New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A man wearing a blue hoodie sits in a chair gesturing. On the table behind him is an N.Y.U. hat.

Benny Blanco visits NYU to celebrate the launch of his cookbook

In an exclusive interview with WSN, the award-winning songwriter and producer discussed his passion for food and the inspiration behind his new cookbook, “Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends.”
Amelia Chang, Contributing Writer May 3, 2024

On May 1, NYU’s Steinhardt Music Business Program and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music teamed up for a panel discussion to celebrate the launch of award-winning songwriter...

A bowl of grains with tofu and lettuce, with a hand squeezing a lemon over it. The sauces next to the bowl are “APPLE CIDER VINEGAR,” “PESTO,” “HOT SAUCE” and “Mustard.

Grain bowls are the quick and tasty scheduling solution you need

As many NYU students struggle with busy schedules and consistent cooking, here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect grain bowl for quick and easy meal prep.
Josie Leach, Contributing Writer March 29, 2024

Going off of the meal plan this year has meant a lot of trial and error in my kitchen, and coming up with new recipe ideas that don’t require much time or complicated culinary...

A collage of five pictures of differently prepared dates.

Break your fast with these 5 stuffed date recipes this Ramadan

From peanut butter to mascarpone, bring the tradition of breaking fast with elevated dates to your dorm room kitchen.
Taylor Grace Heller, Contributing Writer March 14, 2024

As Ramadan begins, many fasting students may be missing home a little more than usual. The family iftars, or evening meals, meetings at the local mosques and home cooking feel...

An illustration of two women sitting next to each other. In front of them is a camera on a tripod. The woman sitting on the right wears a shirt with blue and purple flowers and holds a cup of wine. The woman sitting on the left wears a purple sweatshirt that reads “NYU” and is eating pasta.

Meet Skyler Bouchard, the NYU alum who took the culinary world by storm

NYC food expert and businesswoman Skyler Bouchard talks all things food and how to make it in the media industry.
Ora Sidlow, Contributing Writer April 21, 2022

If you're anything like me, your Instagram Explore page consists almost solely of food pictures, food videos and recipes, or as I like to call it, “the algorithm’s way of enabling...

WoodSpoon is a food delivery app offering home-cooked meals. It has slowly gained popularity since its founding in 2019. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

WoodSpoon: The delivery app connecting customers and chefs

Delivering a delicious home-cooked meal and supporting home chefs, WoodSpoon could become a more personable UberEats.
Lucy McHugh, Contributing Writer February 11, 2022

As an avid foodie and a college student missing the luxury of home-cooked meals, I had to give WoodSpoon a try. This food delivery app sets itself apart by providing the satisfaction...

Pumpkin is known for being versatile with many different recipes. NYU students dish on their favorite pumpkin-based recipes. (Photos by Juliana Guarracino)

NYU students’ go-to pumpkin recipes

NYU students share their favorite pumpkin recipes and what these festive dishes mean to them.
Juliana Guarracino, Staff Writer October 29, 2021

The leaves are crunchy, the weather is cool and everything is pumpkin-flavored. Every year, fall ushers in its annual wave of pumpkin-flavored goods. So why not embrace the theme...

Fusion dishes like chickpea tikka masala flatbread help form Sabrina Choudharys Indian-ish identity. These dishes are authentic but not traditional, just like her experience of Indian culture. (Photo by Sabrina Choudhary)

The importance of being “Indian-ish”

Food is part of anyone’s identity. Through Indian cooking, I embrace mine.
Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

There’s nothing like the excitement of receiving a package notification. A few weeks ago, I was delighted to get that email and pick up the large cardboard box my mom sent me...

This is a simplified version suitable for college students of my grandmothers seafood pasta. Follow a few simple steps for a grand meal in no time. (Staff Photo by Addison Aloian)

A College-Friendly Homemade Delicacy

Ideas for a grand meal, dumbed down for the college student’s time and budget.
Addison Aloian, Deputy Culture Editor April 29, 2020

With COVID-19 calling for social distancing, being away from New York City is daunting for many students, so I’ve been trying to focus on the positives of this situation. The...

These treats are made with Tik Tok chef @everydaychiffons recipe for 5-ingredient chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. While its quality is still up for debate, the recipe is undeniably much easier to follow compared with those from Bon Appetit or Food Network. (Photo by Gaby Baldovino)

Hit or Miss: Five Ingredient Cookies from TikTok

Is TikTok the new Bon Appetit?
Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer April 15, 2020

Since the dawn of quarantine, it seems that every single person on the internet who has never picked up a pan in their entire life is posting pictures of a loaf of banana bread...

When taking infrequent trips to the grocery store, it’s best to buy nonperishables such as frozen meat or canned food  in large quantities. This is one of the steps to big batch cooking, an easy way to reduce unnecessary grocery trips and thus protecting your health along with safety. (Staff Photo by Leo Sheingate)

A Short Guide to Big-Batch Cooking

Keep yourself nourished and satisfied by filling your freezer with big batches of food.
Alex Christiano, Contributing Writer April 8, 2020

As we all try to stay healthy by staying home, grocery store trips remain one of the most essential reasons to leave your house, dorm or apartment. In an effort to reduce unnecessary...

In this time of turbulence, one of the best ways to relax might be to cook. Using only canned food and some essentials, you can create dishes that are both convenient and nourishing like sautéed canned beans or spaghetti marinara. (Photo by Alex Christiano)

Quarantine Cooking, Done Simply

You can make both of these quick and easy dishes with canned ingredients you probably have in your pantry.
Alex Christiano, Contributing Writer April 1, 2020

Like many NYU students, I found myself abruptly evicted from my dorm and back at home for the rest of the semester. During these turbulent times, I find that one of the best ways...

Wasting precious grocery in a time like now is no wise option, with COVID-19 causing grocery store shortages and job layoffs. Nonetheless, the recipes below may offer you a solution to the perishables at the back of your fridge. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

Make the most out of your sparse grocery trips with these food waste-reducing recipes.
Lauren Gruber, Dining Editor March 25, 2020

Overstocked on aubergines during your quarantine grocery trips? Not sure how to make use of your $7 organic strawberries after they’ve gone mushy? Between COVID-19 causing food...