New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

In front of multiple wooden doors there are four low-rise beds with four males laying down on them.

New York City’s only refugee shelter is out of space

I sat down with We Are Not Afraid staff member Stephanie Gaitan to talk about the state of New York City’s only refugee shelter.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer December 14, 2022

A seasonably cold and misty day gripped the city early Sunday afternoon. As I looked out my East Village window, I was preparing my desk to conduct an interview, opening my laptop...

The New Jersey side tower of the George Washington Bridge.

Opinion: New York housing programs shouldn’t exclude immigrants

One New York state assemblymember is introducing a bill that would help keep families out of overcrowded shelters, terrible conditions and in homes, regardless of their immigration status. The bill should be passed.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer December 6, 2022

Many of the families staying at The Hotel Wolcott on West 31st Street in Manhattan’s Midtown are not in the Big Apple for a holiday vacation. They aren’t some of the thousands...

Two silver M.T.A. Metrocard vending machines with red, yellow, blue and green panels sit against a white-tiled wall.

Opinion: New York, don’t get rid of the MetroCard

The city plans to phase out the classic MetroCard in 2023 and fully replace it with OMNY. But it shouldn’t.
James Bisceglia, Contributing Writer December 6, 2022

As we begin to close the book on 2022, there’s only one thing that has been top of mind for me: 2023 will be our last year with the MetroCard, and quite frankly, I’m devastated. The...

Two people hang up a protest banner on the exterior façade of a building covered with scaffolding.

Opinion: NYU students should do more to help New York City’s unhoused population

Mayor Eric Adams’ recent campaign to ramp up sweeps of unhoused encampments makes it more important than ever for NYU students to take the initiative and support their neighbors in need.
Steph Wittstruck, Contributing Writer May 4, 2022

Amid Mayor Eric Adams' ongoing aggressive campaign against unhoused New Yorkers, the principles of mutual aid are more relevant than ever. NYU students hold a unique position in...

RxHome set up installations in Columbus Park on Oct. 29 and in Astor Place Plaza from Nov. 3 to Nov. 7. RxHome seeks to end homelessness by drawing NYC voters’ attention to the current system that deprives homeless individuals of benefits and rights. (Image courtesy of RxHome)

Interactive maze exhibit at Astor Place educates on homeless issues

RxHome NYC, an organization dedicated to addressing the struggles that homeless people face in New York City, opened a maze exhibit titled “The Way Home” at Astor Place from Nov. 3-7.
Talia Barrington, Contributing Writer November 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated New York City’s problems with homelessness. As shelters shut down and income insecurity soared, homeless people became even more vulnerable....

Homelessness is an ongoing crisis in New York City, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The New York City mayoral candidates have spotlighted the urgent need for affordable housing but diverge in terms of their solutions. (Staff Photo by Alexandria Johnson)

OPINION: New York City’s next mayor must prioritize supportive housing

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated New York City’s homelessness problem. Supportive housing is a sustainable solution that addresses both the financial and rehabilitative needs of many homeless individuals.
Lucy Yama, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Homelessness is an enduring crisis in New York City. Today, the number of homeless New Yorkers sleeping in shelters increased 40% compared to 10 years ago. This rise does not even...

The Bowery Mission is located at 227 Bowery St. This is one of the city’s largest homeless shelters and food pantries. (Staff Photo by Paul Kim)

How service organizations help New Yorkers in need during the pandemic

Now more than ever, many New Yorkers are struggling to find meals and shelter. Here’s how some service organizations are doing their part to help.
Sabiq Shahidullah, Staff Writer April 8, 2021

Over 1.5 million New Yorkers are currently struggling to find meals, a 38% increase from pre-pandemic times. Food pantries play a vital role in feeding these vulnerable people. The...

How Winnie Xu Learned to Trust Her Instincts When ‘No One Tells You’

How Winnie Xu Learned to Trust Her Instincts When ‘No One Tells You’

The CAS senior is president of Two Birds One Stone, a student club that saves an average of 42 pounds of dining hall food per day.
Sam Klein, Managing Editor December 5, 2019

Winnie Xu is walking downtown on Bowery, just south of Houston Street, carrying an aluminum tray with meatballs from Third North oozing out the corners, when a man in loose gray...

The NYPD’s Subway Occupation Must End

The NYPD’s Subway Occupation Must End

After several instances of police abuse in New York City subway stations, an awareness of the NYPD’s campaign against those most in need is growing — this violent force must be confronted.
Asha Ramachandran, Contributing Writer November 11, 2019

A young black man, Adrian Napier, was sitting alone on the subway at the Franklin Avenue station in Brooklyn on Oct. 25. A gang of police officers assembled outside of the train,...

The man pitched a tent outside of Alumni Residence Hall. A giant scroll next to it detailed his experiences with homelessness. (Photo by Jared Peraglia)

Homeless Man Removed From Outside Alumni

A man experiencing homelessness who had pitched a tent and laid out a scroll near a residence hall was forcibly taken to a psychiatric facility by police.
Victor Porcelli, News Editor March 4, 2019

Less than one month after the NYPD was criticized for cleaning an area used by the homeless outside of an NYU building, a man experiencing homelessness was forcibly removed from...

Homelessness Isn’t Something You Can Scrub Off the Streets

Homelessness Isn’t Something You Can Scrub Off the Streets

Acknowledging that the systems which are meant to help homeless people need immense restructuring is more urgent than ever.
Alejandro Villa Vásquez, Contributing Writer February 7, 2019

This isn’t the first time a picture taken of homeless people has sparked debate about the potentially — and almost invariably — exploitative nature of photographing them,...

From Homeless to Rory Meyers Scholar, Gavin Arneson Tells His Story

From Homeless to Rory Meyers Scholar, Gavin Arneson Tells His Story

Paul Kim, Staff Writer March 27, 2018
Davin Arnerson battled homelessness and the loss of his father in high school. His dream was to attend NYU, and now through the Rory Meyers Scholarship, he can.