Lack of campaign finance undemocratic

Lack of campaign finance reform is undermining the democratic process.

Parents’ Weekend becomes bittersweet experience

As parents visit their children at college for the first time, students suddenly realize how much their lives have changed.

Required civics class will engage American youth

As Election Day closes in, unawareness or vague understandings characterize the opinions of young adults in America.

TSA body scanner removals only small part of inefficiency

The TSA has announced that body scanners will be removed from LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airports.

Final debate lacks substance, expertise

In the third and final debate of the 2012 presidential election, Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney showed how similar they are on foreign policy.

Ending embargo means real freedom for Cubans

Cubans and Cuban-Americans still endure the harmful effects of the U.S. government's embargo after fifty-two years.

Op Ed Live: Student Voting Rights

Two opinion section contributors discuss the importance of the student vote in the 2012 election.

Political discourse should follow public tragedy

After another mass shooting that took place near Milwaukee, Americans would benefit from a public discussion of gun ownership and violence.

Argentinian president’s economic policies cause unrest

Economic instability has led to protests and social unrest in Argentina.

Courts should equalize gay marriage

The United States is taking a step in the right direction with the defense of gay marriage in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Congressional term limits solution to corruption

Instituting congressional term limits will fight corruption and political exclusivity.

Parents, teens need better communication about sex

Parents and teens need to talk more often and openly about sex and other essential information related to the topic.