New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Beyond NYU: From TikTok fame to onstage game

Beyond NYU: From TikTok fame to onstage game

Former student Sadie Jean spoke to WSN about her recent and sudden rise to fame after posting a song on TikTok, eventually making a name for herself and performing across the country.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor November 9, 2023

When Sadie Jean, a former student at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, first released her song “WYD Now?” she never imagined that it would blow up on TikTok overnight....

There is a man sitting on a bench in a park. He is wearing a brown jacket and faded white pants.

Breeding entrepreneurship at NYU: Wesley Breed’s streetwear universe

Wesley Breed, Gallatin student and TikTok creator, has become an Asian streetwear pundit in NYU’s fierce fashion and social media scene.
Sabrina Lee, Identity & Equity Editor November 6, 2023

Icelandic-Chinese artist Laufey wearing a light blue dress, sits in front of a piano while turning her head back to look at the camera.

Review: Laufey’s latest album ‘Bewitched’ is an ode to the dreamers

The Icelandic-Chinese artist introduced young audiences to classical jazz with her new album.
Diana C. Sánchez González, Contributing Writer September 21, 2023

Laufey, the rising 24-year-old jazz star, invites young people to escape into a dreamlike, misty world in her sophomore album “Bewitched,” released Friday, Sept. 8.  This...

A person at a concert holds a large sign that reads “Have my kids.” People behind them look surprised.

The 5 golden rules of concert etiquette

Study up on these do’s and don’ts so everyone can have a great time this concert season.
Katherine Manatos, Contributing Writer April 26, 2023

“My friends are right up there.” If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that line at a concert, I’d be rich.  This common refrain is used to prey on people's kindness...

Sam MacPherson, who has curly blond hair, wearing a light gray denim shirt, white t-shirt, dark blue pants and brown chukka boots.

Sam MacPherson on new EP ‘Powerlines,’ upcoming tour

“Last Minute” went viral on TikTok and skyrocketed Sam MacPherson into fame. Now, he talks about his new EP and headlining tour.
Julia Diorio, Contributing Writer April 14, 2023

Sam MacPherson was one of the many artists who had a song go viral on TikTok during the pandemic, with “Last Minute” reaching nearly 20 million streams on Spotify. He’s a...

Two performers play the bass on a stage with red lighting. They are standing back to back, and a drum set can be seen in the background

j solomon on ‘Sleeping in the Garden’ and the disorientation of growing up

“Sleeping in the Garden” candidly communicates j solomon’s disjointed experience growing up in his bucolic childhood home and later moving to an apartment in the city.
Katherine Manatos, Contributing Writer April 3, 2023

j solomon’s “Sleeping in the Garden” — a reflection on his rural childhood home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and his journey to adulthood in New York City — depicts...

An illustration of a female with green eyes lays down on white bedding. There is a pink frame around the image.

Review: ‘Cleopatra and Frankenstein’ tackles love and loneliness

NYU alum Coco Mellors’ “Cleopatra and Frankenstein” is a complex narrative of love, loss, trauma and companionship.
Aarna Dixit, Contributing Writer March 27, 2023

The recently released "Cleopatra and Frankenstein" by NYU alum Coco Mellor has taken social media by storm, particularly TikTok, where a hashtag for the book has garnered more...

An illustration of a phone displaying the text “Spotify Wrapped” against a background with green and pink wave patterns. The phone stands against a solid purple background.

Spotify Wrapped: The limitations of listening 

Spotify’s recently released end-of-the-year recaps ask whether listeners can still have original taste in music.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer December 9, 2022

I’ve taken the Amtrak to and from Massachusetts at least 18 times. Despite the practice I have with train procedures, spotty Wi-Fi leaves me with little to do for four hours,...

An illustration of TikToker Caleb Simpson. He has brown hair and is wearing a navy Yankee hat and pink hoodie. Simpson is standing in front of two brownstone buildings.

How much is rent in New York City?

An interview with TikTok’s Caleb Simpson on the wealth disparity within New York City communities.
Julia Diorio, Contributing Writer November 23, 2022

From left to right: A man with brown hair wearing a gray jacket with grid patterns and a white T-shirt. A man with dark hair wearing a blue T-shirt with an unintelligible logo, a black jacket and black pants. A man with dark hair wearing a white T-shirt, a green jacket and beige pants. They stand in front of a cyan-colored wall with a half-opened, white grid door.

Q&A: New Rules discuss TikTok fame and their boy band identity

WSN sat down with the U.K. and Irish boy band to talk about their new song, music tastes and favorite type of pasta.
Julia Diorio, Contributing Writer November 21, 2022

Not to be confused with the Dua Lipa song, New Rules is everything you’d want from a United Kingdom-based boy band. Alec McGarry, Nathan Lambert and Ryan Meaney first broke...

An illustration of a tweet from user @A1exandraCohen with text “if i EVER get Twitter blue, just know it’s a cry for help.” against a blue background. The tweet has two likes.

Opinion: Students can save Twitter

Users await the fall of Twitter under Elon Musk. But students could be the solution.
Alexandra Cohen, Opinion Editor November 16, 2022

Billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion — something that would be hilarious as a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, but is not funny in real life. Since his purchase...

An illustration of a Black woman in a green shirt and a white woman in a yellow shirt listening to music through wired headphones. The cord of the headphones spells out “Listen to This.”

Listen To This: NYU sophomore Mia Tims’ ‘Live Forever’ is an indie-rock earworm

Read about this week’s most notable singles by hemlocke springs, Camp Kona and more.
Yas Akdag, Sandy Battulga, Holden Lay and Abbie Thompson November 10, 2022

This week, we feature a range of genres — from indie-rock to electropop — as well as two NYU artists. For TikTok scrollers, we also review hemlocke springs’ new track, “girlfriend.”...