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NYU affordability decreases as net price tops peer institutions

NYU’s net price — found by subtracting the average financial aid award from total cost — is higher than its peer institutions.
Gianna Jirak, Staff Writer October 28, 2021

Correction, Nov. 22: A previous version of this article incorrectly interpreted data from tuition increases. NYU tuition increases have not outpaced those of its peer institutions....

NYU is providing both a three-year and a five-year acceleration path to graduate. Both are a part of the new affordability initiatives.

New Affordability Programs Aim to Speed Students Through College

Adriana Tapia, Contributing Writer February 28, 2017
President Hamilton releases NYU Accelerate, a plan to graduate faster with less student debt. Students are concerned that the program will not achieve long-term affordability.
On Student Debt, Trump Fails

On Student Debt, Trump Fails

WSN Editorial Board November 17, 2016
Beyond damaging the atmosphere of higher education by devaluing liberal arts educations, the Trump student loan plan’s deregulation goals hit lower-income families the hardest.
Judgment Day Looms for Hamilton Promises

Judgment Day Looms for Hamilton Promises

WSN Editorial Board May 2, 2016
The coming semester will demonstrate whether this administration has become the standard-bearer for the students, or the new face of an old regime.
Hamilton Needs a Better Party Planner

Hamilton Needs a Better Party Planner

WSN Editorial Board April 18, 2016
Students must do everything possible in order to secure a more desirable affordability plan, including promoting the talks with President Hamilton.
If NYU Wont Take Action, We Will

If NYU Won’t Take Action, We Will

Incited to act by NYU’s systemic failure to reflect community demands, engage in meaningful discourse, uphold human rights, and maintain transparency, a growing group of students are in the process of forging an independent decision-making body led by students.
A Two-Pronged Attack on the Student Loan Crisis

A Two-Pronged Attack on the Student Loan Crisis

Tegan Joseph Mosugu, Staff Writer February 22, 2016
Student debt is a national epidemic that is crippling some of the most vulnerable members of the workforce, and it is the role of universities and government to help stem the crisis.
 After threatening to expel Freshman Nia Mirza NYU is now offering to pay her full housing costs.

Mirza gets financial aid after housing fight

Lexi Faunce, Deputy News Editor September 28, 2015
An update on the story of Nia Mirza, who after initially being allowed to live off campus was told to move back on campus or she would face expulsion.
New report shows 96.6% of NYU class of 2018 are employed or attending graduate school.

NYU endowment fails to meet financial needs of poorest students

Alex Bazeley and Lexi Faunce September 15, 2015
New data shows students from low-income families graduate from NYU saddled with huge federal loans while the university spends its billion-dollar endowment on expansion.