New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A student is standing between giant purple letters that spell out N.Y.U. She is wearing a white and purple N.Y.U. hoodie.

NYU is a dream school for many. Does it live up to the hype?

With the number of applications rising every year for the past 16 years, NYU seems to be many students’ top choice. Here’s how these students feel now that they are Violets.
Liz Lindain, Staff Writer November 13, 2023

With the romanticization of New York City and NYU’s pop culture presence, it is not surprising that the university is a dream school for many. The school’s highly-ranked academic...

Two boys play with a soccer ball. On the left is a boy wearing a blue jersey and jeans on a bicycle. He is looking at the other boy, who is wearing a gray T-shirt and pants while reaching for the ball with his head.

Middle East Archive uses photography to break dehumanizing depictions

Middle East Archive offers candid portraits of Middle Eastern life and culture. 
Afnan Abbassi, Contributing Writer November 9, 2022

Middle East Archive is an online record of photographs depicting everyday life in the Middle East. None of the images in the archive are staged; no one is forced to wear a turban...

An illustration of three males with dark skin: on the left is a person with beard, a tattoo on his left arm, and wearing black T-shirt and pants sitting; in the middle is a person wearing black suit and tie; on the right is a person wearing a burgundy tie and a black suit sitting.

Beyond NYU: Decoding inner-city stereotypes

Each week, WSN sits down with an NYU student, faculty member or alum who’s making change beyond NYU. SPS senior Aboubacar Sall shares how his media company works to deconstruct the negative stereotypes associated with under-resourced neighborhoods.
Abby Wilson, News Editor October 3, 2022

Bronx natives Aboubacar “AB” Sall and Fredo Figueroa have been confronted with negative stereotypes about their community all throughout their lives. After graduating from...

A crowd of police officers, legal personnel, reporters and civilians dressed in dark blue congregating on a sidewalk in the East Village.

Opinion: Coverage of Brooklyn shooting ignores lessons of previous mass shootings

Mainstream media coverage following last week's Brooklyn shooting has failed readers on multiple counts, focusing on the alleged attacker rather than the victims and failing to use trigger warnings.
Steph Wittstruck, Contributing Writer April 18, 2022

Content warning: This opinion piece discusses gun violence and trauma. When I opened Instagram on Tuesday morning, I was met with a barrage of unsolicited images of people bleeding...

An illustration featuring a Cuban NYU student carrying the stories of her Cuban heritage with her. Behind her, a group of seagulls encircle a raft with Cuban asylum seekers, also known as balseros.

‘Patria y vida’: Cubans and Cuban Americans discuss differences in identity, expression

Cuban and Cuban American students weigh in on generational conflict, peer interactions and Cuban identity at NYU.
Bianca de Ayala, Contributing Writer March 3, 2022

Around 2.4 million Cuban immigrants have taken residence in the United States as of 2017. This diaspora consists of three generations, ranging from recent immigrants to third-generation...

In the search for Gabby Petito, nine other bodies were found, many of whom were women of color. The media should start reporting the stories of women of color who go missing and bring an end to “missing white woman syndrome.”
(Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: Put an end to ‘missing white woman syndrome’

Considering the fact that nine other bodies were found in the high-profile search for Gabby Petito, we should treat missing cases involving people of color with increased importance.
Srishti Bungle, Deputy Opinion Editor October 29, 2021

On Sept. 1, Brian Laundrie returned alone to his home in Florida in the white van he and Gabby Petito had shared during their cross-country road trip. By Sept. 19, authorities...

Shreya Mathur and Medha Guptas podcast Saree Not Sorry explores South Asian representation in mainstream media. This first-year students podcast is available to stream on all platforms and airs on Wednesdays on WNYU, 89.1 FM. (Illustration by Shreya Mathur and Medha Gupta)

‘Saree Not Sorry’ podcast critiques South Asian media representation

First-years Shreya Mathur and Medha Gupta discuss their goals for their new podcast “Saree Not Sorry,” which explores South Asian representation in mainstream media. This is the fifth and final article in Sabrina Choudhary’s series documenting Asian and Pacific Islander students’ experiences with race at NYU.
Sabrina Choudhary, Deputy Culture Editor May 7, 2021

Shreya Mathur and Medha Gupta, first-years in LS and CAS respectively, have made the most of their first tumultuous year on campus. The pandemic made it challenging for the class...

Now playing at Lincoln Centers virtual cinema, Demonlover serves as a critique of cyberpolitics. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

‘Demonlover’ Review: Assayas’ violent, sex-driven commentary on media falls short

“Demonlover” by Olivier Assayas is currently playing at Lincoln Center’s virtual cinema. Recently restored, the film still stands as a venomous critique of cyberpolitics.
April 5, 2021

By: Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer Olivier Assayas’ “Demonlover” is many things, but it is not boring. Running along at breakneck speed as it hops from one continent to the next,...

New students are experiencing NYU a bit differently from what many imagined. Nonetheless, these could be the alternatives to the party culture that threaten to worsen COVID numbers on our campus. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

The COVID-19 College Party Scene: Who’s To Blame?

In the midst of the pandemic, the traditional “party scene” connotation of college has created a very dangerous case of FOMO among returning students.
Bianca de Ayala, Deputy Opinion Editor September 23, 2020

Though it is meant to be a time of self-discovery and some of our most formative years, college is often advertised as a four-year hedonistic getaway. College ranking websites...

Google Must Offer Financial Support to Media Outlets

Google Must Offer Financial Support to Media Outlets

In light of COVID-19, Google must compensate publishers for online content that shows up in search results.
Helen Wajda, Deputy Opinion Editor April 30, 2020

Before COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the global economy, news media outlets — especially local publications — were struggling to survive. As approximately 26.5 million Americans...

Gallatin first-year Liv Solomon pursues several art forms in her free time. In addition to photography, she has also ventured into film, modeling, and drawing tattoos. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

This First Year Multidisciplinary Artist Does It All

Liv Solomon tattoos in her free time, along with photography, film, visual art and modeling.
Alex Christiano, Contributing Writer March 9, 2020

A quick glance at Gallatin first-year Liv Solomon’s Instagram tells you all you need to know about the depth of her artistic talent. Her pages, @livsolomon and @livmarked, are...

The Fallacy of the Free Press

The Fallacy of the Free Press

Mega-corporations have monopolized media in the U.S., silencing local, independent, dissenting journalists in favor of news coverage that prioritizes profits over substance and integrity.
Asha Ramachandran, Deputy Opinion Editor February 7, 2020

A grand total of six mega-corporations control 90% of the media. News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and Comcast collectively own a vast majority of television and radio...