Influential 2015

December 10, 2015

It is very hard to stand out at NYU. It is not enough to be the president of a club, or have an internship at Goldman Sachs, or run a newspaper. I won’t even get into how it seems like every student at this school has a startup or a nonprofit. To be among the most influential students at a university with an undergraduate population in the tens of thousands takes a lot.

Looking through the many, many nominations for this issue, this became very clear to me. There are hundreds of students here who have resumes that could extend pages. Narrowing it down to only 10 students, then, was hard.

The students who fill the following pages are impressive. They have devoted their college careers not only to academics, but also to serving their community. Their influence extends beyond the bounds of NYU and all around the world. Each of them has earned the title of influential, and deserve recognition for what they have done.

I must thank all of the writers who helped with this issue, because it would have been impossible to put this together without all of them. Thank you to Editor-in-Chief Valentina Bojanini, Deputy Managing Editor Marita Vlachou and Assistant Managing Editors Alanna Bayarin and Maddie Pazzani for all of the editing work they have put in.

If you are reading this in print, you can join me in thanking Creative Director of Special Editions Olivia Martin for the wonderful issue in front of you. If this is online, you can do the same for Digital Director Bailey Evans.

Thank you to all of the photographers, led by Multimedia Editor Christian Forte and Video Editor Calvin Falk, for going through the hellish process of organizing so many photoshoots.

And, lastly, thank you to everyone who appears in this issue for working so hard to make both NYU and the world a better place.

 Terri copy Haley copy Daren copy Arielle copy Alyx copyMansi copy

Nicole copyNoah copyRobert copySana copy 2

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    Donna McRobertsDec 11, 2015 at 8:48 am

    What an outstanding accolade to all of these students. So refreshing to see those who are making a difference in our world during these difficult times. Robert Jackson, I want you to know that I use you as a model of students who have overcome their adversities in life, and go on to be leaders in their community. You are the epitome of what hard work, focus, and determination can accomplish. This just continues to prove that anyone can achieve their dreams and goals. Hastings High School continues to be very proud of you.