New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

People are kneeling and standing on blue carpeting, a few holding blue and white signs that read ‘U.A.W.’ There is a white banner behind them that reads ‘N.Y.U. Researchers United-UAW,’ and a sign held by a woman kneeling in the front that reads, ‘N.Y.U. Contract Faculty Stand in Solidarity!’

Opinion: NYU should recognize the researchers union

Researchers at NYU deserve more benefits and support from the university. The first step is recognition.
Valentina Plevisani, Deputy Opinion Editor November 3, 2023

Last Thursday, NYU Researchers United, the union representing postdoctoral researchers, graduate assistants and staff scientists at the university, asked NYU for recognition for...

An illustration of entangled black and white lines in a circular shape against a background of large blue dots.

Two NYU studies face off at STAT Madness

The science competition will feature two NYU studies competing against each other in the bracket-style tournament.
Nikki Mirala, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

Put down the basketball and pick up a beaker — it’s time for STAT Madness. This year, two NYU research studies focusing on gum disease and cancer, respectively, have been entered...

A collage of two photos: On the left is professor Viral V. Acharya wearing a brown shirt and a black jacket; on the right is professor Shane A. Liddelow wearing a shirt with green patterns and a blue jacket.

23 NYU professors named among world’s most cited researchers

The NYU professors were among 6,938 researchers recognized for publishing the most-cited papers of the past 10 years.
Grace Homan, Contributing Writer November 21, 2022

Twenty-three NYU professors were among 2022’s most-cited researchers worldwide, ranking in the top 1% of citations in their field over the past decade. The annual list, released...

An osprey flies in the sky with both of its wings fully extended.

Environmental science profs launch Wild Animal Welfare Program

The directors of the Wild Animal Welfare Program hope to address a gap in research on wildlife and improve how humans interact with wild animals.
Adria Luo and JessaRose Beeman October 17, 2022

Two environmental studies professors at NYU recently launched the Wild Animal Welfare Program, which will study the impacts of human-made development projects and climate change...

(Courtesy of Youtube and Center for Social Media and Politics)

YouTube recommends more election fraud videos to skeptics, NYU study finds

The YouTube algorithm is more likely to recommend election fraud videos to individuals who are already doubtful about election legitimacy.
Nicole Lu, Senior Staff Writer September 24, 2022

A study from NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics found that YouTube’s algorithm recommended election fraud-related videos about three times more often to individuals...

The Tandon School of Engineering is located in Brooklyn. Facebook disabled several accounts and pages associated with a Tandon political advertising research project. (Staff Photo by Ryan Kawahara)

Facebook disables accounts used by NYU political advertising researchers

Accounts and pages associated with the Ad Observatory project at Tandon were disabled in a move researchers called ‘disgraceful.’
Arnav Binaykia, News Editor August 4, 2021

Facebook has disabled the accounts of researchers at the NYU Ad Observatory, a project developed by the Tandon School of Engineering that documents and analyzes Facebook political...

Braniacs, new video series that highlight NYU researchers. (Via NYU)

NYU Brainiacs Video Series Highlights University Research

In three-to-four-minute episodes, multiple studies are broken down into their most understandable components.
Tessa Kilcline, Staff Writer September 12, 2019

NYU launched a video series this summer to highlight and showcase university research in a viewer-friendly manner. The series, titled NYU Brainiacs, includes three-to-four-minute...

The misuse of opioids including prescription drugs has become a serious national epidemic.

University Experts Discuss Opioid Epidemic Struggle and Solutions

Kristina Hayhurst, Deputy News Editor April 3, 2018
NYU researchers look into the causes, effects and potential solutions to the opioid crisis in America.
Former Langone Researcher Falsified Data in Three Papers

Former Langone Researcher Falsified Data in Three Papers

Christine Lee, Staff Writer April 3, 2018
A former NYU Langone researcher falsified data in multiple studies.
A research team at NYU Dentistry has developed a saliva test to detect the zika virus.

NYU Dentistry Develops Saliva Test for Zika

Jack Feeko, Contributing Writer March 1, 2018
Researchers at the NYU College of Dentistry are working to develop a test which would use saliva to identify the presence of the Zika virus.
Five days after a fourth-year student was found dead in her dorm, a psychiatry resident is believed to have reported suicide on Sunday.

Langone Study Finds New Method of Killing Lung Cancer Cells

Christine Lee, Staff Writer December 4, 2017
NYU Langone researchers have found evidence for a new method of killing lung cancer cells.
NYU Langone Health launched its new Facial Paralysis and Reanimation Center, which will specialize in facial paralysis treatment and research, earlier this month.

NYU Langone Launches Center to Combat Facial Paralysis

Alesha Bradford, Staff Writer November 28, 2017
NYU Langone just launched a center specializing in facial paralysis and reanimation.