottomless brunch is one of New York City’s late afternoon weekend rituals. Unlimited drinks served with your choice of breakfast or lunch fare after these few LONG weeks of...

A portrait of Eric Adams wearing a gray suit, white collared shirt and navy blue printed tie. He is sitting at a conference table and speaking in front of a royal blue background.

Confronting food insecurity is the key to improving NYC’s health

Mayor Eric Adams has made nutrition a key component of his platform. However, to make lasting improvements to New Yorkers' health, he must address the issue of food insecurity.
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor Mar 4, 2022

Despite a brief affair with fish at Rao’s, Mayor Eric Adams is bringing his passion for plant-based foods to city hall and embarking on a quest to improve the health of New Yorkers....

An illustration of a Rooted Fare Dried Chili Sichuan Sauce jar with red chilis and garlic bulbs laying next to it.

NYU alum’s business partners with immigrant chefs to spread the sauce around

With help from her aunt and a childhood friend, Steinhardt alum Ashley Xie’s school project has become a business that supports immigrant chefs by helping their sauces reach a national market.
Jules Roscoe, UTA Staff Editor Mar 2, 2022

Anyone who has tried their hand at cooking knows that the sauce is the hardest part of a dish to get right. Too much salt, too little garlic — it's a complicated yet sacred element...

Two alcohol bottles and a champagne flute on a granite countertop. On the left, a mostly empty bottle of liqueur. On the right, a half-empty bottle of prosecco with an orange decal. In the center, a champagne flute with a homemade deep red spritz.

Spoil yourself and impress your friends with a refreshing spritz

You can feel like a champagne drinker without breaking the bank by learning to augment sparkling wine with a colorful, flavorful cordial or bitters.
Phoebe Goldman, Contributing Writer Feb 28, 2022

Every New Year’s Eve, my parents would give me a glass of champagne. I started to like the flavor when I was 17 or 18. Once I was old enough to buy booze myself, I tried...

WoodSpoon is a food delivery app offering home-cooked meals. It has slowly gained popularity since its founding in 2019. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

WoodSpoon: The delivery app connecting customers and chefs

Delivering a delicious home-cooked meal and supporting home chefs, WoodSpoon could become a more personable UberEats.
Lucy McHugh, Contributing Writer Feb 11, 2022

As an avid foodie and a college student missing the luxury of home-cooked meals, I had to give WoodSpoon a try. This food delivery app sets itself apart by providing the satisfaction...

Protein bars are a popular snack choice. But they may not be as nutritious as they claim. (Staff Illustration by Aaliya Luthra)

Remaking the protein bar: the ugly, processed truth of a beloved snack

With high sugar contents and questionable nutritional values, it can be hard to find a protein bar that delivers on health. Luckily, we remade the bar for the average college student. Recipe included.
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor Feb 9, 2022

With hundreds of pages to read and discussion posts to write — not to mention the commotion of going to and from campus now that classes are in person — sometimes it feels...

While gin and tonics primarily consist of a balanced mix of gin and tonic water, they can be spiced up with citrus, syrups and bitter liqueurs. (Photos by Phoebe Goldman)

Neither shaken nor stirred: A foolproof guide to mastering the gin and tonic

The g&t is a classic cocktail — and the perfect drink for a novice bartender.
Phoebe Goldman, Contributing Writer Jan 25, 2022

I feel obligated to tell you: If you're under 21, read no further. Drinking illegally is a recipe for disaster, and it won't be too long before you're able to comfortably — read:...

V Spot Express is located at 12 St. Marks Place. (Staff Photo by Samson Tu)

From chicharrón to cashew-based mac ‘n’ cheese: The ultimate list of vegan restaurants around NYU

Here are some of the best places on or near campus for delicious vegan food to celebrate the start of the semester.
Juliana Guarracino and Gabby Lozano Jan 24, 2022

If you have ever gone out to eat with a vegan, chances are you have seen them order multiple side dishes, alter a dish until it’s unrecognizable, or settle for the dreaded house...

Launched in New York City, Bloc Collective is a new brand of canned cocktails Their packaging has QR codes that link consumers to local events. However, the cost of the cocktails may make them inaccessible for college students. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Bloc Collective is cool, but it’s not the next White Claw

The new canned cocktail brand connects consumers to events in their cities through QR codes on the cans. However, Bloc Collective’s impressive taste is likely too pricey for college consumers.
Sabrina Choudhary and Joey Hung Dec 3, 2021

If you follow our work, you know that we appreciate a good hard seltzer. Bloc Collective is an enthusiastic new kid on the block that delivers quality canned cocktails and a list...

The best hot chocolate spots around campus

The best hot chocolate spots around campus

These are the best spots around Washington Square Park to grab a quintessential winter cup of cocoa comfort.
Jules Roscoe, Contributing Writer Nov 23, 2021

As another New York winter approaches, we break out our puffy coats and thick boots and prepare to hunker down. Hot chocolate, the drink of comfort and nostalgia, starts calling...

After NYU sophomore Meghana Kakubal took up baking during the pandemic, she founded Hamsa Cakes, an online baking business. For her desserts, Kakubal blends Indian flavors with popular American baked goods. (Photo by Meghana Kakubal)

Hamsa Cakes: An NYU student’s quarantine baking obsession turned business

CAS sophomore Meghana Kakubal didn’t know how to bake before quarantine. Now, she has a baking business inspired by Indian flavors and art that serves her community and those in need. 
Juliana Guarracino, Staff Writer Nov 3, 2021

You probably remember the baking craze that came with the beginning of quarantine. You might have baked banana bread or a sourdough loaf if you were looking for a challenge. Many...