College of Arts and Science Commencement

Thomas Devlin, Managing Editor

The Theater at Madison Square Garden was packed twice on Tuesday for the two commencement ceremonies of the College of Arts and Science. Aside from those in attendance, the two ceremonies were identical and celebrated the accomplishments of the CAS class of 2015.

While the majority of the time was devoted toward the calling of almost 1,000 names each — 1,921 graduates in total — faculty and alumni shared their parting words with NYU’s oldest school.

The celebration began with a welcome from dean G. Gabrielle Starr, in which she greeted the class and talked about the event’s importance.

“Take the time to be here in these moments, in these seats and on this stage, and just focus for a few seconds on how it feels to be here,” Starr said.

Following the University Welcome in which NYU Young Alumni Trustee Heather Cannady cited Buzzfeed as the inspiration for her speech, professor John Halpin gave the faculty address.

After a valedictory address by Emma Pliskin came the last speaker, Phil Baran, who was the winner of the Alumni Distinguished Service Award. He gave his formula for success to the CAS graduating class.

“The recipe is quite simple: find your mission, attack it with obscene passion, surround yourself with evidence and don’t look back,” Baran said.