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Washington Square Park aerial photo. (WSN File Photo )

College Advice Students Didn’t Follow

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer May 2, 2018
Sometimes parents give great advice. Sometimes they don't.
The New York Botanical Garden, which will be holding a special Earth Day Celebration at the end of its annual Orchid Show.

Find a Park to Celebrate Earth Day

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Apr 20, 2018
Save the trees. Save the bees. Here's what you could be doing this Earth Day.
Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint in 2011. The Legacy of Harry Potter is a two credit Gallatin course that examines the Harry Potter novels and its versatile impacts.

Best Two-Credit Electives to Take Next Semester

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Apr 11, 2018
Fall 2018 registration is approaching. Here are some fun 2-credit courses you can take.
The Oculus, a popular indoor mall in the Financial District.

Shopping: Are You In or Out?

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Mar 23, 2018
Where do you stand on the debate? Malls or outdoor shopping?
A bowl of lentil chili topped with diced avocado.

A Spicy History of Chili

Sherry Yan, Contributing Writer Feb 27, 2018
National Chili Day is celebrated on the fourth of Thursday, but it's never too late to indulge in the hearty dish. Learn about the history and ways to enjoy it.
Snapchats controversial redesign dissatisfies many of its users.

Snapchat Update: A Huge Turn-Off

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Feb 23, 2018
Snapchat is slowly losing popularity among students, especially with the installation of its newest update.
Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown. (via Wikimedia)

Celebrating the Year of the Dog in Style

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Feb 5, 2018
The Lunar New Year is coming up and the city is getting ready to celebrate the Year of the Dog. Keep your eye out for these new year festivities.
Multi-Factor Authentication requires users to select from three “authentication methods” for identity verification before accessing NYU services.

What Do Students Really Think of MFA?

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Feb 1, 2018
For the most part, students remain unsatisfied with Multi-Factor Authentication. Others, however, weight in with alternative opinions.
A healthy and balanced diet including fruits and vegetables is essential to boost immunity and ward off germs in this chilly flu season.

Surviving Wintertime in New York

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Jan 24, 2018
New York's cold and windy winter is back. Here are some ways to keep warm other than wearing layers.
Mr. Bing is a new restaurant located on St. Marks Place and serves jianbings or “bings” which is a traditional Chinese street food that resembles a French crepe.

Mr. Bing: A New Food Culture

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Nov 13, 2017
The famous Chinese street food Jianbing has opened up shop in New York City and is serving traditional Jianbings with a little twist.
Candy has substituted potatoes, apples, and nuts as the “currency” of halloween in modern day.

A Brief History of Trick-or Treating

Sherry Yan, Staff Writer Nov 2, 2017
Halloween and treats go hand in hand. However have you ever stopped to think what existed when the candy corns did not
Recent studies have discovered that coffee consumption actually has many benefits.

Good News for Coffee Lovers

Sherry Yan, Contributing Writer Oct 19, 2017
With midterm season beginning, coffee consumption has inevitably gone up. Don't worry; coffee might actually be good for you!
Tide To-go pen is the easy first step to remove stains on your clothes before you put them into the washing machine or any other kind of cleaning.

Don’t Always Dump Clothes Into the Washing Machine

Sherry Yan, Contributing Writer Oct 17, 2017
Keep your clothes looking good-as-new with these key laundry tips.

Stuffed Ice Cream, located at 139 1st Ave, has created a donut ice cream sandwich, which they have named the “cruff.”

Donut Ice Cream Rocks Your Taste Buds

Sherry Yan, Contributing Writer Oct 16, 2017
Ice cream sandwiches got a new upgrade with Cruffs!