New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A speaker holding a white megaphone delivers a speech in front of rally attendees. Behind the speaker is a white banner with blue text that reads “Contract Faculty United.”

‘Andy, Andy, you can’t hide,’ NYU contract faculty say to president

A week after gathering at Bobst Library to call for union recognition, contract faculty at NYU rallied to demand that the university begin a formal process to recognize the union.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor March 2, 2023

Students, professors and local politicians demonstrated outside of NYU’s Bobst Library in support of Contract Faculty United, calling for the university to recognize the union,...

A tall building complex with protruding glass windows under construction. Across the street from the construction site is a row of buildings with brown brick exteriors. The road sign indicates that the building is on Bleecker Street.

Opinion: NYU needs to talk about gentrification

More university resources should be put toward educating students who aren’t from New York about the role they play in perpetuating gentrification.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Deputy Opinion Editor March 1, 2023

With the completion of NYU’s newest building at 181 Mercer St., conversations about the university’s role in gentrifying New York City have resurfaced. It's a topic that crops...

An illustration of a figure with a turquoise head and purple body wearing a white bracelet with “N.Y.U.” written on it. It is hugging the Chat G.P.T. logo.

Opinion: ChatGPT has untapped potential for use in the classroom

Phillip HoSang, Contributing Writer February 27, 2023

Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it, and now it's making its way into education with the emergence of ChatGPT. Media and educators alike have been abuzz...

A collage of three photos: on the left is a male wearing black-framed glasses and a black T-shirt, in the middle is a female wearing glasses smiling at the camera, and on the right is a female with curly hair and silver circular earrings wearing a white shirt.

Conservative nonprofit directs its indignation at NYU professors

Right-wing organization Turning Point USA has accused four additional NYU faculty of discriminating against conservative students. “I can give two shits about them,” one of the professors told WSN.
Clara Spray, Staff Writer February 17, 2023

Less than a year after right-wing group Turning Point USA added six NYU faculty to its Professor Watchlist, it is adding four more, accusing them of spreading “left-wing propaganda”...

A laptop screen displaying a webpage that indicates the course feedback website for New York University.

Opinion: You need to fill out your course evaluations

Giving course feedback is anonymous, a good place to vent and it helps professors with future job applications — you can take five minutes to do them.
Aksha Mittapalli, Contributing Writer December 12, 2022

A laptop screen displaying a webpage that indicates the course feedback website for New York University.Finals are right around the corner. As we get buried in assignments, our...

A female with black curly hair wears a long red coat and is looking toward the left.

Encounters: NYU professors

Heartwarming short stories that highlight the encounters between professors and students at NYU.
Camila Ceballos, Multimedia Editor December 5, 2022

A collage of two photos: On the left is professor Viral V. Acharya wearing a brown shirt and a black jacket; on the right is professor Shane A. Liddelow wearing a shirt with green patterns and a blue jacket.

23 NYU professors named among world’s most cited researchers

The NYU professors were among 6,938 researchers recognized for publishing the most-cited papers of the past 10 years.
Grace Homan, Contributing Writer November 21, 2022

Twenty-three NYU professors were among 2022’s most-cited researchers worldwide, ranking in the top 1% of citations in their field over the past decade. The annual list, released...

A rally attendee dressed in black as a rat with a sign that reads “N.Y.U Labor Policies” around its neck. A group of rally attendees not in costumes pretend to punch the rat.

Students, faculty celebrate adjunct union’s tentative contract

Labor unions at NYU gathered in celebration of the adjunct union’s new tentative agreement with the university at Schwartz Plaza on Friday, Nov. 4.
Kayla Hardersen, Senior Staff Writer November 7, 2022

Cheers erupted from a crowd in Schwartz Plaza on Nov. 4 as members of NYU’s labor unions and the campus chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America gathered to celebrate...

A black-and-white composite of several photos layered over one another depicting the philosopher Slavoj Zizek gesticulating wildly while speaking at a podium.

Slavoj Žižek is the public intellectual for an absurd world

The oratory style of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek is as much performance as it is lecture.
Alex Tey, Editor-at-Large November 6, 2022
The oratory style of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek is as much performance as it is lecture.
The dark blue silhouettes of two women are set against a light blue, denim-patterned background. A speech bubble that reads “Thank you!” comes out from the figure on the right.

Opinion: NYU students should appreciate professors more

NYU students are lucky to have dedicated and driven professors. It’s time for us to show we care about them.
Molly Koch, Contributing Writer November 1, 2022

NYU is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, ranked in the top 25 schools. That’s due to not only its rigorous academic courses, but its driven and determined...

Members of NYU’s adjunct faculty union hold two large painted signs on the corner of Union Square East. One is bright pink and reads “Union Power” in pink lettering and the other is light blue with dark blue and yellow text that reads “NYU Owes Adjuncts.”

Adjuncts authorize strike

Negotiations over a new contract for adjuncts, which have been ongoing since this spring, have not resulted in an agreement.
Kayla Hardersen, Senior Staff Writer October 25, 2022

Adjunct faculty at NYU overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike after negotiations with the university for their new contract failed to progress. While a decision to strike has...

A photograph of a printed edition of The New York Times. The newspaper is turned to a page on which an article titled “N.Y.U. Students Were Failing Class. The Professor Lost His Job” is visible. In the newspaper, the article is accompanied by a photo of a male wearing a blue suit jacket standing in a park.

Students not to blame for Maitland Jones firing, NYU faculty say

After a group of organic chemistry students organized a petition in protest of Maitland Jones’ teaching methods, the professor’s contract was terminated. NYU faculty members say students shouldn’t be blamed.
Abby Wilson, News Editor October 5, 2022

Maitland Jones — an NYU organic chemistry professor whose contract was terminated after his students petitioned against his teaching practices — made headlines this week, appearing...