New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Doctor Carl Zimmer speaks from the wooden podium in Hemmerdinger Hall. An audience sits in front of him. Behind him is a projector screen displaying two images.

How science journalists reported on the ‘story of our lifetime’

A science columnist for The New York Times spoke at NYU about the evolution of viruses and the importance of good communication with the public during health crises.
John Kim, Staff Writer March 21, 2023

Speaking to a group of more than 100 NYU students and professors, New York Times science columnist Carl Zimmer chronicled his story as one of the world’s foremost science journalists...

In light of rapidly declining omicron numbers and a high vaccination rate, NYU is easing its COVID-19 guidelines and policies. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: NYU is right to reopen campus

In light of the rapidly declining omicron numbers and a high vaccination rate, NYU made the right decision to drop certain COVID-19 restrictions.
Alexandra Cohen, Staff Writer February 4, 2022

I imagined the start of college looking more like season four of “Gilmore Girls” and less like “Grey’s Anatomy.” I dreamed of developing a cafeteria crush, sitting indoors...

Former NYU librarian Jennifer Steenshorne passed away in January 2022 after testing positive for COVID-19. Jennifer worked at Bobst Library from 1997 to 2000. (Photo by Yvonne Rode, courtesy of Brant Vogel)

‘A walking encyclopedia’: Late NYU librarian impassioned friends, family

Jennifer Steenshorne, a historian and former librarian, died from COVID-19 in early January.
Kayla Hardersen, Staff Writer February 2, 2022

Jennifer Steenshorne, a former NYU librarian, died last month after testing positive for COVID-19. She was fully vaccinated and had recovered from the virus earlier in the pandemic,...

Despite opting for in-person classes this spring, NYU has not provided adequate support to students and faculty — making it difficult for them to navigate the new semester amid the ongoing pandemic. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: NYU’s handling of COVID-19 is a valid reason to take a leave of absence

Between confused faculty and administrators, ineffective online learning methods and a tuition of $80,000 per year, it's OK that you want time off.
Jules Roscoe, UTA Staff Editor January 28, 2022

NYU announced its spring 2022 reopening plans in a university-wide email on Jan. 12. The reaction was a mix of enthusiasm and concern. Students have been yearning for a normal...

All NYU athletic facilities will remain closed until further notice. (Staff Photo by Luca Richman)

A guide to NYU’s spring 2022 reopening policies

As NYU resumes in-person instruction, read about the recommendations and requirements you need to know at the beginning of the spring semester.
Abby Wilson, Deputy News Editor January 24, 2022

Editor’s note: This article was published in January 2022. Guidelines and requirements from NYU may have since changed. NYU students, faculty and staff are set to return to...

Despite the surge in cases of the omicron variant, NYU announced that classes will be held in-person. However, the omicron variant can be fatal for disabled and immunocompromised students, whose health and safety continue to be overlooked. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: NYU’s reopening is ableist

NYU’s decision to start the spring semester with in-person instruction demonstrates a gross disregard for its most vulnerable students.
Srishti Bungle, Deputy Opinion Editor January 17, 2022

NYU’s recent announcement that the university will hold in-person instruction during the spring 2022 semester included a revealing concession. “To be clear, in all likelihood,...

An NYU alumni newsletter suggests that NYU will resume in-person instruction for the spring 2022 semester. The university has yet to officially announce its plans. (Staff Photo and Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

NYU alumni newsletter hints at in-person spring 2022 semester

An NYU webpage dated Jan. 15, 2022, states that NYU “is preparing to resume in-person instruction at the start of the spring semester” at its New York City campus and abroad sites.
Kristian Burt, Rachel Cohen and Alex Tey January 10, 2022

NYU appears prepared to start the spring semester with in-person classes, according to an alumni newsletter on the university’s website. The page, dated Jan. 15, 2022, seems...

NYUs COVID-19 positivity rates have increased sharply in recent weeks, but have remained lower than the rates in New York City as a whole.

NYU COVID positivity rate more than 20x pre-omicron average

The most recent data shows an 18.29% positivity rate in COVID tests at NYU.
Alex Tey and Arnav Binaykia January 10, 2022

COVID-19 positivity rates at NYU are up drastically, with 18.29% of tests conducted between Dec. 27 and Jan. 2 coming back positive. This latest data marks a 22-fold increase from...

Anime NYC was held from Nov. 19-21 at the Javits Center in New York City. An attendee from Minnesota tested positive for the omicron variant in one of the first detections of the variant in the United States. (Photo by Mari Binstock)

Anime club members should get COVID test, NYU says

The instruction came after the second U.S. case of the new omicron variant of COVID-19 was traced to a New York City anime convention that drew more than 50,000 attendees.
Arnav Binaykia, News Editor December 6, 2021

Members of Club Anime, the largest anime-related club on campus, were asked by NYU to immediately obtain a COVID-19 test in an email from the university’s COVID-19 response team...

An illustration of a wooden box in a park. A pair of legs with blue jeans and black Converse sneakers stands on top of the box. The box reads “WSN.”

The Soapbox: the omicron variant, Barbados, Ukraine

​​The Soapbox is a weekly column by WSN’s news desk examining the major developments in world news and rounding up the stories we think are worth the read this week. Global consciousness for a global university.
Suhail Gharaibeh, Deputy News Editor December 3, 2021

Around the globe, the omicron variant is set to prolong the pandemic As the new omicron variant of COVID-19 spreads around the world, some of the poorest countries — particularly...