Letter from the Editor: NYU’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum


Valentina Bojanini, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

Over the past several weeks, there has been a marked increase in discussions about racial tension on college campuses. From Mizzou to Yale and all over the country, students of color are sending a clear message: We will not be silenced. In an attempt to open discussions about racism on our campus, NYU hosted a forum on Wednesday about diversity and inclusion.

Racism is not a problem that one conversation will “fix,” we must take action. Students of color have been systematically silenced all over the country and it is time for people to listen what they have to say. We cannot continue to believe that racism is something that happens only in other places — not in New York, not at NYU. This forum was a start, but it was reactionary. Students of color on our campus have been demanding change for years and they have been ignored.

As a newspaper, our job is to serve the community and give voices to those who are not being heard. Instead of a traditional news piece, we choose instead to ask each and every one of you to watch the full forum. Yes, it is long, but today was about listening. These members of the NYU community have something to say and you owe it to them to really hear them.

We encourage you to continue this discussion through Facebook, Twitter and the comments below. For our part, we as a newspaper will continue to report on the issues that matter to our community and hope this starts a dialogue among students and faculty. We cannot let this conversation end now. And while Wednesday was for listening, this forum means nothing if the university does not take steps to create lasting change.