New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


An illustration of a tweet from user @A1exandraCohen with text “if i EVER get Twitter blue, just know it’s a cry for help.” against a blue background. The tweet has two likes.

Opinion: Students can save Twitter

Users await the fall of Twitter under Elon Musk. But students could be the solution.
Alexandra Cohen, Opinion Editor November 16, 2022

Billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion — something that would be hilarious as a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, but is not funny in real life. Since his purchase...

An illustration of Google Classroom’s logo with a crown on top against a light blue background. The logo has three people in white against a green board framed in yellow.

Opinion: Brightspace is poorly designed

Brightspace is supposed to be an efficient way to keep track of your classes, but Google Classroom just does it all better.
Anuj Jain, Contributing Writer November 8, 2022

Last year, NYU announced it was going to transition from NYU Classes to Brightspace, a platform developed by software company Desire2Learn. The FAS Office of Educational Technology...

An illustration of the TikTok icon and a 10-minute timer.

Opinion: A 10-minute video is a damn TEDTok — and an ideal venue for misinformation

TikTok’s choice to extend the maximum video length to 10 minutes will exacerbate the already rampant spread of misinformation on the video-sharing app.
Alexandra Cohen, Deputy Opinion Editor March 2, 2022

I love quickness and efficiency; therefore, I love TikTok. I can watch 15-second videos for hours on end. The digestible clips fill periods of procrastination, times of sadness,...

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is a podcast that debuted in December 2009, hosted by Joe Rogan, comedian and UFC color commentator. (Staff Illustration by Camila Ceballos)

Opinion: Is Joe Rogan really worth it, Spotify?

Following Joe Rogan’s controversial episode about the COVID-19 vaccination, Spotify should remove his podcast from its platform.
Valentina Plevisani, Contributing Writer February 17, 2022

Let's imagine you are the cofounder and CEO of one of the largest music and podcast streaming platforms in the world. You sign a more than $100 million deal with a podcaster. By...

The new Merck COVID-19 treatment pill is currently awaiting FDA approval. Though the pill is effective at treating early-stage COVID patients, vaccines are still our best chance at ending the pandemic. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: The COVID-19 vaccines remain the best weapons against the pandemic

A new antiviral medication developed by Merck is awaiting FDA approval. The potential approval and widespread use of this new medication could help save thousands of lives, but the vaccine remains the best deterrent to the pandemic. 
Srishti Bungle, Deputy Opinion Editor October 19, 2021

On October 11th, the pharmaceutical company Merck requested that U.S. regulators approve their pill for use in treating COVID-19. Merck’s antiviral pill, named molnupiravir,...

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen lifted the veil on the company’s harmful practices. The social media powerhouse must adopt new practices to regulate harmful content immediately. (Photo by Jorene He)

Opinion: Social media companies should hire more moderators

In light of Frances Haugen’s congressional testimony, Facebook and similar companies should hire more content moderators to filter out harmful content.
Caroline Thoms, Staff Writer October 18, 2021

Earlier this month, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen spoke to Congress about the harms of Facebook, including the spread of misinformation and the damage to young adults'...

Google Must Offer Financial Support to Media Outlets

Google Must Offer Financial Support to Media Outlets

In light of COVID-19, Google must compensate publishers for online content that shows up in search results.
Helen Wajda, Deputy Opinion Editor April 30, 2020

Before COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the global economy, news media outlets — especially local publications — were struggling to survive. As approximately 26.5 million Americans...

Facebook’s Need for Reform

Facebook’s Need for Reform

Facebook’s refusal to take a firm stance against misleading and fake news on their platform has long been controversial. Their recent decision to allow advertisements for the bail bond industry is definitive evidence that they need to fundamentally restructure their policy.
Mitch Bedows, Staff Writer February 28, 2020

Facebook’s history of manipulation with public-interest censorship on their platform, the world’s largest social network, is no longer a secret. Unfolding dramatically over...

Staff Rants and Raves: Twitter

Staff Rants and Raves: Twitter

Twitter: Where memes come to life, where movements come to fruition, and where presidents come to rant. Hear what our staff has to say on what might be both the most multifaceted and divisive form of social media.

Rants On Dreams of Anonymity By Ethan Zack, Music Editor Having a Twitter account is a constant struggle between the absolute euphoria of being seen and the unrelenting...

Banning Laptops Is an Accessibility Issue

Banning Laptops Is an Accessibility Issue

Despite being a common classroom practice, most professors who forbid laptop use don’t understand the problem this creates for many students.
Clare Shiraishi, Staff Writer September 27, 2019

“The Chronicle of Higher Education” claims that students who write out their notes learn and absorb information better than using a laptop. As a senior, I have heard professors...

Regulation, Not Prohibition

Regulation, Not Prohibition

With e-cigarette flavor bans on both the national and state level, it is important to recognize why prohibition would not work.
Jun Sung, Deputy Opinion Editor September 23, 2019

During Prohibition, the United States banned the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol. As a result, the U.S. saw the rise of an illegal black market and an unregulated...

A student holds their phone, with dating apps displayed on the screen. (Staff Photo by Marva Shi)

The Dangers of Love in the Age of Dating Apps

Dating apps are deeply addictive, exploitative and dehumanizing — and there’s no way to escape them.
Akiva Thalheim, Social Media Editor September 8, 2019

Out of all the events that occurred on my 18th birthday, one stands out: signing up for Tinder. While others may have bought a lottery ticket to celebrate their newfound freedom,...