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The facade of a brick building. A small plaque reads: “New York University Silver School of Social Work.” To the right, a gray-haired man wearing a jean jacket walks by.

Photo: Social justice advocate Jennifer Jones Austin joins NYU

Nov 14, 2022

The Silver School of Social Work at NYU is located at 1 Washington Square North. (Emily Sorkin for WSN)

A collage composed of nine black-and-white photographs.

The future of…

WSN photographer Emily Sorkin follows nine NYU students who may be the future of their chosen industries.
Camila Ceballos and Emily Sorkin Oct 23, 2022

Three cartons of organic, free-range eggs with price tags indicating a price of $11.89.

Photo: Despite minor inflation relief, students still struggle paying for groceries

Oct 24, 2022

Cartons of eggs displayed at a grocery store in New York City. (Emily Sorkin for WSN)

A nighttime photograph of a black, locked gate labeled “UNDER 24 HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE” on the top and “PLEASE CLOSE THE GATE” on the bottom. Between the two gold-colored signs is a silver-colored lock.

Photo: ‘Mayor of Gramercy Park’ laments local bike rack

Oct 12, 2022

Some Gramercy residents would like to guard the park and its surroundings. (Emily Sorkin for WSN)