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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Opinion: Root for your Violets — they deserve it

Our sports teams have been excelling lately, and it’s up to us to show them we appreciate it.
File Photo: NYU’s women’s soccer team during the fall 2023 season. (Courtesy of NYU Athletics)

As NYU students, it’s obvious that the majority of us didn’t come here for the robust athletics program or the extravagant school spirit. In fact, it’s pretty common to have a conversation with someone about an NYU sports team, only to be met with surprise that the team existed at all. However, considering the dedication of our student-athletes and their strong showings lately, it’s time we give NYU Athletics the appreciation they deserve.

Our university always has plenty of hype for performances and concerts put on by students, such as the NYU Welcome Film Festival which highlights Tisch students’ work during the beginning of the semester. When it comes to athletics though, we’re much quicker to make fun of our sports teams than we are to support them. While we aren’t a traditional football school with large stadiums and elaborate tailgates, we still have plenty of talented student-athletes. Our sports teams are doing better than we think, and it’s time we showed up for them. 

NYU athletes excel in their sports, despite being in Division III. The women’s cross country team recently won their first UAA championship — a significant victory, considering their opponent was the No. 1 ranked University of Chicago. They ran through mud, rain and uneven terrain, and their strong showing was a testament to their perseverance. The NYU women’s soccer team also had seven consecutive wins this season, breaking their record for the most goals scored in a single season. 

The sports teams’ successes are especially commendable considering the university’s lack of support for the athletics department. According to the Wall Street Journal, NYU dedicates just 0.3% of its annual operating budget to athletics. Any wins we have are purely a result of the athletes’ skills and the dedication of the coaching staff. Instead of minimizing their efforts, we should be in the stands cheering for them. The university isn’t doing its part to support the teams — at the very least, we as a student body could be.

NYU also offers a vibrant club and intramural sports scene that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. These range from ultimate frisbee to Quidditch, and the students who participate in them do so with the same level of enthusiasm and passion as traditional athletes. It seems oddly niche at first, but going to these meets and supporting these clubs could help you find a newfound community at the university.

As a student body, we’re also cheating ourselves out of the traditional college experience by dismissing our athletics teams. Sports events foster community and school pride, two things that are severely lacking at a university without a central campus. Cheering for NYU sports teams and showing up to games could help create some of that magical college charm we’re always complaining about missing. Whether it’s a basketball game on Friday night, a soccer match on Saturday afternoon or a swim meet on Sunday morning, attending these events nurtures school spirit and camaraderie.

College can be stressful, and having a way to relax and have fun is important. Watching games or even keeping up with scores can be a great way to de-stress and have a conversation topic. Yes, there are a million things to do in the city, but turning on a game or sitting in the stands has its own unique charm that can’t be replicated. It’s a chance to step away from textbooks and exams, celebrate victories on the field and savor the social aspects of college life.

Although D-III may not receive as much media attention as Division I, NYU student-athletes’ passion and dedication deserve recognition. Supporting them helps the athletic program and fellow students reach their potential. Sure, our games might not be packed stadiums with fans yelling in sync — but showing up for our teams is the first step to creating that energy.

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