Snapchat Update: A Huge Turn-Off

Sherry Yan
Snapchat's controversial redesign dissatisfies many of its users.

Earlier this month, Snapchat released its biggest redesign since the app launched in 2011. Snap Inc. split the app into two sections with “friends” on the left and “media content” on the right in order to separate social interactions from media posts. Additionally, there have been changes in regards to Snapchat stories.

Though this update aims to attract more new users, more than a million people are unhappy about the redesign and have signed a petition on to convince the company to return to its old version. CAS freshman Emily Ostlander complained about the inconvenience of the latest update.

“I deleted it,” Ostlander said. “I think it’s gross. I can’t understand. I don’t know what format they are using if they are trying to be cooler or not.”

Ostlander is not the only one who is not comfortable with the new format. LS freshman Julienne Ching, who still prefers Snapchat to Instagram, shared the same confusion.

“I am kind of in a love-hate relationship with it,” Ching said. “I don’t like the new layout with stories and personal snaps on one side and all the other Discover and official stories on the other side. It’s just weird. It’s hard to navigate around, but one thing I do love about the new Snapchat’s update is the creative and different fonts. I think it’s fun to use.”

Instagram stories, which seems to have knocked off Snapchat stories, is gaining more popularity among users. This competitor of Snapchat recently reached 300 million daily users, while Snapchat only has about 187 million users every day.

When asked about her favorite social media app, Ostlander chose Instagram without hesitation.

“Instagram, 100 percent,” Ostlander said. “I don’t post on Snapchat anymore, but I post stuff on Instagram stories all the time. I followed more people, and more people followed me on Instagram, so it’s like I am sharing with more people.”

On the other hand, according to Ching, Snapchat is still the social media app that she uses more frequently.

“I do use both Snapchat and Instagram, and I am mostly on Snapchat,” Ching said. “The things I post on the two platforms are the same, so it just depends whether I want to post on Instagram stories sometimes.”

Snap Inc. has already claimed that it is not going to reverse its decision. Though this controversial redesign dissatisfies a great number of people, some, including CAS freshman Yutong Zhang, doesn’t think the current version bothers him that much.

“It is not as easy to use as it was before the update, but I will get used to it,” Zhang said. “I don’t have Instagram. I use Snapchat to talk with my friends, and I think it’s better than [Facebook] Messenger because [Snapchat] has more features, and you can directly send photos to them. Snapchat needs the update to expand their user base.”

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