New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A group of flyers on a wall, flyers reading: “FREE CONGO,” “FREE SUDAN,” “FREE PALESTINE,” “DISMANTLE THE POLICE STATE. END WAR,” “NYU FUNDS GENOCIDE,” and “ABOLISH THE CARCERAL WORLD,” with pieces of paper on the ground and a sign that says “FREE PALESTINE” below it.

Students organize sit-in at NYU London in solidarity with protesters arrested across the US

Over a dozen students demonstrated at NYU’s study abroad sit in London, expressing solidarity with student protesters across U.S. colleges and demanding that the university cut ties with Israel.
Connor Patton, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Around 15 students at NYU London held a sit-in at the study away site’s academic center Wednesday to call for the university to divest from Israel and express solidarity with...

A person taking down a poster that was on a staircase.

Students abroad organize sit-ins to support those arrested in Gaza Solidarity Encampment

The demonstrations, organized at NYU Berlin and NYU Buenos Aires, called on the university to suspend ties to Israel and protect those arrested at Monday’s encampment from any disciplinary action.

Around 40 students at NYU Berlin and NYU Buenos Aires occupied the sites’ main academic centers on Thursday to support the students and faculty arrested at the Gaza Solidarity...

A light blue jetliner flies at night surrounded by nine pink hearts.

How to deal with reverse culture shock

When you finally head home after your semester abroad, it can feel difficult to adjust again. Here’s what may surprise you when you return to the States.
Lena Olson, Staff Writer May 2, 2023

Before leaving to go abroad, it feels like everyone is concerned with preparing you for the culture shock, but a whole semester of immersion does wonders for acclimation. Returning...

An illustration of two hands holding two glasses of alcohol against a yellow background.

Sipping your way through study away: Students navigate new drinking cultures

Drinking culture at study abroad sites can be very different from the U.S. Students abroad share how they’ve adapted to the drinking norms in their cities.
Madeline Carpinelli, Staff Writer March 30, 2023

There’s nothing like buying your first legal drink, let alone buying it while abroad. Whether you’re studying abroad in Buenos Aires or Florence, drinking can be an intriguing...

The Berlin Cathedral exterior lit up with sunshine. The television tower Berliner Fernsehturm is in the background.

What NYU doesn’t tell you: Berlin

If you are studying at NYU Berlin, here are the most important tips for navigating life in the city.
Lena Olson, Staff Writer March 27, 2023

“What NYU doesn’t tell you” is a series started by the Abroad desk meant to share advice on the ins and outs of the cities where NYU students study abroad. Berlin is a...

A large gray building with a complex dome in its center sitting in front of a lush park with multiple trees and people.

Black students leave NYU Berlin early after reports of racism overlooked

After several experiences of racism both on and off campus, some students have opted to leave the study abroad site early.
Lauren Ashe, Deputy News Editor December 15, 2022

Jordan Lee, a junior at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, was walking to a nightclub with his friends near NYU’s study away site in Berlin, when he noticed that another group...

An illustration of a brown leather suitcase, a yellow U-shaped pillow and an opened purple-and-red wallet against a background with a gradient of yellow, pink and red.

The NYU study abroad student guide to traveling Europe on a budget

Travel is an important part of many NYU students’ study abroad experience. Here’s how to do it without breaking the bank.
Gabrielle Trinidad Almeter, Staff Writer October 13, 2022

Dear abroad NYU students: I’m sure you’ve already felt some FOMO scrolling through your classmates' Instagram posts as they jet off to glamorous new destinations every weekend....

Lexie Alford, the youngest person ever to visit every country, holds up a sign that reads Country #111 in front of the The Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing, China.

Q&A: Guinness World Record holder Lexie Alford on traveling to every country

After studying away, we thought we were expert solo travelers — until we sat down with the youngest person ever to visit every single country.
Anthony Ferrara and Roshni Raj May 6, 2022

Last semester, we studied away at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London, where we fully immersed ourselves in the local cultures. Over 40% of NYU students study away for at least one 16-week...

The hustle and bustle of New York City is considered part of the NYU experience. NYU Berlin offers a welcome change of pace. (Photo by Hunter Alexis Martin)

Laid back in Berlin: Valuing the present

Students at NYU Berlin enjoy the city’s relaxed pace of life compared to the hustle and bustle of other NYU campuses. Some feel anxious about returning.
Hunter Alexis Martin, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021

BERLIN — As “Aquaman” played with English subtitles on the Lufthansa airplane monitor, I reflected on leaving my home country, the United States, for the first time in my...

NYU Closes European Academic Centers

NYU Closes European Academic Centers

The NYU Global Programs Office sent out an email on Tuesday, March 10 officially closing academic centers, canceling local trips, student activities and internships as the coronavirus rapidly increases.
Emily Mason, News Editor March 11, 2020

In the most recent step of the university's rapidly evolving response to coronavirus, NYU has closed academic centers across all European study abroad sites. Students currently...

Berlins rich culture makes it a fascinating place to study abroad.

Day in the Life: Berlin

Leo Tulchin, Contributing Writer May 2, 2018
Did you ever wonder what is it like spending a semester at NYU Berlin? Find out about a typical day at the abroad site.
Top facts to know before studying away.

The Lowdown on Studying Abroad

Yifan Li, Contributing Writer September 7, 2016
Students and faculty weigh in on what makes a great study away site.