New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A protesting worker speaks into a microphone in front of N.B.C headquarters.

NBC journalists walk out over unfair labor practices

NBC journalists went on a 24-hour strike on Feb. 9 following unsuccessful contract negotiations with the company’s management.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor at-Large February 10, 2023

Paul Simon is an American musician, singer, and songwriter who found solo success after his duo Simon & Garfunkel split in 1970. Paul Simon and Bob Dylan have continually been construed as rivals as they both have similar 1960s folk roots. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Paul Simon is no historical footnote

Another catalog sold, another legacy at stake.
Ana Cubas, Music Editor April 21, 2021

What good does it do to pin two influential artists against each other? Jeff Slate’s April 2 piece for NBC Think argued that Paul Simon would end up a ‘historical footnote’...

NYU’s inadequate quarantine meals gained some internet notoriety especially on video platform TikTok over the last 14 days. Students reflect on their experiences with viral video and news reports and find a silver lining from the chaos. (Photo by Cristina Diaz)

NYU Quarantine Meals Leave Students With a Taste of TikTok Fame

After NYU’s quarantine meal service proved to be insufficient, inconsistent and often inedible, students quickly learned that the less food they received, the more TikTok followers they gained. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, some students have found a silver lining in their newfound fame.
Divya Nelakonda, Beauty & Style Editor September 2, 2020

Just days into the mandatory 14-day quarantine, NYU students were served the now-infamous watermelon chicken salad. The strange combination was one of several poorly executed meals...

Fusion Film Festival is an annual festival run by Tisch students and faculty that promotes women in the film industry.

Fusion Film Festival Highlights Women

Brooke LaMantia, Staff Writer April 16, 2018
NYU's Fusion Film Festival celebrated women in film and TV through showcasing their work and hosting panels that offered young female filmmakers advice on advancing their careers.
WSN had a chance to talk to Mika Brzezinski (MSNBCs Morning Joe host), and Daniela Pierre-Bravo (MSNBC producer) during the “Know Your Value” conference on Oct. 30 at The Grand Hyatt in NYC.

Valuable Women Finding Their Valuable Future

Alex York, Deputy Social Media Editor November 9, 2017
At the Know Your Value conference on Oct. 31, Mika Brzezinski discussed the importance of confidence and composure for working women.
24-Hour News Is the Only Modern Option

24-Hour News Is the Only Modern Option

Annie Cohen, Staff Writer September 16, 2016
Current events and breaking news was simply far less accessible than they are today, which is why, for all its foibles, the existence of a 24-hour news cycle is a net boon for the American people.
24-Hour News Is Ruining American Politics

24-Hour News Is Ruining American Politics

Thomas Price, Contributing Writer September 16, 2016
The 24-hour news cycle has become far more of a detriment than a service to the medium of news and to the American people.
Don Hany and Melissa George portray doctors in NBCs new drama, Heartbeat.

NBC Drama ‘Heartbeat’ Flatlines

Tony Schwab, Staff Writer March 30, 2016
"Heartbeat" is a new NBC drama about a rule-breaking, renegade heart surgeon and her intriguing personal life.
Willie Geist from the Today Show hosted Night Late at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Chelsea on February 22.

UCB Crafts a Late Night Show from Scratch Every Month

Talia Milavetz, Entertainment Editor March 3, 2016
"Night Late" is a once a month show at UCB that creates a late night talk show on the spot.
You, Me and the Apocalypse premiered in the US last Thursday, Jan 28, on NBC.

‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ Revives Doomsday Plots

Anubhuti Kumar, Staff Writer February 4, 2016
"You, Me and the Apocalypse" is NBC's surprisingly fresh take on the end of the world.
‘Superstore’ is NBC’s return to comedy

‘Superstore’ is NBC’s return to comedy

Anubhuti Kumar, Staff Writer December 7, 2015
For fans of "The Office," NBC's latest sitcom "Superstore" stars America Ferrera and Ben Feldman as bickering retail workers in Cloud 9.
Master of None is a new Netflix comedy starring Aziz Ansari in the lead role of Dev, a 30-year-old actor.

Ansari ‘Master’ of sitcom in Netflix show

Talia Milavetz, Staff Writer November 9, 2015
Streaming on Netflix, "Master of None" is Aziz Ansari's elegant foray into more mature, honest comedy television.