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A man on a bike passes by the exterior of The Halal Guys, located on 307 E. 14th Street.

The best cheap eats near NYU

Eat out at these seven places near campus without breaking the bank.
Jhenesis Hines, Contributing Writer Oct 25, 2022

Let’s be honest — you splurged all of September trying every restaurant on your Instagram feed. New York City is one of the most expensive places to live and it can be hard...

Artist Frida Foberg stands next to her exhibition installation of a wooden table with a mirror, utensils, and dush of plated food on it. WSN contributing writer Alisha Goel sits in a wooden chair by the table facing Frida.

‘Never Alone’ sets a table for one

Frida Foberg highlights the importance of taking a moment for yourself in our fast-paced society during a participative performance piece.
Alisha Goel, Contributing Writer Oct 21, 2022

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, eating alone has been an integral part of our lives. Swedish artist and architect Frida Foberg presented her take on solitary dining...

The facade of a restaurant located at a street corner. The storefront has a red awning and red signs which read the name of the restaurant: “BLUE RIBBON FRIED CHICKEN.”

Where to find the most im-peck-able chicken around the Lower East Side

In need of a juicy chicken sandwich, delicious chicken and waffles or flavorful popcorn chicken? Search no more.
Nicole Llopis-Martell Moros, Contributing Writer Oct 19, 2022

I can’t hear the kale salad and salmon bowl stans over the crunch of my chicken sandwich. Say goodbye to Sweetgreen and Pressed and hello to the best chicken in the Lower East...

A collage of two photos: on the left side is Giorgia Caporuscio putting a pizza in a brick oven; on the right is Buddy Valastro wearing sunglasses and a navy blazer, white t-shirt and jeans on a rooftop with the New York City skyline behind him.

Cake Boss takes the slice: Buddy Valastro’s Ultimate Pizza Party

At the 2022 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival, pizzaiolos across the city showcase a breadth of crust, sauce and cheese.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor Oct 18, 2022

At Brooklyn Bridge Park on Oct. 15, pizzaiolos from across the city participated in Buddy Valastro's Ultimate Pizza Party to showcase their extensive selection of pizza — a variety...

The storefront of the H Mart on 39 third Avenue in Manhattan with a poster of fruits and vegetables and text “WE NOW DELIVER!” under the H Mart logo.

Culture’s cult choices: H Mart

The best items to buy at H Mart, according to the most refined taste buds at WSN.

Whether we’re on our way to the WSN office or grabbing dinner on the way home, H Mart is the go-to place for food for the culture desk. H Mart is a New York City staple grocery...

Many English muffin and egg sandwiches stacked in several plates on a black table with a pink sign which reads “DUFF GOLDMAN” and “Mini Egg McDuffin Sandwich,”

WhistlePig’s Sweet and Savory Brunch brings community to the table

New York City Wine and Food Festival proved that your Sunday brunch is only as good as the people you share it with.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor Oct 17, 2022

New York City Wine & Food Festival is a foodie’s Super Bowl. The four-day event is jam-packed with renowned chefs, culinary personalities and, most importantly, food from...

An exterior photograph of a Blank Street Coffee from street view.

Blank Street Coffee: Symbol of gentrification or new neighborhood staple?

What happens when you leave a Sternie, $67 million and an automated coffee machine in a room together? Blank Street Coffee.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer Oct 14, 2022

Blank Street Coffee, the pistachio-green coffee shop, is the brainchild of 2015 Stern alum Vinay Menda and 2017 Columbia University alum Isaam Freiha. With 40 locations throughout...

The outdoor dining area on the street outside a cafe with its doors and windows decorated with flowers. A flag with text “MAMAN COFFEE. BAKERY. KITCHEN.” hangs above the entrance.

Lattes and no laptops: Unplugged cafes in NYC

The best coffee shops in the city where you can unplug and chill out with friends — plus a coffee and a treat.
Jasmine Venet, Staff Writer Oct 13, 2022

I can’t remember the last time I went to a coffee shop without my laptop in tow. At first, going out for coffee was a relaxing outing that allowed me to enjoy an overpriced iced...

A person sits at a table, holding a newspaper in a blue-and-gold adorned room.

8 restaurants that are ‘Gossip Girl’ approved

If it’s good enough for Blair Waldorf, it’s good enough for you. 
Ishani Paul, Contributing Writer Oct 12, 2022

Anyone who knows me knows that half of my personality is inspired by Blair Waldorf, one of the main characters of “Gossip Girl.” Following a group of teenagers, the TV show...

The facade of a restaurant with a lot of plants around the entrance and an outdoor dining area. Next to the plants is a small board that indicates this is a bakery opening from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Crème de la crème: Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery’s homage to French croissants

Usually nothing is as good as seen on TikTok, but this? This was.
Sara Sharma, Contributing Writer Oct 6, 2022

Mastering the “R” sound for my French class is a linguistic victory I am determined to accomplish. To achieve this, I am trekking to every patisserie in Manhattan. I spend...

The facade of a restaurant with green accent color and light sign with text “SOUP ‘n’ BURGER” in red. “

Diners near campus that will fill your heart and your stomach

Sometimes the stomach is the best way to ease heartache. Here are the best diners near NYU that could help treat your homesickness, one pancake at a time.
Sarah Whitacre, Contributing Writer Sep 30, 2022

As the weather grows cold and the semester drones on, I’ve found myself missing the comforts of home. Last year, my homesickness was nearly unbearable. Overwhelmed by the hustle...

An illustration of two girls posing next to each other, smiling, near a gift shop.

Chinatown munchies that are Mott Street Girls approved

Chowing down in Manhattan’s Chinatown? Here are tips and tricks from the Mott Street Girls for whenever you travel south of West Fourth Street.
Sasha DuBose, Dining Editor Sep 29, 2022

I am a longtime secret admirer of the Mott Street Girls, a group that works to highlight the stories and small businesses of Manhattan’s Chinatown. I’ll scroll through their...