A Thank You to Dr. Blasey Ford

As the Opinion desk, we have run several articles on Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford's role in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. With Hanna representing us, we're taking a moment to thank Dr. Blasey-Ford for her sacrifice.

Identifying Your Individual Color on the Ethnic Palette

We often tend to assume that all those who identify with one ethnicity share similar cultures and experiences. But this assumption can be harmful and limit artists' ability to freely express who they are.

Why Do We Force Sex and Crime on Black Children?

Black children are often the victims of sexualization and violent crimes. Why do we treat them as adults, and how can we stop this predatory behavior?

How NYU Can Include Everyone in the Classroom

To expand on her last piece, this writer explores the importance of free speech at NYU and the need for the student body to be patient with overall political correctness.

The Media Does Not Respect Victims of Sexual Assault

In July, Senator Dianne Feinstein received a letter. The letter accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. The author of the letter...

Elon Musk Versus Toothless Regulation

As seen through Elon Musk's settlement with the SEC, it's clear that rich people operate above the law.

Sound the Alarm Less Often

Read one writer's take on why fire drills can lose their effectiveness if unannounced and repeated too often.

How Can NYU Mourn the Loss of a Student?

The WSN Editorial Board discusses how the loss of an NYU community member sheds light on the issues of accessibility on NYU's campus.

Recognizing the Bravery of Kurdistan’s Women

In the wake of Yazidi activist Nadia Murad's Nobel Peace Prize, Deputy Opinion Editor Hanna Khosravi argues for support and recognition of the Kurds in their current fight against ISIS.

All American Kanye

Kanye West is the United States. This one man (or “God,” as he refers to himself) somehow perfectly embodies the vast array of places,...

POC Safe Spaces Are More Problematic Than You Think

“At What Cost?” is a testimony-based column which takes the lived experiences of NYU students and connects them to broader societal challenges. As much...

Learning from the Past: The Violent History of Central Park

Who doesn’t love a nice city park? Whether it functions as an important part of the local neighborhood, a place to hang out with...