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Thomas Devlin, Editor-at-Large

Who is Thomas Devlin? Unfortunately, we may never know the full answer. Apocryphal information, however, can lead us to some reasonable guesses. Born in the late 20th century (stringent estimates place him in 1995), Devlin grew up in the small conservative town of Douglas, Massachusetts. Studying migration patterns, we assume he moved to New York City during his sowing-of-oats years, where he attended NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study (little known about this school even in his time). He reached his active peak when heading a newspaper called "WSN" before being usurped and spending the rest of his life trying to maintain relevance. Follow him on Twitter.

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Thomas Devlin: Gallatin, Good English

May 3, 2017

For my last piece in WSN, I thought about writing a sentimental reflection on my time at NYU. Every time I started, however, the piece transformed into a sappy, trite mess. Instead,...

The Coddling of the American White Male

Oct 11, 2016

I am a white, cisgendered, straight male born into a middle-class family. In general, my perspective is not useful when thinking about political correctness. There are no stereotypes...

From London to Dunkin, Homesickness Has Layers

From London to Dunkin, Homesickness Has Layers

Sep 12, 2016

Leave it to humans to diagnose people missing their homes with a sickness. God forbid someone live in a new place for the first time ever and take some time getting used to it....

Does Going Social @NYU Matter?

Does Going Social @NYU Matter?

Sep 6, 2016

With #NYUMoveIn and #NYUWelcomeWeek in the books, #NYU2020 is here and ready to rep some #VioletPride. All they have to do now is follow @nyuniversity on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,...

Thomas Devlin explores Ireland and discusses what it means to be American.

London: What Does It Mean to Say You’re From Somewhere?

Apr 27, 2016
Is it possible to be from a place you've never been?
Thomas Devlin explores Ireland and discusses what it means to be American.

Photo: ‘Viva’ Brings New Life to the Queer Coming-of-Age Tale

Apr 27, 2016

Thomas Devlin explores Ireland and discusses what it means to be American.

The first Roman Walls in London were built around 200AD.

London’s Historical Highlights, from 1 A.D. to the 21st Century

Apr 27, 2016
To be a Londoner, you've got to at least be conversational about some of the city's history. Here are a few historical highlights from the capital of the United Kingdom.
Noah Webster was responsible for many of the American changes to the English language.

London: Divided By a Common Language

Apr 21, 2016
WSN's resident Londoner talks about the language barrier in a country that speaks the same one as you.
A view of the Duomo in Florence on a clear day.

How Not to Visit Florence

Mar 30, 2016
WSN's resident straightforward-advice-giver tells you exactly what not to do when visiting Florence, Italy.
Divided by a Common Language

Divided by a Common Language

Mar 21, 2016

I like to think I’m pretty good at English. This isn’t bragging, but I’ve spent a lot of my time speaking the language. Also, to my credit: I’m an English major. So I came...

Being a red head doesnt get any easier across the pond.

London: It’s Not Easy Being Red

Mar 8, 2016
Thomas Devlin reflects on his experience as a redhead in London.
Did you know: Kit-Kats in London are packaged slightly differently than they are here!

London: Break Me Off a Piece of That Whig Political Theory

Mar 1, 2016
Kit-Kats have quite the origin story in London.
Dunkin Donuts exists across the pond — but it isnt all that different.

London: Dunkin Donuts, Baker Street Style

Feb 23, 2016
Seeking out the one Dunkin Donuts in London, and seeing how it compares to those in the States.
Even with a map in hand, Thomas Devlin found out that navigating London was harder than he thought.

London: Making My Way Downtown, or Not?

Feb 10, 2016
Learning how to navigate a city all over again is not as easy as it seems, as this writer will soon discover after getting lost in the streets of London.
Influential 2015

Influential 2015

Dec 10, 2015

It is very hard to stand out at NYU. It is not enough to be the president of a club, or have an internship at Goldman Sachs, or run a newspaper. I won’t even get into how it...

When we don’t talk about love

Nov 30, 2015

At the end of the third date, there was a sense of expectation. I stood there, awkwardly using my umbrella as a kind of cane and not quite sure what to say in this situation....

WSN Staff recommends books to read over Thanksgiving break.

Staff Recs: What to read over Thanksgiving break

Nov 19, 2015
Take advantage of the five-day Thanksgiving break to curl up with some cozy books.
See what our staff recommends you add to your schedule next semester.

Staff Recommendations: NYU courses

Oct 20, 2015
The WSN Staff recommends NYU courses that most impacted us in preparation for course registration for the Spring 2016 semester.
Sang Baes illustration of the cartoon “We Bare Bears”.

Staff Recommendations: Cartoons

Sep 16, 2015
Watch these WSN-recommended cartoons of young and old for some good old-fashioned hilarity.

Literary Greenwich Village

Aug 28, 2015
Explore the Village's literary past at these historic sites.
Stern School of Business Commencement

Stern School of Business Commencement

May 22, 2015

The Stern School of Business’ class of 2015 came together in Madison Square Garden for the last time during their undergraduate career Thursday. The 639 members of the class...

College of Arts and Science Commencement

College of Arts and Science Commencement

May 22, 2015

The Theater at Madison Square Garden was packed twice on Tuesday for the two commencement ceremonies of the College of Arts and Science. Aside from those in attendance, the two...

This summer, some of NYU’s most popular dining halls went through some noteworthy changes.

Beating the freshman 15

Aug 24, 2014

It is almost impossible to start college without receiving a warning from someone about the dreaded freshman 15. Not every person gains weight, of course, but it is still important...