IKEA catalogue suppresses women

By airbrushing women out of advertisements in Saudi Arabia, IKEA has failed to take a necessary stand for gender equality.

Big box retail hurts small business

As the son of a small business owner, contributing columnist Brandon Jacobi has personally experienced the effects of corporate competition.

PBS should not be used as political tool

PBS, a network dedicated to the advancement of a more educated public, should never be the scapegoat of a political agenda.

Texas school policy invades privacy

A Texas middle school's new surveillance plan violates students' civil liberties and does not ensure attendance.

GOP should not continue renewed support for Akin

Though many members of the GOP surprisingly criticized Akin for this comments on rape over the summer, they have recently come back to support him.

Romney’s ambiguity was biggest flop in presidential debate

Romney's debate performance, though strong, was low on details and filled with inaccuracies.

Wisconsin anchorwoman calls for end to bullying

Criticized for her weight, anchorwoman Jennifer Livingston used the comments as an example to advocate an end to bullying.

2014 withdrawal is lesser of two evils

Despite green on blue attacks, U.S. must muddle through and fulfill 2014 withdrawal plan.

When the dream of Independence becomes a nightmare

Turmoil in Spain is the result of attempts at financial independence

The importance of being well-informed, especially during election season

The mishap of an Iranian news agency provides example of the dangers of being uninformed during elections.

U.S. needs to re-examine monetary aid to Pakistan

The U.S. government should hold Pakistan accountable for its choices and abuses of foreign aid.

Living in Buenos Aires- City of Change

From street to street, day to day and even hour to hour, the Argentine capital is never predictable.