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A mocktail glass with a dried citrus fruit on top against a yellowish background.

A hangover remedy guide

We’re not trying to enable you, but here are some ways to help that headache.
The Culture Desk May 4, 2022

An illustration of two women sitting next to each other. In front of them is a camera on a tripod. The woman sitting on the right wears a shirt with blue and purple flowers and holds a cup of wine. The woman sitting on the left wears a purple sweatshirt that reads “NYU” and is eating pasta.

Meet Skyler Bouchard, the NYU alum who took the culinary world by storm

NYC food expert and businesswoman Skyler Bouchard talks all things food and how to make it in the media industry.
Ora Sidlow, Contributing Writer April 21, 2022

If you're anything like me, your Instagram Explore page consists almost solely of food pictures, food videos and recipes, or as I like to call it, “the algorithm’s way of enabling...

A front view of the Ukrainian restaurant Veselka. The restaurant has a small dark red and yellow awning with its name printed on it. In front of the restaurant there are trees without branches in pots painted with the yellow-and-blue Ukrainian flag.

Veselka, the heart of Ukrainian solidarity in New York

The Ukrainian restaurant has been at the center of local support for Ukraine, fighting against the Russian invasion with what they have: food and community.
Mitali Sapra, Contributing Writer April 14, 2022

As soon as you enter the little restaurant on the corner of Ninth Street and Second Avenue, a kind staff and warmly lit space welcome you. The constant lively chatter from numerous...

The bubblegum pink storefront of Kinky’s Dessert Bar. On either side of the door, hearts are printed on the windows in a range of pink tones. Above the door is the word “Kinky’s” in yellow letters.

Kinky’s Dessert Bar sells the dirtiest desserts in the Lower East Side

Genitalia-shaped waffles have brought fame to the bakery that opened this past Valentine’s Day. August and John DeWindt, owners of Kinky’s Dessert Bar, explain exactly why the sexual sweets sell.
Olivia Liu, Contributing Writer April 4, 2022

“I want a nipple-pierced cupcake!” my roommate and first-year Liberal Studies student, Mia Hejlsberg, said to me as she started getting ready for the day. In any other context,...

The exterior façade of a red brick building with a Joes Pizza sign and patio cover while a customer eats at the outside table.

The best late-night and 24-hour eats around campus

The ultimate guide to the city’s nighttime eateries that aren’t just dollar slice joints or diners.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer March 29, 2022

The outdoor seating structure at Tacombi, a Mexican restaurant in Greenwich Village. The name of the restaurant can be seen on a white sign above the structure. Behind the seating structure are white apple blossom trees in full bloom.

Spice up your date night with these restaurants around NYU

If you are looking to take your special someone on a date, here’s your guide to the most romantic restaurants near campus.
Jaimson Jacoby, Contributing Writer March 28, 2022

A glass of clear gin-based cocktail decorated with sage leaves and a metal straw against a white background shot from above.

Grab a muddler and mix up a Wise Man

Earthy, tangy and just a touch sweet, this sage-and-gin highball is perfect for spring.
Phoebe Goldman, Contributing Writer March 25, 2022

Spring has finally sprung, so I figured I'd introduce you to my favorite warm-weather cocktail, a gin-based twist on a mojito. I call it the Wise Man, since it’s flavored with...

A group of people crowd around the entrance of The Grey Dog. Above them is metal scaffolding with a baby blue banner that has the restaurant’s name printed on it.

The best places for bottomless brunch around NYU

Here are our recommendations for the best places to celebrate the weekend with endless drinks and French toast. Have fun getting home.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor March 4, 2022

Bottomless brunch is one of New York City’s late afternoon weekend rituals. Unlimited drinks served with your choice of breakfast or lunch fare after these few LONG weeks of...

A portrait of Eric Adams wearing a gray suit, white collared shirt and navy blue printed tie. He is sitting at a conference table and speaking in front of a royal blue background.

Confronting food insecurity is the key to improving NYC’s health

Mayor Eric Adams has made nutrition a key component of his platform. However, to make lasting improvements to New Yorkers' health, he must address the issue of food insecurity.
Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor March 4, 2022

Despite a brief affair with fish at Rao’s, Mayor Eric Adams is bringing his passion for plant-based foods to city hall and embarking on a quest to improve the health of New Yorkers....

An illustration of a Rooted Fare Dried Chili Sichuan Sauce jar with red chilis and garlic bulbs laying next to it.

NYU alum’s business partners with immigrant chefs to spread the sauce around

With help from her aunt and a childhood friend, Steinhardt alum Ashley Xie’s school project has become a business that supports immigrant chefs by helping their sauces reach a national market.
Jules Roscoe, UTA Staff Editor March 2, 2022

Anyone who has tried their hand at cooking knows that the sauce is the hardest part of a dish to get right. Too much salt, too little garlic — it's a complicated yet sacred element...

Two alcohol bottles and a champagne flute on a granite countertop. On the left, a mostly empty bottle of liqueur. On the right, a half-empty bottle of prosecco with an orange decal. In the center, a champagne flute with a homemade deep red spritz.

Spoil yourself and impress your friends with a refreshing spritz

You can feel like a champagne drinker without breaking the bank by learning to augment sparkling wine with a colorful, flavorful cordial or bitters.
Phoebe Goldman, Contributing Writer February 28, 2022

Every New Year’s Eve, my parents would give me a glass of champagne. I started to like the flavor when I was 17 or 18. Once I was old enough to buy booze myself, I tried...

WoodSpoon is a food delivery app offering home-cooked meals. It has slowly gained popularity since its founding in 2019. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

WoodSpoon: The delivery app connecting customers and chefs

Delivering a delicious home-cooked meal and supporting home chefs, WoodSpoon could become a more personable UberEats.
Lucy McHugh, Contributing Writer February 11, 2022

As an avid foodie and a college student missing the luxury of home-cooked meals, I had to give WoodSpoon a try. This food delivery app sets itself apart by providing the satisfaction...