New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

University Life

An illustration of a figure with a turquoise head and purple body wearing a white bracelet with “N.Y.U.” written on it. It is hugging the Chat G.P.T. logo.

Guest Essay: NYU wants your opinion about AI tools

Clay Shirky is the university’s vice provost for AI and technology in education.
Clay Shirky, Guest Contributor Nov 30, 2023

All of NYU is adapting to the arrival of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot or Midjourney, but students are adapting faster than faculty or the administration. And...

A purple calendar with a hand pulling the start of Thanksgiving Recess from Nov. 22 back to Nov. 18.

Opinion: Thanksgiving Recess leaves out-of-state and international students stranded

During NYU’s short, three-day Thanksgiving break, many international and out-of-state students find themselves alone in their dorms, missing out on valuable time with missed friends and family.
Katherine Welander, Deputy Copy Chief Nov 17, 2023

The beginning of November signals two things: the end of Halloween season and the beginning of the countdown to Thanksgiving Recess. For in-state students and those from nearby...

A screen of the “N.Y.U. Connect for Students” page placed on a purple background.

Opinion: NYU advising needs to do better

The hit-or-miss reality of NYU’s advising system leaves students grappling with a lack of guidance, revealing a need for a more supportive approach.
Valentina Plevisani, Deputy Opinion Editor Nov 16, 2023

Despite my best efforts to connect with them, my CAS adviser has been a ghost throughout my undergraduate career. I have yet to see their face, speak to them over anything other...

A graphic with a screenshot of an email from Senior Vice President for University Life Jason Pina addressing N.Y.U’s commitment to enforcing its student conduct policies displayed on a purple background

Opinion: NYU’s conduct policies do more to silence students than protect them

The university’s expectations on student conduct are restrictive and not worth the loss of free expression, even in the face of emerging safety concerns on campus due to the Israel-Hamas war.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Nov 14, 2023

Earlier this month, in the wake of increased on-campus tensions following the Israel-Hamas war, NYU sent students an email informing them of student conduct and protest guidelines....

A group of pro-Israeli protesters holds signs and Israeli flags in front of the Garibaldi statue in Washington Square Park.

Opinion: Grieving the Israel-Hamas war feels almost impossible. Hate is not the answer.

Students and faculty are deeply affected over the loss of life in the Israel-Hamas war, but the hatred surrounding the topic on campus is making an already unbearable situation worse.
Salena Tewari-Rubin, Contributing Writer Nov 13, 2023

Over a month has passed since the violent attack on Israeli towns by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip and is designated as a terrorist organization...

Six soccer players are running on a soccer pitch and smiling. Five of them are wearing white and purple soccer uniforms while one is wearing an orange uniform and goalkeeper gloves.

Opinion: Root for your Violets — they deserve it

Our sports teams have been excelling lately, and it’s up to us to show them we appreciate it.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Nov 8, 2023

As NYU students, it’s obvious that the majority of us didn’t come here for the robust athletics program or the extravagant school spirit. In fact, it’s pretty common...

A blurry illustration of a black van on a purple background with a purple, circular N.Y.U. logo on the front and side of the van. In front of the van is an image of a phone open to the N.Y.U. Safe Ride App in the App Store.

Opinion: Safe Ride struggles to support commuters — but it doesn’t have to

With a few small changes, the program could improve accessibility for thousands of off-campus students.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Nov 3, 2023

Over the past weekend, one of my friends, who commutes to class every day from Long Island, spent the entire day with me. We were waiting in front of Alumni Hall for our other...

N.Y.U. president Linda Mills wearing a black gown with silver decorative patterning stands behind a podium. She is wearing a large silver medallion around her neck.

Opinion: The NYU Promise is not promising for all students

The university’s promise to cover tuition for low-income students is a start, but its limited scope makes it incomplete.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Oct 30, 2023

During her inauguration last Tuesday, NYU president Linda Mills announced The NYU Promise, which will waive tuition costs for undergraduate students admitted to the New York campus...

A large room with blue carpeting and a variety of colorful couches and chairs. There are students sitting with their laptops. On the floor above there are bookshelves filled with books.

Opinion: Bobst’s new first floor renovation is a missed opportunity

The library update could have made the space more practical while maintaining its aesthetic, but the renovation fails to do either.
Valentina Plevisani, Deputy Opinion Editor Oct 27, 2023

Bobst Library has been a sanctuary for me ever since I started at NYU — it was the kind of calm, academic environment perfect for focusing during stressful exam seasons. So,...

Empty stairs of Kimmel Center for University Life at N.Y.U. An N.Y.U. Campus Safety Officer in an all-black uniform walks down the main steps. A black tape rope blocks off the bottom of the staircase.

Opinion: NYU shouldn’t have closed the Kimmel stairs

Students have the right to peacefully demonstrate, and restricting university spaces against that purpose conflicts with NYU’s values.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Oct 20, 2023

The Grand Staircase in the Kimmel Center for University Life is a center for student activism on campus. Whether it’s to hold protests like the Young Democratic Socialists of...

An image of two levels of Bobst Library, with students studying at tables on both floors. The seats are almost full.

Opinion: All-nighters are a midterm mistake

Just because Bobst is open 24/7 doesn't mean you need to be there 24/7.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Oct 12, 2023

Ah, midterm season — the time of year when you can enter any study space and feel the test anxiety in the air. With Bobst Library being open 24 hours a day, students can conveniently...

The close-up shot of a hand scanning an NYU ID card above a card reader.

Opinion: Swipe it Forward is taking a step backward

The program aimed at helping food-insecure students has always had its issues, but instead of resolving them, NYU has made the program even less accessible.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Sep 29, 2023

The student government's Swipe it Forward program is one of the few resources for food-insecure students on campus, allowing those with meal plans to donate extra meal swipes to...

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