New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A barista wearing an apron, a black beanie and white plastic gloves operates a cashier’s kiosk inside of a coffee shop. A shelf of snacks is in the background.

Sammy L. Coffee brings warmth to Third North

Latte artist Sammy Lin blends aroma and art through espresso at his newly opened cafe.
Don Ahmad, Contributing Writer February 2, 2023

Having just stumbled out of a plane coming straight from the murky atmosphere of Saudi Arabia, the weather this semester hit me like a truck. Looking for comfort in the cold,...

Against a white white are plates of various desserts and a wooden peel with croissants and pieces of bread on it.

Pavé revitalizes the craft of European breadmaking

Pavé’s freshly made bread and quaint interior sets it apart from other cafes and bakeries in New York City.
Jasmine Venet, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

With November well underway, autumn leaves have blanketed the city streets and temperatures have dropped to a winter chill. As New Yorkers adjust to drearier days, they also seem...

Two people sitting on a circular bench talking to each other with their backpacks on a floor of black-and-white geometrically patterned tiles at Bobst Library.

How to know if you’re going on a study date or a date-date

Here’s the not-so-scientific method of figuring out whether or not it’s time to love or grind.
Charles Roth-Douquet, Contributing Writer October 5, 2022

Lexie Alford, the youngest person ever to visit every country, holds up a sign that reads Country #111 in front of the The Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing, China.

Q&A: Guinness World Record holder Lexie Alford on traveling to every country

After studying away, we thought we were expert solo travelers — until we sat down with the youngest person ever to visit every single country.
Anthony Ferrara and Roshni Raj May 6, 2022

Last semester, we studied away at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London, where we fully immersed ourselves in the local cultures. Over 40% of NYU students study away for at least one 16-week...

A barista at Coffee Buffs filters coffee. With more than 7,000 coffee shops, Shanghai is the city with the most coffee shops in the world. (Photo by Claire Yao)

Shanghai’s experimental, fast-paced coffee culture

With 7,000 coffeeshops — more than any other city in the world — Shanghai’s coffee scene is defined by innovation.
Claire Yao, Staff Writer November 2, 2021

SHANGHAI — Coffeehouses became popular in the Middle East and Europe during the 16th century after coffee was supposedly discovered by a caffeinated goatherd in Ethiopia. Regardless...

Cafe Bari’s old location on Spring Street and Broadway is now occupied by a Nike Store.

Nike Just Did It to My Favorite Restaurant

Pamela Jew, Under the Arch Managing Editor September 17, 2018
Managing Editor Pamela Jew laments the loss of a beloved cafe to Nike's Soho location.

Music, Margaritas and a Meal: Four Live Music Cafes in NYC

Celina Khorma, Contributing Writer February 23, 2018
Food and music, feed your body and your soul with the two. We have a list of the best of both worlds to explore.
The Coffee Issue

The Coffee Issue

Yasmin Gulec, Dining Editor November 20, 2017
Grab a hot cup of coffee, let the familiar smell that carries centuries of history surround you and slowly sip away while you enjoy the Coffee Issue.
Its not hard to fall in love when youre abroad...but maybe with not what you think.

Prague: Czech-ing the Menu for Love

Charlotte Sparacino, Contributing Writer February 11, 2016
Studying in Prague is a foodie's dream come true.
Think Coffee on Mercer offers a good place to study for students who prefer background noise.

Five study spots for when you’re sick of Bobst

Taylor Nicole Rogers, Contributing Writer October 19, 2015
Guide to study spots near and on campus
Customers using laptops at Stumptown Coffee Roasters on 8th street.

Get your caffeine fix at these local cafes

Tejas A. Sawant, Contributing Writer April 12, 2015
Top 5 cafes around campus that serve as great study spots
Brazilian cuisine, discounts offered at cafe

Brazilian cuisine, discounts offered at cafe

Kari Sonde, Staff Writer September 30, 2014
Cafe offers Brazilian inspired eats.