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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Blitz and ‘fits: A Super Bowl style guide

Don’t fumble with your Super Bowl outfit this Sunday — here’s your chance to score!
Manasa Gudavalli
(Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Set, hike, fashion! The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and time is running out to find your outfit for the big game. If you feel like you’re doing overtime trying to find the perfect look for the occasion  — don’t worry, we’ve got your quarter-back. Whether you’re a die-hard superfan or a concert connoisseur, you’ll soon realize we have an outfit for any watch party you’re attending.

For casual couch viewing

Just because you’re snuggled up on your sofa with a plastic plate of greasy snacks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in the spirit. If you don’t want to spend money on a jersey for a player you’ve never heard of, sport the teams’ colors instead. This Super Bowl has made putting together an outfit especially easy since both teams have essentially the same colors: red and yellow, and red and gold.

For those mildly invested, this is the ideal situation when someone asks who you’re rooting for, you’ll be dressed the part for either response. For those whose team never made it to the playoffs, this also gives you the chance to participate without outright supporting your rivals. Whether it’s a red sweatshirt and yellow socks or a scarlet tank top and gold jewelry, you’ll be appropriately festive even if you end up accidentally cheering during a timeout.

For a sports bar vibe

The one rule for game day attire at a bar is making sure whatever you wear is something you are willing to get dirty. By the end of the night, you are guaranteed to have at least one drink spilled on you, assuming you haven’t already spilled one on yourself. Plus, the finger food makes stains all the more possible.

This is prime time to whip out your bottom-of-the-drawer sweatshirts and worn T-shirts. The most stylish sports-bar goers that keep it simple and spotless. Basically, don’t wear that signed 49ers jersey or that bejeweled Chiefs top — the only high stakes thing in the bar should be the game.

For just tuning into the half-time show

The Super Bowl is so much more than a football game. For many, it’s a Beyoncé or Rihanna concert sandwiched between two halves of big men tackling each other. This year, we’ll not only be graced with the presence of Taylor Swift, but also with a performance from superstar R&B artist Usher. No matter if you’re an Usher superfan or a casual listener, look no further for your outfit inspiration.

Low rise jeans, a black tee and a leather jacket will surely have any DJ fallin’ in love. A quick search on Pinterest for Usher will have you swimming in early 2000s charm. Baggy jeans, beanies, low-cut sweaters, you name it — Usher has probably worn it. So if you’re not a sports aficionado, don’t be afraid to turn to an icon of both music and fashion. When you walk in the room everyone will surely scream YEAH!

For the all-out superfan

No matter what team you’re cheering for, this year’s Super Bowl is your time to shine. Since we’re working with the same color palette for both of them, it’s important to stand out from the sea of red, white and gold and put your superior team spirit on display. If you’re a super-fan, you probably already have some merch in your closet. But if you don’t want to stop there, utilize your collection of football fashion to style an outfit worthy of a touchdown.

If you’re looking for something trendy, embrace your inner Bella Hadid and style your jersey with baggy shorts, sneakers and some chunky jewelry. If you want an outfit that’s more classic, pair your jersey with a fun denim skirt and show off some red or yellow socks with a pair of white sneakers. If you’re in a colder environment, get your layers on with beanies, scarves, and other team-themed winter accessories. At the end of the day, nothing will identify you more as a super-fan than your stressed out backseat coaching, so don’t sweat your outfit too much.

Honorable mention: The one person at Allegiant Stadium

Since this year’s game will be taking place in Las Vegas, you’ll be sure to win if you bet on red! Though — if you are flying all the way to Nevada — you surely have a favorite. Now is the time to get out every piece of merch you own. You can go all out in red or yellow, wear a funky headband and chunky light-up necklaces, or wear your most outrageous team merch possible — we know there is plenty. The goal is to be so decked out that you attract the attention of the big screen camera. When else can you wear such an over-the-top outfit? And it’s all the better if it’s your team leaving with the Vince Lombari trophy.

Contact Elena Portnoy, Juliana Guarracino and Shiphrah Moses at [email protected].

About the Contributors
Elena Portnoy, Beauty & Style Editor
Elena Portnoy is a junior studying Dramatic Writing and Art History. As a Beauty and Style editor, she's combining her passion for fashion and her love of the written word. When she's not sifting through racks of vintage clothing or burying herself in a good book, she's telling people about her fabulous vintage finds and good books.
Juliana Guarracino, Culture Editor
Juliana Guarracino is a senior majoring in Global Media, Culture, and Communication and Romance Languages. Aside from writing, she has a passion for cooking, travel and art history. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, playing cozy video games and journaling at cafes. She will take any book recommendations, but cannot promise you that she will read them. You can find her @juliana.guarracino on Instagram.
Shiphrah Moses, Identity & Equity Editor
Shiphrah Moses is a sophomore studying Dramatic Writing at Tisch. She lives in the Bay Area in California, but is originally from Bangalore, India. She loves writing, acting, music and pretty much anything that involves storytelling. When she’s not doing any of the above, she’s either napping or doing her nails. You can find her at @shiphrahmoses on Instagram or contact her at [email protected].
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief
Manasa Gudavalli is a super senior studying a super strange combination of psychology, mathematics, journalism, and chemistry. When they are not editing the Washington Square News, they are probably reading Freud, watching college football, or developing film photos. You can find them on Instagram @manasa.gudavalli and
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