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Anna Letson

The Coffee Issue

Coffee was first found in the Middle East and was named Kahve — a very old alcoholic beverage — because religious men noticed that it had strange effects on people. Of course, the reason for the twitchy behaviour had no connection with alcohol but instead because people drank buckets of it. Needless to say, coffee has come a long way since being considered a sinful drink. In the modern world, we are lucky enough to go into a coffee shop and drink a delicious latte, or a revitalizing shot of espresso without being judged by the clergy. Grabbing coffee has become the ultimate first date and the best way to meet up and have a conversation with friends. It has created a whole new ground for social interaction. Coffee has become a common ground for students to bond over and a mixing bowl for different cultures to join forces to create something new and delicious. From egg cappuccinos to bulletproof coffee, there are so many ways to create an innovative beverage from something that starts out as beans. Different locations to drink the beverage has created a subset of culture; with South Korean style cafes to animal cafes that can be traced back to different countries. Grab a hot cup of coffee, let the familiar smell that carries centuries of history surround you and slowly sip away while you enjoy the Coffee Issue.

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